How Remote Access Software Improves IT and Customer Support

Improve your IT and customer support with remote access software
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Remote access software empowers IT and customer support teams to connect with and take control over a mobile device to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues without having to be present or manually handle the device. Customer support is quickly becoming essential for businesses of every size. According to Customers 2020: A Progress Report, by this year customer experience will be the key brand differentiator, even above product quality and price.  

This new emphasis on customer-centricity demands that companies provide an engaging, satisfying customer experience along with convenient access to their services and products. In addition to wanting businesses to be on all their preferred service channels, customers are also expecting their issues to be fixed immediately and boost their productivity. This increased pressure on IT and customer service teams have resulted in the growing importance of improving resolution rates, customer satisfaction, and retention through remote support tools.

Remote access software can enable businesses to act quickly to resolve potentially negative experiences for customers. For IT professionals, this software allows screen sharing and taking remote control of a mobile device to provide tech support for common issues. And remote access gives customers reliable on-demand, high-quality customer support, that can also be accompanied by training services, tutorial information, and digital resources.

Remote tech support: Save time, boost efficiency, and increase satisfaction

For remote tech support, the most efficient way to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues is by directly connecting to a customer’s computer or mobile device. Remote access saves time, reduces frustration for both the IT professional and customer, and increases customer satisfaction. As your business considers what remote access software may be best for your needs, you’ll want to consider the size of your team, ease of use, and security of the application.

You may also want to take into account other features that you might need, such as file transfer, training and presentation capabilities, remote screenshot, multi-session support, and auditing and reporting. Depending on your industry, you may need to accommodate large meetings and presentations such as webinars and training sessions. However, in customer support typically the number of attendees in a session may not matter as much because you’re often supporting only a single customer at a time.  

During a remote tech support session, the ability to have control over an end user’s machine allows an IT agent to provide more personalized and effective assistance than what’s possible with just a phone call. Small businesses often don’t have massive IT departments, so remote IT support helps these companies maximize their resources. For instance, if sales agents have technical problems with equipment in the field, they can get their issues fixed immediately by contacting the IT help desk team to minimize any downtime.  

Remote customer support tools: Providing better service from anywhere, at any time

When customers experience a delayed response from a business, they’ll quickly switch their loyalty to another company. Technology now plays an important role in supporting customer service that is prompt and efficient. Secure remote access not only allows your IT team but also salespeople and support personnel to securely access applications so they have relevant information on hand for client meetings and other business interactions.

To avoid any security risks of remote access when providing customer support, most enterprise remote access solutions ensure remote users can connect to the data they need without exposing the company’s network to breaches. When the best practices for remote access security are in place, remote access software can be more secure than carrying around a mobile device or computer full of confidential corporate data. IT can also monitor and log all remote customer support sessions to keep an eye out for unusual activity.   

Customers seek to reach out to companies for support after regular office hours and across various time zones. Many IT departments are overextended with helping to solve technical issues, install applications, and update software. And lengthy back and forth only causes a greater backlog that can result in customer complaints. With a fast and flexible remote access software solution, your customer service agents can work from home or on the road. They’ll have access to all the required problem-solving information at their fingertips so they can easily address problems from anywhere and at any time.

Final thoughts 

The ability to easily configure employee and customer mobile devices remotely instead of having to be onsite to service multiple devices is a huge energy and time saver. And if an issue that requires troubleshooting happens outside of regular work hours, an IT professional can provide remote IT support from their own computer or mobile device. Both your employees and customers will thank you for providing instant attention and information.

When making a decision on any remote access software solution, it’s a good idea to sign up for a free trial first to see how it functions within your existing IT infrastructure. AirDroid Business welcomes businesses of any size to test out the features, usability, affordability, features, and support of our remote access solution with a 30-day free trial.

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