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enterprise mobile security

The 5 Biggest Enterprise Threats to Your Mobile Security and How to Prevent Them

You may have found your business is relying on mobile devices more and more. The computing power of phones and tablets can now equal that of your average desktop computer, but their portability makes them far more useful in a remote working environment.  With the number of online communications options available to mobile devices, making… Read More>>

Mobile Device Management tools

5 Ways Mobile Device Management Tools Improve Company Security

In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world, ensuring the security of your company’s data and mobile devices is more vital than ever. Mobile device management (MDM) tools are a powerful way to protect against malicious threats and other external risks to keep your business running smoothly. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to… Read More>>

identity access management cover

7 Key Benefits of Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Business

IAM is a term used in business that refers to identity and access management. This is a way to provide digital identities for employees for better productivity and development. IAM can help businesses by offering them the ability to manage these identities to keep the business working like clockwork. This includes tracking business activities, deploying… Read More>>

10 mobile security myths debunked

10 Most Common Mobile Security Myths Debunked

Mobile tech has long been important in the workplace, as more and more companies adopted it. This is even more so when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced workers to work from home. With the rise of mobile tech, there have been lots of worries and myths surrounding mobile security. This article will introduce you to… Read More>>

What is Mobile Identity & Why Do We Need to Know About It?

What is Mobile Identity & Why Do We Need to Know About It?

We live in a world where digital technology dramatically shapes our lives. Internet use continues to surge worldwide, and mobile devices are often our most frequent window to both physical and digital worlds. The Internet of Things (and IoT device management) are concepts we’re increasingly aware of.  Although smartphone subscriptions are projected to climb over… Read More>>

Designing a proactive device management strategy with MDM Software

Designing a Proactive Device Management Strategy with MDM Software

Enterprise mobility is an emerging trend every company is going after nowadays. It is the practice of utilizing, managing, and securing devices used in a workplace. The benefits of enhancing device management efficiency for businesses include a decline in operational cost, a rise in employee productivity, better data accuracy, and higher customer satisfaction. In order… Read More>>

Mobile Device Management for mPOS Android

Mobile Device Management for mPOS Android

According to a recent study, 50% of businesspeople plan to continue shopping through physical channels in 2030 so the use of mPOS is going to steadily incline. Many retailers, restaurants and hospitality services are turning to these technological experiments. But the merging of physical and digital commerce requires an ingenious approach to point-of-sale systems. For… Read More>>

8 mdm security risks businesses cannot compromise

8 MDM Security Risks Businesses Cannot Compromise

MDM cyber security methods focus on assessing security risks and protecting organizations from intruders, attackers and cyber criminals. Much of the business process relies heavily on mobile technologies. That is why cyber and information security is a very important practice for all organizations. Information security is an essential part of cyber security, and it is… Read More>>

10 tips on educating employees on cybersecurity awareness-3

10 Cybersecurity Awareness Tips Every Employer Should Know

Every single company in existence is continuously working on improving the work conditions for their employees, customers, and their overall operations. A significant part of those efforts is aimed at boosting cybersecurity, especially ever since the pandemic has pushed more companies to switch to remote work, or at least partially send employees to work from… Read More>>

15 mobile device management mistakes that could harm your business

15 Mobile Device Management Mistakes That Could Harm Your Business

The larger a company becomes the more cell phones, tablets, and laptops they need to provide for their employees. When the number of employees is low, ensuring that mobile devices are up to date with the necessary software and safety protocol is not difficult and can be done with ease. However, when the number of… Read More>>