AirDroid Remote Support for Business Pricing Explained

Last Updated on May 11, 2023

AirDroid Remote Support for Business - pricing and features

What is AirDroid Remote Support for Business?

AirDroid Remote Support for Business is an all-in-one remote assistance solution for IT professionals and customer service teams to tackle both hardware & software issues.

What can you do with AirDroid Remote Support?

Software troubleshooting

  • Real-time screen sharing – with permission, you can ask the person you are supporting to share their device screen with you. You can see the screen as the person is using the device.
  • On-screen tutorial gestures – you can use gestures like swiping and clicking to give instructions on using the device.
  • Messaging, voice chat & file-sharing – there’s a variety of tools to help you communicate with the person on the other end in different scenarios, including texting, voice chat, voice recording, or sending documents or files in the chatroom.

Hardware troubleshooting

  • AR camera & voice chat – when the scenario needs you to see the physical surroundings of a device or equipment, you can ask someone on the other end to share the device camera. You can place 3D markers and use voice chat to give instructions on how to operate or fix a device.
  • Remote monitoring & management – remotely control and manage unattended Android devices, with fast access and stable control. During the remote control process, you can turn on black screen mode to protect your corporate privacy.

Pricing & Key Features

Basic Plan ($199/seat/year)Standard Plan ($599/license/year)
Concurrent Connections (Channels) – 1 channel includedConcurrent Connections (Channels) – 1 channel included (more can be purchased)
1 user account includedNo limit
50 hours per month (more can be purchased)No limit
Up to 300 managed devices
Remote Access & ControlRemote Access & Control
AR CameraAR Camera
Real-time Screen SharingReal-time Screen Sharing
Voice CallVoice Call
Chat with Voice Message and TextChat with Voice Message and Text
Security PolicySecurity Policy
Available for Android/iOS/Win/Mac/WebAvailable for Android/iOS/Win/Mac/Web
Quick Connection with 9-Digit CodeQuick Connection with 9-Digit Code
Tutorial GestureTutorial Gesture
Device Access LogsDevice Access Logs
Control Unattended Mobile Devices
Device Group Management 
Permission Settings for Multi-role Team Members 

Quick Guides & Tips

  • Buying seats: For the Basic Plan, every seat comes with 50 hours of connection time. The hours will reset at the beginning of every month. Each seat can only be used by one support agent at a time. If you need to have multiple agents working concurrently, we recommend upgrading to the Standard Plan.
  • Shared hours: When you purchase additional seats, the added hours will be shared by everyone in the team. For example, you will get 150 hours/month if you purchased 3 seats and the hours will be shared as one hour-cap.
  • Additional hours expiration: You have the option to purchase additional hours when the default quota is not enough. Note that the additional hours will expire at the end of the calendar month and your hours will be reset. For example, if you purchase 10 additional hours on September 5th, the extra 10 hours will expire on September 30th.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between AirDroid Business and AirDroid Remote support?

AirDroid Business: This is a solution for device monitoring, management, and remote control. It is designed for organizations that have more than 10 devices that need managing, and can remotely control the devices without being on-site.

AirDroid Remote Support: This is a remote assistance solution that offers screen-sharing and voice chat for employees and clients who need tutorials or instructions on using a device or app. It also allows businesses to manage and control unattended devices in a cost-effective way.

Read our full comparison article here.

How do I upgrade my plan?

Go to our pricing page for AirDroid Remote Support. Once you log in with your AirDroid Remote Support account, you can choose the plan you need. Simply select your option and go to check-out to complete the order.

Can I add extra seats? How does it work?

Having multiple seats means that you can have different support agents connecting to different devices at the same time. You can add extra seats anytime to your account by logging in to the Admin Console and follow the steps to complete the purchase. Each seat will give you 50 connecting hours on a monthly basis (resets at the beginning of each month). If the new seat is added in the middle of the month, the hours will expire at the end of the same month and will not be carried over.

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