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Top 4 Innovations in Logistics Management You Cannot Miss

Logistics, put plainly, is the management of resources that are either in transit, or need to be. Resources, in this context, refer to anything of value. This includes people, tangible goods, materials used to produce something else, or again, practically anything of worth that is in transit or, eventually, will be.  Example of Logistics Management… Read More>>

geo tracking

Ways Geo-Tracking Helps Logistics Companies Improve Freight Management

Geolocation is simply the function to geographically locate a person via his mobile phone, tablet, PC, or another connected object. Geolocation is used in various industries and for various reasons. On the Internet, the objective is very often to offer products or services located in an area close to the Internet user and in particular… Read More>>

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AirDroid Business for Transportation & Logistics

AirDroid Business offers an easy way to centrally and remotely manage devices and apps to make sure these apps and services work like a charm for drivers and delivery staff around the clock…

mobile device management security policy

MDM Policy: 7 Best Practices Every Business Should Follow in 2022

The mobile device management (MDM) solution has revolutionized the landscape of several industries and, simultaneously, facilitated the digital transformation process. It is also an ideal tool to prevent data breaches and leaks if proper MDM security policies are put in place. So, the first question you might have in mind is: What is an MDM… Read More>>

mdm software for logistics and transportation

Transportation & Logistics: 3 Ways MDM Software Can Help

The transportation and logistics (T&L) industry keeps the world supplied with essential goods. During the COVID-19 pandemic, transporting, shipping, and delivering these products has to be done at a higher volume, quicker rate, and more efficiently than ever before. This has resulted in not only a sudden expansion of staff and vehicles for trucking companies,… Read More>>

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Managing Logistics with AirDroid Business

The growing usage of mobile devices in managing logistics and supply chains has been a boon to the industry, enabling businesses to closely track shipments, better understand shipment timing, optimize logistics routes, and more. However, these benefits are not without their challenges, with the associated increase in usage seeing a number of roadblocks for those… Read More>>