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Generative AI

How MDM Can Protect Against Generative AI Mishaps on Digital Displays

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is defining 2023. Numerous tech companies, including OpenAI and Google, have put out large language models (LLM) that can be used by consumers directly, or integrated into other products via an application programming interface (API). Many companies are rushing to include generative AI into new or existing products. Some are even… Read More>>

Digital Signage growth guide

Best Digital Signage Growth Guide for Small Businesses

One of the aspects we appreciate about digital signage is that it promotes fairness. Unlike social media, pay-per-click (PPC), and online advertising, where coverage is often determined by budget, digital signage allows businesses of all sizes to compete equally. With digital signage, the cost of setting up and rolling out is determined by the number… Read More>>

Digital Signage Content Management System

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Signage Content Management System

Digital signage has become a popular way for businesses to advertise their products, services, and promotions. It allows companies to display dynamic content to engage and inform their target audience. However, managing digital signage content can be challenging, especially if you have multiple screens in different locations. This is where a digital signage content management… Read More>>

Mobile Integration

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Interactive Digital Signage for Business

In today’s digital age, customers have come to expect personalized experiences in every aspect of their lives, including their interactions with businesses. As a result, companies are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage with their customers and provide them with unique and interactive experiences. One way to achieve this is through interactive digital… Read More>>

Devices You Can Remote Control

The A to Z of Devices You Can Remote Control

When most professionals hear the term “mobile device management,” they generally assume that an MDM can only remote control company-issued phones. Several years ago, this idea may have been accurate. But as the digital devices in our world have exploded in number, so, too, has the umbrella of what an MDM can remotely control. Now the… Read More>>

What is Going on in Your Displays

How MDM Resolves Common Issues With Digital Signages

When it comes to digital signages, most businesses think about them from the same perspective they use when executing other collaterals, such as print advertisements. These business leaders prioritize branding: the look and feel of the signage should be faithful to the brand, any elements from the brand bible should be rendered accurately, and the… Read More>>

restaurant digital signage menus

Top 8 Creative Ways & Benefits of Using Restaurant Digital Signage

What is a restaurant digital signage? The digital signage that we see across many industries, is a relatively new communication channel for dynamically displaying on-screen content, such as images, videos, and other engaging information. Do you remember the last time you saw a dynamic information screen at the airport? Or perhaps a kiosk in a… Read More>>

mdm for digital signage2 1

Digital Signage in 2022: Why is it so important for modern businesses?

According to Screen Influence, “Digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness.” So, what is digital signage? Digital Signage for business is a format for the dissemination of digital content broadcast through different types of screens. As we begin to face the evolution of advertising, we know more often now that consuming through screens,… Read More>>

DOOH signage advertising

3 Strategic Ways to Boost Sales with DOOH Advertising

What is DOOH advertising? Tech companies like Facebook and Google are pioneers in the world of online advertising. Yet when they want to advertise their newest products or features, they turn to outdoor advertising. Why do these giants choose to invest in this type of advertising? It is simple: despite all the advantages of online… Read More>>

digital signage for business communication

Using Digital Signage for Business Communication

A social network and a business network are major communication channels in the era of the “flat world”. There is no limit to the possibilities of information, recruitment and funding. There is no barrier to making connections and outsourcing work. Everything is available at the push of a button, the pace of events is increasing… Read More>>