Top 6 MSP Challenges & Opportunities in 2022

top 6 msp challenges and opportunities in 2022

The field of technological solutions marketed under the heading MSP – Managed Service Providers continues to gain momentum with the abundance and availability of diverse services, solutions, and technologies. MSPs are helping organizations both at an operational level and at a business level. At the same time, small and medium-sized companies that do not have an information systems department may have difficulty coping with the growing transition to this model. The reasons lie in the multiplicity of challenges in the cloud world, information security, digital, automation, and multi-solution providers. 

In this model, they offer their services in various fields. This is exactly where expert and integration service providers enter the market. These include marketing comprehensive managed ICT services and specializing in providing a broad umbrella of consulting, accompaniment, management, and support. Managed services also Include third-party provider management and customer information systems. 

At the beginning of the last decade, MSPs were not as advanced as they are today. Most service providers have offered their support to many new elements, and some have suggested a model of a more comprehensive service, in which they provide their services to most infrastructure. This is onsite, both in case of malfunctions and therapy routine. 

This decade, with the advancement and technological complexity, numerous solutions that every organization has procured, many changes that have taken place. Today there are numerous challenges and opportunities that MSPs face. There is a lack of integration and systemic vision between all the technologies and solutions. We will see a trend in 2021, mainly due to the growing needs on the part of customers and on the other hand the tough competition with other suppliers. 

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To see the shift, we must first assess what an MSP does and the typical needs. Essentially their work is within communication. Telecommunications infrastructure includes telephone networks and associated equipment for making calls, fax machines, modems, network servers, WAN routers, and other communications hardware and software. 

The cost of deploying an MSP depends heavily on the size of the infrastructure they manage. Large companies with large numbers of customers tend to demand more sophisticated and expensive managed service provider equipment and infrastructure. In these cases, it may be necessary to rent or purchase additional infrastructure to carry out the necessary repairs. But the investment is necessary. 

Here is what MSP should be aware of in 2022. As well as challenges to overcome in a modern-day world, this article  also offers opportunities for each party to grow and adapt to new needs.

1. Managing security issues

Cyber risks are increasing. That is why MSPs need to up their game. MDM solutions are important to focus on because cyber attacks on businesses’ mobile devices are very threatening. The increasing growth in cyber attacks urges immediate need to improve information protection. End customers usually rely on solution providers and technologies to secure their information and data. Usually, gain a relative advantage over their competitors. 

There are many other risks that MSPs must look at. It is a challenge and an opportunity to assist companies in keeping their privacy. It is known that using a single password on multiple platforms represents a cybersecurity risk for a customer. MSP significantly reduces the risk of serious failure and data loss. With email filters and more, this offers an opportunity for businesses to save time and money and make processes easier and more efficient. 

An MSP in 2021 must seek to anticipate problems before they arise and send automated reports to the clients. The best result for businesses is that you can concentrate on what you can do best, with complete peace of mind, thanks to modern-day security protection.

Other issues include phishing and hacking occurrences. These issues are more prevalent than people can imagine. Often they realize this too late after the problem becomes costly and untimely. Proactively managing security issues poses a huge opportunity – to stop hacking across all sectors and offer an excellent management service that helps companies grow organically. 

2019 cost of data breach report
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2. Cloud adoption

Cloud adoption is both a challenge and an opportunity in terms of growth. The cloud is increasingly used to build new platforms, improve the involvement of users and customers, and also meet the needs of changes in the digital field of organizations. In most cases, customers adopt work in a hybrid model while adopting a multi-cloud environment. This is where customers rely on a specific base on their site plus a certain number of cloud services from one major provider and a few sporadically from different cloud providers that allow rapid adoption and implementation of different point solutions.

There are quite a few other issues, which are demanded by customers, and motivate the MSPs. For example, the prolific use of mobile devices and tablets at work requires effective management to protect sensitive data and streamline operations. This is where expert services such as MDM solutions, and appropriate integration come into play. The cloud is a safe space where information is kept secure and can be used to store endless information. IT service management has never been more important. 

3. Retaining customers

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MSP faces the challenge of retaining customers. Without adequate support across all systems, computer, and mobile services, companies will face issues. That is why MSPs must rise to the challenge and ensure that they are providing bespoke measures. Such companies will help the customer search for the most suitable solutions for them.

They must monitor the quality of the solution regularly after implementation and perform an integration. Retaining customers also leads to a possibility of an opportunity to grow their client base further. It leads to possibly adding new clients to their list if they manage their services well. 

These providers are supposed to perform the entire process of examining the solutions offered by the MSPs and adopting them jointly with the technology/solution provider. If communication lacks MSPs are not able to provide all that a company needs, it causes a challenge. The managed systems service provider must perform most of the management tasks of the customer’s information systems. They can’t afford to lose customers in 2021 and beyond, because the issues arising are becoming more and more prevalent.

MSPs must be on their guard and offer control, network management, expert support, ongoing maintenance, system updates, upgrades, operating third-party vendors including mobile solutions. Many issues from mobile devices may arise and have become more used in recent months since the pandemic. More and more companies are using mobile devices on the go as workers’ return to the office is staggered. 

In the coming years, mostly medium-sized companies are expected to adopt this working model with one major managed service provider. Such a provider will need to be run on an ongoing basis as the customer’s information systems department without the customer having to bear the many expenses involved in employing a full team to manage their network system. 

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4. Embrace changing customer behavior

The transition to digital means that information is accessible to employees, customers, and other consumers in all sorts of ways and forms anywhere anytime. Digital transformation is pushing organizations and companies to adopt relatively new approaches, technologies, and management tools. Customers’ behaviors are constantly changing because technology is evolving. They view things differently, have access to apps and other systems that change the way in which they operate. 

That is why MSPs must adapt to new applications and systems infrastructures. For example, systemic solutions for the correct and more secure management of many different interfaces and types used by the work of users and customers, namely, smartphones, tablets, and virtual endpoints. 

Automation is a vital element. The transition to digital brings with its methods and technologies for planning and implementing automation processes for operational and business processes. This trend can replace a significant amount of work and greatly improve the interactions both within the company and with customers. An efficient system is going to improve business communication and processes so that they can move forwards. 

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5. Maintain productivity in a remote workforce

Business leaders have realized the need to be prepared for all kinds of contingencies and to organize themselves so they can face a future that is less certain than one could imagine. Nevertheless, this is a concept that has helped save many industries during this crisis. If COVID-19 has allowed its democratization on a larger scale, it also has other virtues. 

Indeed, studies still conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, show that most employees are only at their desks 50 to 60% of the time. Many workers are still remote, and therefore taking their systems, laptops, and mobile phones with them. They set up a remote workplace at home. That’s why it’s critical to be able to maintain productivity by remotely managing company-owned devices like phones and tablets from a centralized dashboard.  Impeccable MDM solutions for mobile phone security are one at the top of the list. 

Managed service providers who have had to review their strategies and adopt new action plans know that keeping staff happy is important. Remote working is still continuing. Whilst some people believe the office space is and was always the best choice, some are a little more lenient with where their staff work. 

When remote workers are working from their home space, they are not as well protected as they would be in the office, for example. According to a survey, 82% of businesses say the level of communication and collaboration between employees has stayed the same (44%) or increased (38%) since telecommuting was introduced. 

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6. Adjusting to client needs

The main challenges MSPs  will face are changes in management and transition plan adapted to the clients you’re serving in 2022. The implementation of an MSP program represents an important change for an organization. It is therefore essential to prepare and support all the people who will interact with your MSP in 2022 based on the best concepts of our time. 

The in-depth analysis of your situation allows the definition of target processes adapted to your specificities. They must define a strategy to support the transition and anticipate risks of the modern-day world. These risks include cyber threats to your systems andr mobile phones. MDM solutions are vital to helping adjust to these risks. It often happens that the MSP teams are assigned to tasks currently performed by different employees. 

It is, therefore, necessary to anticipate and define their roles because as an MSP, you should play a central role in defining a communication and change management plan and therefore support you throughout the implementation of the solution. When these needs change, and your employees have different strategies and tasks. It is important to adapt quickly.

In 2022, these strategies may include different digital strategies for growth, the use of different systems, such as video conferencing, as an example. You must prove they can grow with the companies which provide excellent opportunities on all sides.

Final Thoughts

Many recent studies have shown businesses benefiting from working with MSPs and MDM solutions. But, there is room for growth in the following areas, including market segment analysis, and region-specific analysis which could promote growth. As well as future opportunities to increase sales and improve brand awareness. 

Whilst there are more threats than ever before for MSP businesses, companies must have their fingers on the pulse to ensure that they are meeting all the modern-day standards. So, with an exceptional focus on challenges and opportunities of 2021 and beyond, we can see a massive shift in business operation. We can seek to optimize productivity, increase efficiency, reduce costs and grow profits. It will serve a win-win solution for those wanting to create a steady, successful business in 2022.

For more information on how MDM solutions can assist with MSP, please contact us today at Airdroid Business or talk to our sales today.

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