5 Ways to Choose the Best Remote Support Software

Last Updated on November 1, 2022

Choose the best remote support software for your business

The best remote support software for your business should be secure, user-friendly, and provide top-notch customer support. But beyond these minimum guidelines, how do you choose among so many solutions? Every remote support tool claims to be right for your business. It can be overwhelming to ensure all your needs will be met, especially if your company needs to scale over the long term. 

Choosing the right remote support software can help you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and instantly troubleshoot tech issues to improve customer and employee satisfaction. 

Avoid the overwhelming confusion and time spent starting off on the wrong track. Here are five ways to pinpoint the ultimate remote support software for your business that can give you the results you want.   

1. Consider what type of devices you will support

An effective way to find the remote support solution best for you is to keep in mind the type of devices you need it for. Many well-known solutions like TeamViewer only include support for mobile devices as an add-on feature. For example, if you need to provide support for a large fleet of Android devices, an Android remote support solution may be able to meet your needs better. 

If you are dealing with a variety of manned and unattended devices — such as smartphones, walkie talkies, and tablet bar code inventory scanners to point-of-sale (POS) kiosks, vending machines, and digital signage, you should opt for a tool that allows you to provide both on-demand and unattended support.

It is also important to understand what platform fits your organization’s needs best so you can get the most effective solution to address it. AirDroid Remote Support offers Android and iOS cross-platform support so you can easily support and connect with employees and customers whether they are using an Android or iOS device.

2. Review what tech issues you frequently deal with

There are many common hardware and software issues that remote support can promptly handle. Luckily, you no longer have to talk a user through each step to solve the problem. Now with remote support for Android and other devices, IT staff can securely and quickly connect with employees and customers to provide real-time remote assistance.

With AirDroid Remote Support, you can instantly connect to customers and employees using a 9-digit code. Your IT team can request to see the device screen and start an iOS or Android remote desktop screen sharing session where users can view and uncover the software problem together. Once activated, the user can pause screen sharing anytime, especially when dealing with sensitive information.  

If you are troubleshooting hardware such as unattended devices, AirDroid Remote Support for business will allow you to see through your customer’s camera on their device using the AR camera feature. You can rapidly zero in on the tech issue and guide your customers by dropping 3D markers onto real-world objects such as machinery.     

3. Compare the remote support features with your business needs

In many cases, your IT team will be assisting customers and employees that are not super tech-savvy. This is why your remote support solution needs to provide a simple and streamlined customer support experience. The tools used during a remote support session should facilitate clear and open communication.   

Chat and text messages are essential for delivering fast and efficient customer support. In addition to this, AirDroid Remote Support also features making a VoIP call directly along with file sharing and voice recording. Plus, the Tutorial Gesture feature allows you to tap or swipe on the shared screen so your customer or employee can follow your directions to easily solve any tech issue.   

If tracking and analytics are an important part of your customer support process, you will want to be able to see detailed information for each support session. History logs that include the case owner, session duration, connection status, device details, and more are available with AirDroid Remote Support.  

4. Test how easily the software integrates with your IT infrastructure

Early on in your remote support software selection process, get your IT and customer support on board with what you are considering. After all, they will be using it daily to help provide support for your customers and employees. They will also be able to help you evaluate how well the solution integrates with your existing IT infrastructure. 

This way as your business grows and evolves over time, you will know if your remote support software will be able to scale up with you. AirDroid Remote Support offers a free trial for 30 days so you can see for yourself how effective the software is for your business needs, such as remotely resolving IT requests from mobile devices. 

remote support software free trial

5. Evaluate remote support licensing and upgrade fees 

Before making your final selection between remote support software solutions, take into account how many people will need to use it. For instance, many popular remote support tools license by the seat. 

This means that for one seat there can be only one member of your customer support team using the solution. The price point then increases for multiple licensed users to initiate more than one remote support session. 

Some tools also have a set number of devices you can support. AirDroid Remote Support for business lets you support an unlimited number of devices so it is suitable for organizations of all sizes. 


Now that you are ready to start your research, use the five ways above as a guide to help you choose the best remote support software for your business.  Supporting customers remotely reduces resolution time and costs while making it easier to scale in the long term. Although the decision process includes many external and internal factors that are specific to your business needs, having a tool that provides both on-demand and unattended remote support is worth considering to cover your needs as they evolve.

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