Beginner’s Guide: What’s AirDroid Business Admin Console?

What is AirDroid Business Admin Console?

AirDroid Business Admin Console is a cloud-based centralized dashboard that works as a mobile device management control center. It lets you remotely access, manage, and monitor all your attended and unattended android devices in one place. 

airdroid business admin console

We will give you a brief introduction and tasks you can complete within your Admin Console. Let’s get started!

Navigating Admin Console 

When you enter your Admin Console, you will see five major tabs in the upper toolbar as shown below. Each function allows you to perform and carry out different device management tasks. 

airdroid business admin console tool bar

On the upper right, you’ll see all the general information tabs in the image below, which includes Contact Support, Settings, Download, Ticketing, and your Profile. In the dropdown menu of your profile, you may configure your profile and role permissions for security purposes. You may also check pricings and complete your purchase all within the Admin Console. 

admin console

💡 A faster way to modify your “Profile & Preferences” is by navigating to “Settings” ⚙️

Android Device Management Shortcuts

airdroid business admin console remote control shortcuts

For most businesses, the primary purpose of implementing a mobile device management (MDM) software is to manage batches of remote devices more efficiently. AirDroid Business Admin Console offers an intuitive dashboard that allows you to add devices, team members, and organize groups conveniently. 

1. Adding Devices

When you click on the “Add Device” tab, you’ll be redirected to your Device Wall immediately. If you’ve already enrolled your devices, you’ll see all your binded devices listed on the device wall. If you haven’t enrolled your devices, you can complete the enrollment through three different ways: Deployment Mode, QR Code, and Bind Bulk Devices. For further details please visit: How to add devices? Installation, Setup & Binding for AirDroid Business

2. Adding Team Members

Do you need more people to help you manage your remote devices? You can achieve this and improve business productivity by adding team members and assigning them to specific device accessibility. This way, you can always ensure that your devices are securely accessed and controlled at all times. 

3. Setting up Groups

We know that managing a fleet of devices is no easy feat. If you have a large amount of devices to monitor or your devices serve for various business goals, you can always group your devices together. 

By setting up groups for your manned and unmanned devices, you can easily monitor and manage device status, locations, and perform bulk actions more efficiently. 

Now that we learned what you can do with AirDroid Business Admin Console, let’s go deeper into each product’s features and learn how to make the most of this all-in-one MDM solution. 

Devices (Remote Access and Remote Control)

android remote access and monitor devices

The “Devices” Section is where you can achieve various remote management tasks on your android devices. When clicking on “Dashboard”, you’ll see a display of all your enrolled devices. You can either take screenshots, view connection status, or check their current locations. This is also where you can further manage your team members and groups. You can assign your members with different role titles such as Admin, Team Members, and Viewer. 

Two other tasks you can achieve in “Devices” are “Notifications” & “Bulk File”. You can send custom notifications to specific groups of devices at a scheduled time and even create a cover photo for your notifications. For example, retailers can send promotional messages on their self-service kiosks, so when customers are checking out at the kiosk, they may be attracted by the offers and make more purchases.  Other industries that are taking advantage of this feature are mobile bankings and digital signages. Bulk File Transfer is an advanced file management feature that helps you transfer files to different devices safely and quickly. 

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Application Management Services (AMS)

android app management services airdroid business

Application Management Services (AMS) developed by AirDroid Business helps IT managers or SMB owners simplify the process of app updates, releases, and maintenance on remote devices. Companies can now schedule app release, staged rollouts, force installation, and even customize their own app for branding purposes. When technical issues occur on certain unattended devices, IT support agents can use remote access and perform an immediate app update to resolve the issues as fast as possible. 

Kiosk Mode

android kiosk mode lockdown software airdroid business

Kiosk Mode for AirDroid Business is a device lockdown function that allows business users to set specific apps and restrictions on their remote devices. For many companies that have deployed POS machines, digital signages or android kiosks out in the field, it is imperative to prevent customers from tempering the settings for security concerns. By activating Kiosk Lock Mode, companies can allow users to only have access to certain apps or functions like wifi, bluetooth, or browsing behaviour. This helps provide additional protection to those unattended devices tremendously.  


android device location tracking and geofencing management from airdroid business

Geofencing is a location-based add-on service included in AirDroid Business MDM Software. This feature is most broadly applied in the logistics industry. Business owners can easily track a device’s location and path history from Admin Console. Furthermore, they can set up digital fences to trigger workflows and notifications when a target enters or exits the geofence. In addition, detailed settings such as location sync frequency or recording frequency and even device groups can be set up if your business needs to have a more comprehensive control over your devices. 

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Remote Support

remote support software for android and ios devices

AirDroid Remote Support is an all-in-one remote support solution for customer service teams. It helps provide instant support to reduce communication friction and raise customer satisfaction scores. AirDroid Remote Support Software offers five major functions, which are: secure connection with 9-digit-code, real-time screen sharing, AR camera, all-in-one communication suite, and flexible seat management. 

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From your Dashboard in Remote Support, you can receive an overview of data, including the service hours used by your support agents, connection times, and employee’s individual performance. You can even check your customers’ device information, network type, and service duration. With all your android devices deployed out in the field, providing immediate support and minimizing customers’ frustration is what makes your business stand out among your competitors. 

remote support software dashabord

To sum up, AirDroid Business Admin Console is a powerful remote control center that fulfills your business need for android device management. It also provides flexible add-on features that caters to all business sizes and industries. This suggests that business owners can always scale up whenever they see fit and cut down unnecessary cost when implementing an MDM solution. For more information about AirDroid Business, please visit 

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