Managing Digital Ad-Signage and Kiosks on a Budget with AirDroid Business

Last Updated on September 7, 2022

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Digital signage is one of the most effective ways to display advertising content, and the numbers back it up too – with 68 percent of customers more likely to make a purchase after exposure to digital advertisements of relevant products. Unfortunately, for many small to medium businesses (SMBs), the cost of installing and maintaining the infrastructure for digital advertisements can be prohibitive, costing into the tens of thousands to have screens and software installed.

While this lack of effective advertising could potentially harm an SMBs bottom line, there are options and workarounds that exist, and luckily, AirDroid Business has presented one of these options with the recent addition of kiosk mode to their AirDroid Business mobile device management solution.

Kiosk mode is a function that can turn any Android device into effective digital ad-signage at a fraction of the cost. This means any Android device, regardless of model or price can be used, and when the necessity for ad-signage passes, the device can resume use as a standard tablet. AirDroid Business does this by enabling administrators to toggle devices into kiosk mode through the AirDroid Business admin console.


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So, how exactly does it work?


Once a device or multiple devices are added into the AirDroid Business network, administrators can use the AirDroid Business two-way file transfer function to transfer files containing either video or still advertisements to the Android devices grouped as ad-signage. From there, team members can start the advertisements before the administrator remotely toggles kiosk mode on, to lock the device in its current state and prevent tampering by curious customers.

Kiosk mode can also be used to showcase technological products to customers, such as headphones. Using AirDroid Business’ kiosk mode, the administrator simply needs to whitelist one, or multiple music apps – such as Google Play Music, TIDAL or Spotify – and either plugin, or connect the headphones via Bluetooth, before the device is toggled into kiosk mode – where only the whitelisted apps are accessible. Administrators can also choose to allow access to certain functions, like screen brightness or volume, so potential customers can still ensure their viewing or listening experience is as comfortable as possible.

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If any issues or bugs arise, administrators can remotely access the devices and troubleshoot, diagnose, and direct the end-user to rectify the issue, if it’s a simple fix. If not, administrators can access the device directly without needing to send a technician over.

But what happens if one of the devices malfunctions and an administrator isn’t available to troubleshoot the issue? Luckily, administrators can enable end-users to exit kiosk mode with a password, and on-site team members can access the device settings using this password to reset or restart the tablet if issues arise. The password also prevents the device from exiting kiosk mode either by accident or intentional tampering. So what else can AirDroid Business kiosk mode do?


Kiosk Mode – Features List


  • Single App Mode: Enables administrators to make either single or multiple apps accessible when in kiosk mode.
  • Device Management: to provide a bird’s-eye view of which devices are in kiosk mode, and toggle them on or off when required for easy management.
  • System Settings Control: Administrators can remotely toggle settings on and off, and enable only selected settings for users, including display brightness, volume, orientation, and more. This will help create an environment where customers can modify simple settings for an optimal experience.
  • Custom Branding: Kiosk mode enables administrators to customize and lock a device’s appearance, enabling a consistent branding experience. Kiosk mode also offers users the ability to create and switch between custom brand profiles. For businesses, this means the tablet can be completely branded for a cohesive experience.
  • Password Protection: Protects the deployed device from unauthorized access when the device is in kiosk mode. end-users or authorized staff members will need to enter a passcode to exit kiosk mode.


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