Top 15 Mobile App Trends That Are Dominating 2021

Top 15 Mobile App Trends That Are Dominating 2021

As better as life was when concepts like Android and iOS didn’t exist, it was equally slower. A change had to be brought for us to be fast-paced and accept the trends that prevailed around us automation-wise. Enter: smartphones. Mobile phones have altered our lives remarkably, and, by the looks of it, it seems as if it is here for a long time. Once you get used to them brick-like devices that offer us our virtual world, there is no coming back.

Smartphone technology can turn into reality, whatever it is that one imagines in his head. Phones have become a significant part of our daily routine, and not one day passes by without us making use of at least one of the apps it offers to us. A lot of digital ideas have paved their way into our everyday life, all thanks to mobile phones and our addiction to them.

Digital advancements and mobile technology trends have enhanced our life immensely. They have become essential for us. This, in turn became a huge opportunity for information technology to develop mobile application trends, which became beneficial to them and to us. They have made everything much less complicated than before and also helped us adopt the new technologies that were invented. Apart from that, they also give solutions beyond our wildest dreams, therefore exceeding our expectations.

Because of the advantages that hi-tech brings, many business owners have started to utilize these modes so as to bring the most out of them. This makes IT’s future super bright and shinier than ever. Them adopting the same will increase in their number of users and bring them better revenues. These trends allow firms to adapt to the changes occurring around the globe and offer them a stage for growth.

Let us now zero down to the app development trends that will rule 2021.

#1 Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a well-known fact and is very much in demand because of its benefits. It can mimic the human brain and make critical decisions without their involvement. It can also gather real-time data and is proven to work efficiently because of its work precision feature. It is critical for businesses to make use of AI while making mobile applications since it identifies errors better and quicker than humans and improves app designing due to all the factual information it collects, making it easy for the machine to troubleshoot.

Apart from the technical benefits, it also adds a human touch to apps by learning users’ buying behavior and offer them the products they like accordingly. AI has become so advanced that it can replicate humans and carry out their tasks with accuracy while we sit and watch them finish our work. Some examples of it include self-driving cars (Tesla), apps controlling electronic devices, etc.

#2 Augmented And Virtual Reality

Even though augmented and virtual reality plays a more significant role in the gaming and entertainment sectors at the moment, it won’t take long until every sector starts to utilize it. Today, many enterprises are using AR as part of their product feature, an example of which includes Kinder joy.

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Kinder has launched its new application named Applaydu, which uses AR to bring the toys that come with the chocolate to life. Every toy comes with a QR code, which, once scanned through the app, brings the toy to life (virtually) and makes learning for kids more interactive. Another example includes Lenskart. It allows users to try spec frames on their faces virtually with the help of AR.

If all businesses start using automation while selling their products, it will enhance their user experience, boost their sales, and bring them the best profits. AR has a very promising future since more and more companies are realizing its importance by the minute.

#3 Chatbots

Along with the physical and the virtual parts of automation, interaction is also taken care of through Chatbots. They offer person-to-person connectivity and solve customer queries without the use of sales executives with the help of real-time communication. Chatbots help companies connect with consumers on a personal level and improve their satisfaction, leading to them earning profits. An added benefit is it assists users 24/7 on both calls and chats on applications and involves humans only until there is an absolute need. Chatbots are all set to replace humans and ready to offer solutions any time of the day.

top 15 mobile app trend that are ruling in 2021 chatbot

#4 Internet Of Things (IoT)

The pace with which the web crawled and became a crucial part of our routine is really something. Whatever amount we are using is barely a little bit of what it actually is. The web has a lot to offer to us, like controlling everything machine-operated around us, which is what the Internet of Things (IoT) provides. Many businesses, especially electronic enterprises making consumer durables, are using IoT. All customers have to do to make sufficient use of IoT is have a secure data connection, install an IoT-based application, and watch it turn lights and fans on and off, lock doors, turn washing machines on, and control just about everything that is around them.

#5 Blockchain

Blockchain is yet another one of those great IT inventions which allow people to store information in such a manner that it becomes tougher for others to hack or make changes in it, which means there occurs a difficulty in cheating. This saves data from being stolen and eliminates forging. It offers security to our sensitive data and allows no one but the final user to track the information. This is precisely why blockchain is an excellent tool for our password storage and bank account related information. An ample number of e-wallet application owners are using blockchain technology. It makes these apps safe and our transactions secure.

#6 5G

Top 15 Mobile App Trends That Are Ruling In 2021 - 5G

Just when we couldn’t get enough of our 4G network, IT moved even further and developed 5G for us. It will be the talk of the town this year and will provide connectivity at an unimaginable speed. Keeping this development in mind, many telecommunication companies like OnePlus and Apple have launched their 5G phones way before the start of 2020 itself. With 5G, we will finally be able to leave our video buffering days behind us and stream Netflix at the speed of lightning. It offers a stable rate and eliminates buffering, and this is one of the many reasons everyone is so excited about 5G. The dream of playing 3D and VR-based games on mobile phones will finally become a reality, all thanks to its faster connectivity.

Since 5G will come with a high speed of almost 1Gbps, organizations that already implemented mobile device management can reap from faster file transfer and remote app updates. This will greatly improve the efficiency of remote workforce. Moreover, IT technicians can complete tasks offsite instead of traveling onsite. MDM software providers need to make sure that they provide a handbook or guide regarding 5G, data security, battery, etc., either on applications or on websites which can be of help to both developers as well as consumers. Offering quick solutions will enhance customer experience.

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#7 Mobile Wallets

Demonetization saw a huge change in people switching from cash to plastic money and cheques. Due to the very same reason, E-wallets and online payments have attracted much curiosity. Several companies jumped the gun on this opportunity and launched their wallet applications like Paytm, Google Pay, Cred, etc. All of these are heavily backed by blockchain technology, thereby making transactions safer for us.

The days when we had to carry hard cash everywhere to buy something are long gone. That has now been replaced by plastic money and virtual money. No matter how big an amount it is, with options like such available, you can carry cash anywhere without the fear of it getting stolen.

#8 Cloud Assimilation

Top 15 Mobile App Trends That Are Ruling In 2021 - cloud asimilation

The cloud has time and again proved that it’s the safest place to store essential and sensitive data virtually. Many companies already use the cloud on their office systems because it is reliable, faster, and provides information with a single click. The entry of the cloud in the world of mobile apps is due this year. You also won’t have to worry about your phone crashing or hanging since cloud-based apps run directly through the cloud itself and don’t take up your phone’s memory.

#9 AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is launched by Google, which is utilized by developers to make apps fast, easy, and responsive. AMPs allow developers to make heavy applications and pages with much ease and reduce their buffering rate, thereby improving its performance, attracting more traffic and elevating customer experiences. Businesses use AMP since it offers a lesser loading time which lends them a hand in bringing users to their app frequently, enhance their retention rate, and refine their experience with the same. AMP is one of those few modes much in demand since organizations are gradually realizing its importance.

#10 Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has the ability to show you the location of where the things you want to buy are near you. It shows where they are available, the price range, and the variations available. Beacon makes use of Bluetooth signals which helps it know when you have come into the beacon’s zone. It will then receive an alert and show you all the necessary information you require. In simple terms, the art of helping customers reach their desired product and enterprise is what beacon is about.

Because of its immense opportunity to propagate as the years progress, many sectors, especially hotels and tourism, have started using beacon. A lot of businesses will start using beacons for making their apps in 2021.

#11 Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have already gained a lot of attention since most people are using them every day in the form of smart watches, smart jewelry bands, plantable sensors, fitness trackers, VR-based head-mounted devices, etc. These wearable devices have calling facilities, are easy to monitor, and only need data connectivity and mobile phones to control. Wearable devices are known to track our daily step record, measure our BPM, calorie intake and cholesterol levels, body movements and temperature, blood pressure, oxygen level, etc. They help us become health-conscious and are a massive boon for the health industry. This very reason is why they are gaining a considerable amount of attention and will continue doing so in the future.

#12 On-demand Apps

Even though there already exist many on-demand apps like Zomato, Uber, UrbanClap, and Grofers, 2021 will see an abundant number of new inventions in the same field. What was once a luxury has now become a basic need that is being fulfilled by on-demand apps. The only platform through which these apps can meet our wants is through mobile phones, which play a significant role in the emergence of these apps. Place your order and get whatever you want; it’s that simple. Some of these on-demand apps like grocery apps, food delivery apps, insurance apps, remote-work apps, laundry Apps, etc. have gained a lot of attention, especially during COVID, since people are scared to go out.

#13 M-commerce

Top 15 Mobile App Trends That Are Ruling In 2021 - mcommerce

Online shopping has become the new cool for millennials since it offers personalized shopping and curates offers and products according to their needs. But due to the plague hitting us, adapting to online shopping became more of a necessity. This skyrocketed eCommerce company’s sales and brought them a lot of demand. The virus became a wake-up call for several enterprises to adopt digitalization and shift their business virtually. Thus, the fashion to shop online will surely stay longer and won’t budge even after the virus goes away. Since the E-commerce market is still under construction, with new hi-tech adaptations, the future of shopping won’t be the same again. 

#14 Instant Apps

Instant apps come with the facility to access applications without having to install them. These are also relatively smaller in size as compared to normal apps, which makes them much faster and leaves you worry-free about your phone hanging. The world has become fast-paced, which is why instant apps will gain a considerable amount of attention and convince people to try them out. App developers won’t have to worry since these cost a lot less money, are very easy to build, and are uncomplicated.

#15 Virtual Streaming Apps

Even though this may be a new trend in the market, virtual streaming has grabbed a lot of people’s attention, especially since COVID-19 made us push the brakes on our fun events and parties. These apps allow us to enjoy group events like concerts, stand-up comedy, etc., while at home via the help of live streaming and enable people all over the world to connect through virtual means. These are the best tool to make people enjoy events that aren’t happening in their city or country, thereby diminishing the concept of boundaries.

It’s hard to tell what the future holds. What we can say for sure, though, keeping the trends mentioned above in mind, is that digitalization has a promising future and it will never stop growing. 2021 surely has a lot of surprises for us, high-tech-wise.

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