How MDM and Remote Access Can Revolutionize a Customer Service Strategy

Last Updated on August 5, 2022


For many business leaders and IT managers, mobile device management (MDM) has been a godsend, enabling businesses to support and maintain their remote workforce and unattended devices like never before. As a result, both time and money are saved while enhancing productivity and security. But did you know the capabilities of an MDM solution go much further than just device maintenance? In fact, it has the potential to revolutionize a businesses’ customer service strategy, enabling device, software, or app companies to provide exceptional and effective customer service in a variety of ways. Here’s how:

MDM for Remote Access

Many customer support agents spend countless hours on the phone with customers trying to diagnose and resolve an issue, and it’s often the case that the only information an agent has to work with is the customers’ description of the problem at hand. This is obviously frustrating for both the agent and customer, as the customer doesn’t necessarily have the technical knowledge to effectively describe the issue they’re up against, leaving the agent without enough information to find a resolution.

This is where remote access comes in. A core feature of many MDM platforms, remote access empowers customer support agents to quickly and easily diagnose an issue by enabling them to remotely view the customers’ screen and see exactly what is happening. From there, they can take control of the device to resolve the issue, or walk the customer through the resolution, while still seeing what the customer is doing. The benefits of this are obvious, saving the customer support agent time and enabling them to provide support much more effectively, which in turn will leave the customer walking away from the situation happy that they have received a resolution with minimal frustrations.

MDM for Kiosk Mode

For many software and app companies receiving customer complaints that their software or app isn’t working properly, one of the biggest challenges is deciphering whether the issue stems from their software, and interaction from a different software on the device, or the device the customer is using. As such, one key feature that businesses should look for when sourcing an MDM solution is the ability to lock devices into kiosk mode.

Kiosk mode enables customer support agents to essentially lock down devices into one or more functions. This means the agent is able to isolate their software, so it’s the only feature working on a device and see whether the issue is software or hardware-based, or work through the list of software on the device and see if the issue is caused by an interaction. Used in combination with remote access, this means that the agent is able to diagnose the issue and provide a resolution to the customer much faster and with less effort than asking them to delete and reinstall apps over the phone.

MDM for Application Management Services

Many software and app companies receive a number of complaints about issues that would be easily resolved if the software was updated in a timely manner. Because of this, a key MDM feature businesses should look for when sourcing a solution is an Application Management Services, or AMS, suite.

AMS enables IT managers and support agents to install, uninstall, and update apps to multiple devices, without the need for the customer to prompt the download or update. This means the customer can always enjoy the latest version of the software they’re using while reducing the number of customer complaints about support agents due to software that hasn’t been updated.

It’s clear: MDM capabilities like remote access, kiosk mode, and AMS can revolutionize the way a business provides customer service. To learn more about AirDroid Business and its full range of MDM features, or to register for a 14-day free trial, please visit

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