How to Increase Retail Sales Through Mobile Device Management

Last Updated on April 28, 2023

How to Increase Retail Sales Through Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are an essential part of modern business operations. The ability to interact with employees and customers anywhere and at any time is a huge advantage, allowing better customer service, communications, and smoother functioning of online businesses.

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However, for any serious venture, utilizing mobile devices is not as simple as it sounds. You can’t just create a company-wide group chat and hope for the best. 

For the optimum outcome, you’re going to need effective mobile device management software. 

What Is Mobile Device Management Software?

Mobile device management software allows a company to safely share data with its employees and customers, ensuring the smooth operation of the business over mobile devices. 

With mobile device management software, everything from marketing strategies to schedule updates and creative collaboration software can be used and shared from any mobile device. 

The objective is to keep everything as organized and efficient as possible. Correct implementation will help your business to interact seamlessly across all mobile devices, leading to increased productivity and higher retail sales. 

This evolution is comparable to the advancement of the cloud contact center over traditional call centers, allowing a streamlining of operations while eliminating many extraneous, time-consuming processes.

Nowadays, it’s the extra advantage your company needs when it comes to building a successful sales process.

Business Continuity

The main advantage of mobile technology is, funnily enough, its mobility. Today’s business operators need never miss a step when users can be contacted and monitored across multiple mobile devices. That kind of seamless interaction will go a long way to improving productivity and increasing your retail sales. 

MDM software allows your employees to interact using a variety of features:

  • • Remotely monitor device performance
  • Remotely access and control  devices
  • • Manage automatic app updates and releases
  • • Lock devices into kiosks
  • • Track mobile devices and automate workflows

While these are all familiar features, the difference here is that MDM software allows you to do these things remotely and from any device, allowing better communication and increased reach for your sales team. 

Obviously, the restrictions brought about by COVID-19 have made mobility an essential feature; overnight, entire companies have had to transition to working from home. This has meant thousands of work laptops and mobiles having to coordinate with one another just to keep the wheels turning. 

Pandemic aside, the need for MDM software was already there. So many companies now incorporate remote workers, with many businesses having employees ranging across different cities, countries, and time zones. 

All this translates to an easier and more efficient deployment of remote workers, meaning a more streamlined expansion of your business. As MDM software allows your sales team to reach clients all over the world, this equates to a boost in retail sales on a global scale. 

Everything In One Place 

When you implement effective MDM software, you’re essentially streamlining your mobile operations. Many businesses already utilize the latest communication software through companies like Dialpad. Mobile device management expands that capability to mobile devices.

You can upload software updates, share new information, or deploy new planning tools to all your employees at once, from any of your devices to theirs. 

Whereas before we may have had to wait for the weekly meeting or inform employees individually, now pertinent information can be shared to everyone’s mobile devices at once, no matter how large the workforce. Meanwhile, any software upgrades needed can be rolled out across everyone’s devices simultaneously. 

When everyone has the same information, they can spend more time completing the task at hand (i.e. boosting retail sales). And, if they’re all working with the same updates, they’ll be more effective as a team. 

Smoother IT Support Increases Productivity

Sooner or later, something’s going to go wrong with your devices or applications – it’s a fact of life. Fortunately, there are people who know how to fix this i.e. your IT support team. So, when things go awry, you’re going to want your team to be able to respond as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Increasing the efficiency of your IT support is going to help resolve your employees’ mobile issues much faster, allowing for a more productive workforce. 

It’s not just great for your employees though; effective MDM software will also allow your IT team to assist customers and clients. This will make for a much better user experience and help you to anticipate future problems, making it easier to sell products online.

With MDM software, a host of problems can be handled expediently by your I.T. team. This means your employees experience less downtime. Less downtime for sales teams means more time attaining essential retail sales.

Better Data Security Saves on Costs

As your business grows, you’re going to have more and more sensitive information that will need protecting. This not only concerns the safety of your customers’ personal details but the information being shared between employees (especially if you use a bring-your-own-device model). 

The BYOD model is by far the most efficient way to deploy your sales team. It allows faster expansion without the added overhead of providing new equipment. However, using personal devices brings with it a host of security issues. That’s where MDM software comes in. 

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The first line of protection for mobile users is data encryption and screen privacy, which are essential MDM software features for any business. Encrypted passwords and screen-sharing are pivotal in preventing valuable company information from being lost or stolen at all levels. 

Whether it’s via malicious intent or general incompetence, there is always the risk of valuable data being leaked. In the event of such a leak, MDM software allows operators to remotely monitor and control any data being shared between devices. Data can be restricted or even erased if a security threat is perceived. 

An online security breach at any level can be costly, so preventing these will decrease your bottom line spending as well as ensuring trust in your company’s policies. That kind of trust is vital when it comes to increasing your business’s online presence. 

MDM software allows your business to utilize the more efficient BYOD model safely and securely. You can have the confidence to expand and deploy remote sales teams wherever you need them once you know you’re doing your best to keep everyone safe. This allows for more rapid expansion and, ergo, higher retail sales. 

New POS Options for Offline Customers

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of MDM for communication in online businesses, but MDM software is having an impact in the offline retail world also. Many physical stores are implementing effective mobile device management for a more productive purchase ordering process. 

Many large supermarkets now supply their customers with mobile devices to use while they shop. Department stores often offer fixed tablets to perform a similar role. These can be used to ring up items while shopping, check inventory levels, and act as a final point of sale in-store. These devices provide a smooth and safe customer experience with fewer resources required. 

Finally, in response to the restrictions created by COVID-19, many restaurants are encouraging their customers to order and pay through an app downloaded onto their devices. 

Aside from being hygienic, this allows for a more efficient customer journey, which uses less manpower and frees up more time for employees to increase their productivity. 

How to Increase Retail Sales Through Mobile Device Management

More Accurate Information About Your Employees 

Allowing your IT support to fix a problem is one thing, but first, you’ll need to know when and where problems arise. MDM software allows complete device visibility, meaning you can see exactly how many users are online and what they’re doing.

With regards to employees, you’ll be able to observe which devices are in use and how effectively they’re being used. This will alert you to non-functioning devices, which can then be fixed. It will also give you vital feedback on the performance output of those devices to provide a better picture of daily productivity.   

This kind of feedback will help you recognize ineffectual uses of time or outdated sales tactics, so you can adapt your business strategy accordingly. Such constant feedback will let you know what’s not working and, more importantly, what is. You can thus find out where the best sales results are coming from and why.

When you know what’s working, you can make the best decisions for your business to boost retail sales, and those better decisions will allow you to keep on boosting them in the longer term. 

More Accurate Information About Customers

This is much the same when it comes to customers. MDM software will give you accurate information about customer activity on mobile devices. This kind of information can give you an edge and help optimize your retail strategy so you can recognize the best digital marketing tools to grow your business.

If you understand how your customers are responding to your current marketing strategies, you can make more informed decisions about how to engage with them and boost retail sales. Having an accurate insight into your users’ mobile habits and preferences can be as important as any online sales tools.

Never Stop Evolving

This technology is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the competition means staying up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies. 

After all, this tech will not lead to increased retail sales on its own; it will simply enhance your ability to communicate with employees and customers. It’s that improved communication and synchronization that lead to increased revenue. 

But don’t just take our word for it – there are loads of companies with great things to say about MDM software. These include:

  • • Fortune Transportation (US), who called MDMs a “critical asset to remotely administrating our mobile devices.” – Joshua Duerksen, IT and Business Intelligence
  • • Aji Digital, France, who claim MDM, “allows us to have full access to all our devices despite distance… and our main clients and partners love it too.” Stephane Valcauda, CEO

The future of retail sales is mobile, global, and constantly expanding. These companies have found that MDM software not only facilitates growth but prepares them for any changes in the future too. 

These businesses have already increased their retail sales through mobile device management. Don’t you want to join them?

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