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digital signage for hotel management

How to Use Digital Signage for Hotels To Improve Guest Experiences

Consider this – you are planning a getaway with your family and choosing the ultimate and perfect destination that perfectly suits you. You choose the best hotel in the region (Thanks to google reviews). The minute you enter the hotel, you notice a beautiful large screen with vibrant motion pictures, images, and stunning, high-resolution videos…. Read More>>

enhance digital signage by monitoring screens

8 Powerful Hacks to Enhance Your Digital Signage Security

Savvy business owners have acknowledged the significance of digital signage over the past few years. According to research, 80% of brands that use digital signage record a substantial increase in sales, up to 33%, with a greater appeal towards epicurean product purchases as opposed to planned purchases. However, one crucial element that every business should… Read More>>

Your Business Needs These 8 MDM Alerts for Android

Why does having MDM alerts matter for your business? Having the ability to monitor your devices’ status from various angle can be critical to business success. Android devices, just like other mechanical devices, will slowly depreciate over time with use as well as encountering errors. And if devices are being used heavily by employee and… Read More>>


Top 4 Innovations in Logistics Management You Can’t Miss

Logistics, put plainly, is quite simply the management of resources that are either in transit, or need to be. Resources, here in this context, refer to anything of value. This includes people, tangible goods, materials used to produce something else, or again, practically anything of worth that’s in transit or, eventually, will be.  Example of… Read More>>

boost customer relations with personalization

Boost Your Customer Relations: 5 Follow Up Strategies That Work

Boosting your customer relations is one of the best ways to establish a long-term relationship with your audience. After all, the way your brand interacts with its customers is the foundation for how much revenue you have, what your brand’s reputation is, and how well you retain customers among other things. Sadly, however, not everyone… Read More>>

android alert and remote monitoring system from airdroid business

Tips on Automating Android Alerts for Remote Device Monitoring

What is Alert in AirDroid Business? The Alert feature in the Admin Console Dashboard is a way for you to set custom triggers and receive email notifications when your Android devices show abnormal activities such as network traffic, internet connection, excessive data usage, low battery, and more. Why do I need an Android alerting system… Read More>>

mobile workforce guide

The Ultimate Guide to Enabling a Mobile Workforce in 2021

A mobile workforce can boost your company’s productivity and performance. If you haven’t already, your company should consider the merits of enabling a mobile workforce in 2021. Remote work is being adopted at rapid speed. More companies are adopting mobile workforces, while employees are increasingly searching for remote work opportunities. In 2018, 70% of millennials… Read More>>


[Product Update] Remotely Monitor Android Devices with Airdroid Business MDM

More companies are now integrating mobile devices and tablets into their daily operations. Apart from the BYOD policy that’s been broadly adopted by most organizations, many are actually deploying unattended devices out in the field to either reach more customers or sustain daily operations under difficult times. For example, businesses deploy Android-based digital signages to… Read More>>

people using mobile devices and tablets

10 Mobile Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

In a world where 69% of online shoppers use a mobile device to research products before purchasing, it’s safe to say that smartphones are central to any great marketing strategy. And the app market continued to grow in 2020, up by $120 billion from the previous year. Mobile services provide convenience for consumers and great… Read More>>

team meeting with mobile tablets

The Ultimate Mobile Marketing Guide for Businesses to Thrive

While the age of the desktop PC or Mac will never fully pass, it’s safe to say that mobile internet use has superseded these appliances. Consumer web browsing is now dominated by smartphones and tablets, with an increasing audience absorbing their online content on the move. This, naturally, means that any business will need to… Read More>>

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