AirDroid Business—The Best TeamViewer Alternative for Android Remote Control

Last Updated on April 28, 2023

AirDroid Business - Best TeamViewer Alternative

Are you looking for a better TeamViewer alternative or a more affordable choice for remotely accessing and managing Android devices? Depending on your business needs, you may be able to get the same useful features for a much cheaper price and smoother experience than TeamViewer. Although it is a popular remote control and access software, many users have complained about encountering some tricky issues that really frustrated them. 

One of the common complaints is about TeamViewer free users having their access restricted due to suspected business use. This caused a lot of problems for those who had looked into upgrading to a TeamViewer commercial account but were unable to do so because of their subscription fee. In fact, the most common complaint from users is that TeamViewer is one of the priciest remote control solutions currently available in the market.  

Other disadvantages of TeamViewer include its limitation to share large files, unstable internet connection during sessions, and incompatibility of different systems when using the product. Hence, if your business deploys a fleet of Android mobile devices and requires frequent monitoring and management, you may want to consider an Android mobile device management (MDM) solution that specializes in providing high-performance remote access and control features.

Our customers have told us that AirDroid Business is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives—our remote control and access quality is much more robust than TeamViewer’s and has more than enough capabilities for businesses that use Android to assist their sales and customer service processes.

AirDroid Business: Android Remote Control and Device Management Software All-in-One

For managing, tracking, and securing Android devices—from 10 to 500+ devices—small to enterprise sized companies—AirDroid Business, which offers a complete software solution including both remote access and device management capabilities, is going to be your best friend. Many enterprise solutions for remote computer access cost more than a mobile device management (MDM) solution while only supporting mobile devices as an add-on feature with limitations. 

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➤ AirDroid Business: The Advantages

AirDroid Business is built for Android mobile devices and it allows you to efficiently and effortlessly manage all of your devices without needing to be onsite. Moreover, AirDroid Business also ranks high in security, reliability, and ease of use for both attended and unattended Android devices. With a centralized dashboard, your business can easily manage a large fleet of devices by organizing them into different groups by custom needs (e.g., feature, location, or usage). Your IT team can also batch monitor the status of all remote devices, as well as to quickly diagnose memory, CPU, and other hardware abnormalities. Furthermore, AirDroid Business operates with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to ensure data transferring between your devices is secure and reliable. 

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AirDroid business MDM offers secure file transferring and remote access and control

Businesses should now be thinking about mobile transformation more than ever. Especially when your company relies heavily on Android devices for essential transactions and communication, there is an important need to securely manage them. AirDroid Business is seeing more and more devices being used for different tasks every day and in various industries.

From factories using industry-grade tablets with a smart barcode scanner that links to a cloud database managing inventory to smart walkie talkies, and tablets in nursing homes that allow seniors to easily communicate with their friends and families, AirDroid Business can help you to manage them all.

Other than MDM and remote control, AirDroid Business also provides Geofencing and location tracking, another powerful feature that lets you track the current location and path history of vehicles or mobile devices, as well as delivery personnel. For instance, Geofencing allows you to track your driver’s location via the GPS on their tablet, showing its route history and sending you signals when a driver has exited the pre-defined zone.

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Other TeamViewer Alternatives: ManageEngine vs Hexnode

In addition to AirDroid Business, other common alternatives for TeamViewer such as ManageEngine and Hexnode MDM also offer great MDM and remote access tools for android devices. Here we have provided a quick pros and cons list for each alternative.

➤ ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager

✔  User Friendly
✔  Easy to create custom dashboard
✔  Allows you to set up your own Play Store
✘  Old fashion interface
✘  Requires SQL knowledge to customize report
✘  Product patching can get complicated and space consuming

ManageEngine provides a wide range of features, enabling IT administrators to efficiently manage Android devices through profiling and setting restrictions, such as role-based access control (RBAC), to fit your business needs. In addition, similar to AirDroid Business, the software is based on a web-based portal which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime—making work-from-home or remote working effortlessly.

However, users of ManageEngine have repeatedly complained about its device enrollment process being unnecessarily complicated, one of them stated that,

“Having end-users to enroll their device remotely has not been a smooth process. It has taken a lot of patience and time on the IT side.”

— according to reviews on TrustRadius

ManageEngine MDM is overall a great device management tool, it is in fact, one of the most recommended tools for small and medium-sized businesses due to its ease of use and simplicity. Some handy features include playing sounds on a stolen/lost device for tracking, resetting devices to wipe out sensitive data when needed, and installing and updating apps in bulk. All of these features made ManageEngine a competitive remote device management solution.

Boost Work Productivity with MDM Software

➤ Hexnode MDM

✔  Fast Cloud based management
✔  Great interface and data security
✔  Excellent customer support.
✘  Delays between device and online portal
✘  IU isn’t as intuitive if for non-IT users
✘  Too many external integrations involved

Hexnode MDM is very well-known for its outstanding customer service with fast response. You are most likely to receive feedback from their support agent immediately and get your problem solved in minutes! However, functionality-wise, some users have reported that Hexnode, while being fast and simple to deploy, still lacks some or offers very limited features that other MDM competitors offer, such as data monitoring and supporting devices for its remote control feature, respectively.

Users have also stated that although Hexnode has all the main and basic features that most businesses would need, there are still areas for improvement. For example, if you have more than a couple hundreds of devices and would need to perform much complex operations frequently, Hexnode may not be as well suited for your business needs. Another common complain also mentioned about their interface sometimes being confusing when navigating through the management console.

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Choosing the Right Remote Support Solution: Attended or Unattended Remote Support?

If you are considering using a remote support solution to assist your business, the first thing you should take into account is whether your employees or end-users need attended or unattended remote support, or maybe both?

Most remote support tools are designed to provide real-time tech assistance for attended devices, which means that the remote device is manned and the support is done under supervision. Whereas, remote support for unattended devices is used to provide immediate troubleshoot and device maintenance without the need to request access permission.

Still not sure about which TeamViewer alternative for remote support will best suit your need? Fortunately, AirDroid Business offers BOTH solutions!

AirDroid Business provides the flexibility for users to choose between using a remote support solution for attended or unattended devices per your needs. Take retailers as an example, they could use attended remote support to provide tech training by remotely guiding their employees on how to operate a POS machine. Or, on the other hand, they could use unattended remote support to troubleshoot their digital menu boards directly and immediately without having to wait for IT technicians to come to fix them on site.

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While there are a variety of TeamViewer alternatives out there to pick from, apart from ensuring the solution you choose provides seamless remote access and MDM that suits your needs, factors like customer service quality and data privacy are worth taking into account as well.

From a support perspective, AirDroid Business is a reliable tool that rocks TeamViewers socks off when it comes to remote access and device management for Android. Unlike TeamViewer, AirDroid Business is not trying to be everything for everyone but specializes in delivering remote access and device management only for Android. As for our customer support service, the AirDroid Support Center prides itself on being able to help whenever you have questions; most technical problems can be resolved in minutes!

Lastly, as data security and protection become increasingly important in our lives, AirDroid Business values each of our user’s data privacy and ensures that all data is protected with multiple layers of security. All AirDroid products comply with industry standards such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Coming down to the final deciding factor… If you are still wondering how to choose the best remote access and remote control solution for your business, you may want to consider quality over quantity. While there are some big enterprise IT management software solutions that come with a hefty price tag and try to be a one-size-fits-all solution, think about your particular needs and if they can be met without having a huge impact on your budget. For instance, if you need to remotely access and manage Android devices, a TeamViewer alternative like AirDroid Business could provide all the features you need at a much affordable price.

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