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MDM Policy

9 Best Practices to Create a Mobile Device Management Policy

Implementing an effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) Policy comes with many benefits for your organization in terms of device management, security, compliance, and productivity. Without a specified MDM policy, you might lack direction in managing your devices, systems, and users. It can also become difficult for you to track users and devices in your network,… Read More>>

Secure your devices

How Enterprises Secure Their Android Devices Against Mobile Malware

What is mobile malware? A malware (short for “malicious software”) is a piece of computer code written by cybercriminals to steal data and damage or destroy computers and computer systems. In the case of mobile malware, it targets specific devices such as smartphones and tablets and attempts to steal information from these devices and/or control… Read More>>

The Ultimate Guide to Develop an Effective MDM Policy

The Ultimate Guide to Developing an Effective MDM Policy

Whatever your industry, it is important to think about how your employees work for you. If you are dealing with sensitive business data, you want to make sure that your employees are not compromising your security. There are several different measures you can take, and an MDM policy codifies these best practices to avoid confusion…. Read More>>

IoT pairs well with Android devices

How to Connect IoT Devices Using an Android Phone?

IoT is becoming increasingly popular in the world today. There has been a need to ensure the interconnectedness of devices to increase business efficiency. However, many businesses find it difficult to manage IoT devices and ensure they get the best out of them. One of the most efficient ways to manage these devices is using… Read More>>


Looking for a TeamViewer Alternative for Android Devices?

TeamViewer is a popular remote control software due to its cross-platform compatibility. However, for businesses with a complete Android device ecosystem, the decision to use a dedicated Android solution is almost a no-brainer. Here’s why: A dedicated solution means that installation, deployment and operation are much more streamlined and efficient. A TeamViewer alternative like AirDroid… Read More>>


How Remote Access Software Improves IT and Customer Support

Remote access software empowers IT and customer support teams to connect with and take control of a mobile device to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues without having to be present or manually handle the device. With customer experience becoming a key brand differentiator (even above product quality and price), customer support is increasingly essential for… Read More>>

mobile device management security policy

MDM Policy: 7 Best Practices Every Business Should Follow in 2022

The mobile device management (MDM) solution has revolutionized the landscape of several industries and, simultaneously, facilitated the digital transformation process. It is also an ideal tool to prevent data breaches and leaks if proper MDM security policies are put in place. So, the first question you might have in mind is: What is an MDM… Read More>>

G2 badges in summer 2022

First time ever – AirDroid Business is listed as Momentum Leader in G2’s Summer 2022 Grid Report

An unstoppable trend of remote work and mobile device deployment is on the rise around the world. Riding on this wave, AirDroid Business – which provides Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to businesses – has reached several milestones and continues to thrive. Today, we are thrilled to announce that AirDroid Business received a new G2… Read More>>

secure android remote access and remote control

Secure Remote Access and Remote Control on Android for Enterprises

What are Remote Access and Remote Control on Android? Remote access and remote control allow you to stay in control of your devices no matter where you are. This is essential for businesses today. Many businesses equip their autonomous workers with mobile devices and as such, have to deal with sensitive and corporate information in… Read More>>

The best MDM for IT & MSP

The Best MDM Solution for IT & MSP Services – AirDroid Business

Many companies today have multiple devices and software that hold personal data and company information. All of this must be safely stored and each device must work well in order to create a seamless workforce and flow. This can be achieved with IT and MSP services.  What are IT and MSP services? For many organizations,… Read More>>

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