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password practices

9 Foolproof Ways to Protect Your Employee Privacy

Employee privacy is a significant concern for every business. Here are 9 best practices to ensure your employee’s data stays secure.

Scale Your MSP Business

4 Tips for Scaling Your Managed Service Provider Business

Getting more clients or adding a new service may sound like all it takes to expand your business, right? The truth is that expansion requires refining every aspect of your business’s operations and adopting a proactive approach to growth. There are several factors to consider when deciding to scale your business, including the cost of… Read More>>

8 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement

8 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement for Your Remote Employees

When you look back over the last couple of years, you will be amazed how companies all over the globe have welcomed the concept of remote work culture. Not only that, but organizations have been putting great effort into ensuring the comfort and convenience of the employees. Of course, the question of adequate employee engagement… Read More>>

The Role of Video in Microlearning on Mobile Devices

People spend a large part of their day on their mobile devices, mostly consuming video content. Short-form videos like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have become the preferred form of content for viewers. This makes video content for microlearning on mobile devices a perfect pairing. Microlearning is a form of delivering course content in… Read More>>

Network Security Breaches

7 Ways to Prevent Network Security Breaches in the Workplace

Network security breaches are every business’s nightmare. A security breach could be anything from password attacks with further unauthorized system access to data leakage. Whether it is a small start-up or a large enterprise with millions of dollars in turnover, a single network security breach can be detrimental to the reputation of any company, not… Read More>>

Tools and Strategies for Work-from-Home Business

4 Tools & Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your Work-From-Home Business

Working from home has changed the business landscape, giving many professionals the option to take their tasks outside of the office and allowing them more control over their workdays and home life. Although many benefits can be gained from work-from-home setups, stress is not avoidable. Forbes highlights that common problems plaguing remote workers include distractions, communication and… Read More>>

Make Your Remote Work Presentation Better

Tools To Make Your Remote Work Presentation Better

As a remote worker, you might have to give presentations to your colleagues or your customers in the office. These presentations are usually made to demonstrate or explain something. As such, it is crucial that you not only make your presentation exciting but also easy to understand. A good presentation can help you make an… Read More>>

customer data protection

5 Proven Ways to Better Protect Customer Data

Technology and innovation have made access to customer data a walk in the park for many businesses. In today’s world, access to customer data is one significant way businesses can provide services that their customers will find acceptable.  It helps you provide personalized services and offer customers products and services they will find relevant, which… Read More>>

7 Ways to Automate Device Management Tasks on Android

7 Ways to Automate Device Management Workflows on Android

The growing adoption of Android devices is forcing organizations to seek solutions for efficient device management workflows and reduced IT workloads. One effective method is through automation, which is a critical feature of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.  Organizations that manage numerous devices can benefit from automated device management in three different ways: Save time… Read More>>

7 Efficient Workflow Management Tips Your Business Should Practice

7 Workflow Management Tips to Stay Productive

Running a business can be hard work. In fact, it takes so many people (besides you) to establish efficient business management environment. With that said, you might still have some concerns, including: ➡ Whether or not your business is running at its best ➡ The factors that might be keeping your business from thriving ➡… Read More>>

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