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Manage Data Usage on Corporate Devices

Why is it Important to Monitor & Manage Data Usage on Corporate Devices?

As a business owner, you are likely concerned about data usage on your company’s devices. In today’s digital age, where everything is going mobile-first, monitoring and managing data usage on corporate devices has become increasingly important for companies of any size. This article will explore why monitoring and managing data usage on corporate devices is… Read More>>

Anti-Quiet Quitting

Workflow Automation Recipes: Our Most Popular Workflow Automations

The challenge of MDM workflow automations The power of an MDM solution is sometimes a double-edged sword: While it can enable an endless variety of workflow automations, it is often difficult to determine where to even begin. IT admins and managers know that an MDM can improve operational efficiency, standardize business procedures, and prevent issues,… Read More>>

Workflow Management Tools

How to Use Workflow Management to Increase Your MDM Productivity

Workflow management is the activity of planning, performing, and optimizing a sequence of steps that are designed to complete a certain task. The goal of workflow management is to achieve greater operational efficiency through constantly monitoring and improving the workflows. Workflow management is increasingly vital to business success. As the use of mobile devices has… Read More>>

android alert and remote monitoring system from airdroid business

Tips on Automating Android Alerts for Remote Device Monitoring

What is Alerts in AirDroid Business? The Alerts feature in the Admin Console Dashboard is a way for you to set custom triggers and receive email notifications when your Android devices show abnormal activities such as network traffic, internet connection, excessive data usage, low battery, and more. Why do I need an Android alerting system… Read More>>


Your Business Needs These 12 MDM Alerts and Workflows for Android Devices

Why does having MDM alerts matter for your business? Having the ability to monitor your devices’ status from various angles can be critical to business success. Android devices, just like other digital devices, will slowly depreciate over time with use and encounter errors. For devices that are being used heavily by employees and customers on… Read More>>


How to Push Group Notification to Remote Devices

What is Notification for AirDroid Business? A more efficient way to sync messages with end users Notification is a broadcast messaging service that lets you push customized messages to remote devices on which AirDroid Business Daemon app and * Notification App are installed, within a click directly from the Admin Console. Notification works perfectly with… Read More>>