Looking for a TeamViewer Alternative for Android Devices?

Last Updated on October 26, 2022

Looking for a TeamViewer Alternative for Android Devices? Check Out AirDroid Business

TeamViewer is a popular remote control software due to its cross-platform compatibility. However, for businesses with a complete Android device ecosystem, the decision to use a dedicated Android solution is almost a no-brainer. Here’s why: A dedicated solution means that installation, deployment and operation are much more streamlined and efficient.

A TeamViewer alternative like AirDroid Business enables businesses to manage their entire Android device ecosystem through a comprehensive suite of device management features. Capabilities like remote access, bulk file transfers, user grouping capabilities, application management services, kiosk mode as well as policy and provisioning, mean that the management of Android devices is simplified, freeing up time for IT managers and administrators to focus on priority tasks, and enhancing productivity for users.

Here are several reasons why AirDroid Business is a better solution than TeamViewer for managing Android devices:

Budget-Friendly Pricing Plan for Businesses of All Sizes 

AirDroid Business offers enterprises the flexibility to scale and add features only when they need to. You can start with the minimum of 10 devices and upgrade to 100, 250, 500 or more. Doing so will minimize the risks of deploying your entire fleet of Android devices at one go. This is because it may take a while for the operation to run before you can spot anything that requires changes.

On the features side, AirDroid Business’ add-ons, such as Kiosk Mode, Application Management Service, or Geofencing, are designed to enhance specific aspects of remote management. For instance, if your business is always updating apps across different channels on a regular basis, then Application Management Services will be a handy tool to help you distribute, update and control releases with customizable options.

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All about remote device management

The purpose of a mobile device management software is to help business owners, IT managers and customer service professionals to manage Android deployment in the field more efficiently. AirDroid Business offers business owners an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is not bloated and filled with features that do not get used often. Most importantly, the experience centers around device management, letting users easily monitor, make changes and snap on a new configuration from one of the add-ons to existing device groups. Everything is clean and simple.

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Features Designed for Android Experience

It is very important that you find a solution that fits your needs and environment. TeamViewer does a great job in remote desktop when managing PC and Mac computers. However, the ability to manage mobile devices is an additional paid option. For many industries, the devices deployed are mostly Android-based. This means that TeamViewer might be an overkill, both in terms of features and pricing.

When looking for a remote device management solution, pay extra attention to see if optimization is available for your device types. For instance, many Android TV boxes are used as a control center for outputting content for digital signages. As such, the ability to view in landscape mode when performing remote monitoring becomes very crucial. Having the key command buttons, like home, back, swipe up and down, and switch tabs, are also important to get a more granular control over the Android devices. In short, AirDroid Business works as a better TeamViewer alternative when it comes to commercial usage.

TeamViewer does a great job in remote desktop when managing PC and Mac computers. However, the ability to manage mobile devices is an additional paid option.

To help you better understand some of AirDroid Businesses’ most valuable features, we have put together a brief overview:

Remote Access

AirDroid Businesses’ Remote Access Capabilities mean IT managers and administrators can remotely access Android devices within their network. When an issue arises, IT managers can get a first-hand look at the issue for a fast diagnosis, then walk the user through a solution.

User Grouping and Bulk File Transfers

The ability to group, or define users’ role means that devices can be managed in batches. A considerable amount of time is saved because, instead of sending files or deploying updates to users one by one, IT managers and administrators can do so to a defined group within minutes.

Application Management Services

The AirDroid Business Application Management Services (AMS) suite enables users to customize and deploy applications to devices within the network. Forced installation and updates also mean that devices will always have the most up-to-date version of required applications, without the device user having to prompt a download.

Kiosk Mode

AirDroid Businesses’ Kiosk Mode gives enterprises wanting to implement unmanned remote devices an inexpensive workaround. The feature enables IT managers and administrators to whitelist certain apps or functions – like an advertisement, catalogue app, or customer loyalty app – and lock down the device to only that function. Combined with AirDroid Businesses’ other capabilities, kiosk mode also means that unmanned devices are up-to-date and well-maintained.

While there are many MDM solutions currently available on the market, each with differing capabilities, smart business leaders need to do their due diligence in selecting the solution that will best meet their needs. In terms of managing a complete Android ecosystem, AirDroid Business and its comprehensive suite of Android-dedicated features is hands-down the most effective tool.

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