Beginner’s Guide To AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business Beginner's Guide

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use but powerful mobile device management software that helps you remotely control and manage more than 10 Android-based devices, AirDroid Business is your answer. This guide will provide you a broad overview of AirDroid Business, what it can achieve, how to make it work for your business, pricing plans, and how to get started.  

What is AirDroid Business?

AirDroid Business is an all-in-one Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution that focuses heavily on android remote device management. It is specifically designed for businesses who need to manage more than 10 Android-based devices on a daily basis. It helps business owners and IT professionals to remotely access, control, and manage both manned and unmanned devices through a centralized approach. Stay up-to-date with your deployed devices anytime and anywhere!

What can AirDroid Business Achieve?

You can accomplish A LOT with AirDroid Business. What makes AirDroid Business stand out from other MDM solutions is its emphasis on remote device management. With the advancement of technology and ubiquitous use of mobile devices, businesses are to face the biggest challenge inevitably: How to remotely manage your deployed devices more efficiently? AirDroid Business helps relieve the uncertainty and insecurity of managing unattended devices by offering a comprehensive device management solution with the following 9 major features. 

6 Major Remote Management Features

  1. Monitor Remote Devices: Remotely monitor all your deployed devices’ status from one dashboard, check for malfunction or hardware issues.
  2. View Devices Locations: Quickly locate your devices’ location and help your team keep track of each device’s activity.
  3. Perform Remote Control: Activate screenshot, remote camera, file transfer, and other remote gestures to resolve any technical problems. 
  4. Two-Way File Transfer: Send or receive files from remote devices in real-time. A faster way to manage and update files on your deployed devices.
  5. Batch Mode: Easily edit, manage, and even delete files in multiple devices all at once. 
  6. Assign Roles and Member Grouping: Assign roles of Admin, Member, and Viewer to your team. Efficiently manage all devices’ accessibility in one place.

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3 Add-on Product Features

  1. Kiosk Mode*: Lockdown your remote devices and allow limited access to specific apps for data security concerns, such as digital signage or service kiosks at public places. Read more
  2. Application Management Service (AMS)*: Simplify your app updates and maintenance with force installation and staged rollouts. Use App Library to customize and manage your apps effortlessly. Read more
  3. Geofence Management*: Set digital parameters and track your device’s path movement. Design your workflow trigger such as device lockdown and receive a notification when the geofence has been breached.  Read more

*AirDroid Business add-on features can be purchased separately.

How to Fit AirDroid Business Into My Business Model?

With all six remote control features and three add-on features provided by AirDroid Business, how can you make the best out of it? Below are three examples of how you can maximize the full potential of AirDroid Business and greatly improve your productivity and save more time!

1. Hospitals: Remote Control + Kiosk Mode

kiosk remote control

Scenario: Evergreen Nursing Home sets up various self-service kiosks in all their shared spaces, such as reception and entertainment room. And they even distribute Android tablets to each patient to keep track of their health status. When Julie comes in for an appointment to visit her grandpa, there is already a long line waiting at the reception, what can she do? 

Solution: Julie uses the self-service kiosk to sign in and enter her personal information to verify her identity. This is one way to use Kiosk Mode in AirDroid Business. In order to make sure visitors don’t tamper with the settings deployed at public places, Evergreen Nursing Home can lock their unattended devices and make sure visitors can only access certain information for security concerns. In addition, doctors can remote monitor every patient’s status through each distributed device and provide instant support when needed. 

With the growing necessity for elderly care, many nursing homes are now implementing mobile device management solutions to better monitor and control their patients’ welfare. Hospitals are also integrating kiosks with telecommunication to make room for more critical cases and changing the way people receive medical care. 

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2. Digital Signage: Remote Control+AMS

digital signage remote control

Scenario: Hotel California introduces digital display boards in their lobby and reception area. They use digital signage to showcase their hotels, special offers and events. They even created their own hotel booking app to engage more with their customers. Now, if today they decided to update their in-house apps and apply these changes in every digital signage they’ve deployed across the whole country, how can they accomplish this? 

Solution: They simply sign in to AirDroid Business, go to Application Management Service, select the devices in which their in-house apps are installed, click update, and that’s it! 

Hotels are only one of the industries implementing digital signage. Others include: Airlines and Airports, Casinos, Restaurants, Healthcare, Education, Banking, and more. For businesses using digital signage, one crucial concern is to be able to update apps on their unattended devices deployed out in the field faster and easier. With basic remote control and AMS, businesses can easily keep track of their devices’ status, locations and perform necessary updates in a less costly way. 

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3. IT Business: Remote Control + Kiosk + AMS

IT remote access and support

Scenario: FutureTech Inc. is an IT company that offers software services to SafeAlways Insurance, an international company spread across Asia and Europe. SafeAlways distributes Android tablets to their sales so they can showcase their products to their customers and close deals more efficiently. FutureTech published a new version of an app installed in SafeAlways’ Android tablets after receiving a troubleshoot report last night. And now IT support agents want to apply new changes onto all the unmanned devices, how can this be done? 

Solution: An IT professional at FutureTech navigates to Application Management Service in AirDroid Business, he then goes to App Library, selects the App and devices he wants to update and completes all the updates for all unattended devices from SafeAlways right away.   

An IT software company usually serves customers of different industries and requires IT professionals to provide support when necessary, especially when technical issues need to be resolved immediately. With AMS, app updates can be done overnight to minimize time and cost for daily operations. IT professionals can further use Kiosk Mode to lockdown specific applications on devices, and even configure Wi-Fi settings to better remote control and manage all devices.  

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4. How to Choose My Pricing Plan?

AirDroid Business offers 3 based plans in essence: Basic, Ultimate, and Enterprise. Add-ons can be purchased individually according to your needs. Depending on the number of devices, team members, and business type, you can find a detailed breakdown of our pricing plans here. If you have further questions, please contact directly.

5. How To Get Started?

To start using AirDroid Business, please follow the steps below: 

  • Step 1. Get your 14-day FREE Trial here (No credit card required).
  • Step 2. Verify your email address through “Log in Now” button.
  • Step 3. Complete your company’s profile.

*If you don’t find our welcome letter in your inbox, remember to check your Spam or Trash folder. 

Once you complete filling out all the information, you should see your Admin Console, which is a cloud-based dashboard where you complete all your device management activities. 

Please note it’s NECESSARY to complete binding your devices before you can start remotely managing your devices. But don’t worry! Here are some step-by-step guides to help you along the way: 

  1. Navigating Admin Console
  2. How to add devices?

For more information, please visit AirDroid Business Help Center

It is inevitable that more and more businesses will adopt a mobile device management (MDM) solution to cope with the ever-changing business world shaped by technology advancements. The key driver here is to maintain your business continuity by finding the right MDM solution that matches your needs and continues driving growth in the long run.

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