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7 Growth Impacts of 5G on Businesses and IT Teams

7 Growth Impacts of 5G on Businesses and IT Teams

More than 40% of the world will be using 5G technology by the year 2024. The thought of such widespread adoption is fascinating, but the 5G rollout has proven a lot slower than many people expected or would like. Nonetheless, 5G adoption is on the horizon, and we’re very excited about it! In anticipation of… Read More>>

business mobility solution

The Next Wave: Empowering Your Business with Mobility Solution

In today’s techno-driven world, brands can not survive without the implementation of business mobility solutions. The staggering rise of smartphones across the globe clearly defines how important mobility solutions are for any scale of enterprises. Moreover, consumer’s inclination towards mobile apps and solutions is also increasing; from ordering food to paying bills to playing games,… Read More>>

Impact of 5G on Mobile Device Management-2

Impact of 5G on Mobile Device Management

The world is now looking for a wireless revolution. The introduction of 5G is quite intriguing in 2021. There is a global integration of technology and boost in the type of network being used today. The 5G network and introduction to device database management have paved the way for a better tomorrow. By 2022, there… Read More>>

Latest Mobile Device Management Trends For Businesses to Succeed in 2021

2021 Mobile Device Management Trends Every Business Should Know

In just a short few years, the way employees and businesses use mobile devices has changed dramatically. With this trend, many questions arise around security, connectivity, privacy, and management. One concept that’s becoming more widespread and familiar in the business world is Mobile Device Management (MDM). MDM is the process of improving corporate data security… Read More>>

Top 15 Mobile App Trends That Are Dominating 2021

Top 15 Mobile App Trends That Are Dominating 2021

As better as life was when concepts like Android and iOS didn’t exist, it was equally slower. A change had to be brought for us to be fast-paced and accept the trends that prevailed around us automation-wise. Enter: smartphones. Mobile phones have altered our lives remarkably, and, by the looks of it, it seems as… Read More>>

6 business management tools to succeed in digital age

Top 6 Management Tools For Businesses To Thrive in the Digital Age

It’s become quite apparent that progress in business works hand in hand with digitizing many of your operational processes. According to a Gartner report, digitization is one of the top three business priorities organizations need to succeed.  You cannot afford to manually run the organization when your competition is thriving with automation, making decisions on-the-go,… Read More>>

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10 Mobile Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

In a world where 69% of online shoppers use a mobile device to research products before purchasing, it’s safe to say that smartphones are central to any great marketing strategy. And the app market continued to grow in 2020, up by $120 billion from the previous year. Mobile services provide convenience for consumers and great… Read More>>

restaurant staff using kiosk for food ordering

5 Ways Technology Has Revolutionized Food Delivery

In the last few years, there has been a rapid expansion of food delivery options for consumers. From restaurant delivery to bags of groceries arriving within minutes on doorsteps, technology has had a serious impact on transporting food items to individuals. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, some restaurants have cut down on labor forces and… Read More>>

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7 Ways the Digital Workplace is Evolving

The digital workplace is often in a state of constant evolution, which is a good thing for helping instigate new and improved processes and advancements in a number of different areas. One of the most important factors in helping these evolutions come to fruition is ensuring that you are making the necessary changes to your… Read More>>

remote work from home

15 Best Tools for Remote Work in 2021

These days, the remote work tools we use to get our work done have become quite important. In this article, we cover 15 great tools to help you along.