Infographic Shows How Android is Fueling Business and Powering the MDM Market

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

AirDroid Business mdm infographic

Android Market Share Facts

With an expansive range of devices and over 2.5 billion active monthly users, it’s undeniable that Android is a juggernaut in the world of smart devices. The numbers back it up too, Android topping the list of the most popular devices, having shipped 21.6 million of the 36.6 million devices shipped in Q1, 2019. So what exactly is fueling Android’s popularity? Aside from accessible price points, quality tech and versatile devices attracting regular consumers, this infographic from AirDroid Business reveals that it’s businesses, both large and small, that are propelling Android’s continued adoption and widespread use.

Think about it – there are roughly 190 million companies employing from one to over a hundred personnel in the world today. Each of those companies undeniably uses some form of smart technology – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer – in their daily business dealings. Apply the stats found in the AirDroid Business infographic to this – 75 percent of all business phones in use are Android-based – and the sheer volume of Android devices in use for business becomes clear. This begs the question: how exactly are businesses dealing with this widely Android-based digital landscape?

What’s the Solution?

The answer is simple, and it’s mobile device management (MDM) Software. For the uninitiated, MDM software enables business owners and administrators to control, secure, and manage smartphones, tablets, point of sale devices, kiosks, digital signage, and more. Depending on the provider, MDM solution can offer a range of capabilities, from monitoring device status and securely transferring files, to delegating access rights and remotely accessing devices. The technology is also versatile, with the AirDroid Business infographic highlighting its versatility across nearly any industry, from retail and manufacturing, to logistics and tourism. As such, it makes sense that Android’s ongoing popularity and continued adoption is powering the growth of the MDM industry, with the industry is projected to continue growing with experts predicting a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent by the end of 2020[1]. So what exactly does this technology look like in action?

Android MDM Solution in Motion

Imagine: A small, independent florist runs an in-house fleet for flower delivery. They have four drivers out in the field at any given time, armed with company-owned Android smartphones for use as both a GPS navigation device and for communication. On this particular day, a customer has called three times. Their flower delivery is late, and it’s time-sensitive as they have somewhere to be with the flowers. The company owner calls the driver multiple times, to no avail, before sending a text message and being forced to wait for an update, all while trying to manage a disgruntled customer. Unfortunately, the business owner simply has no way to know where the driver is and whether they are experiencing difficulties until the driver contacts them.

If this company was armed with MDM capabilities, not only would they know where their fleet is at all times thanks to GPS tracking, they would be able to monitor the device to see if it is currently being used or if it is offline. Further capabilities, like a custom application deployed through an MDM providers’ application management services suite, would enable a delivery fleet to ‘check off’ deliveries in real-time as they’re made so a business can understand where they are in their delivery route, and the use of an MDM solutions’ kiosk mode would enable these devices to be locked down to one or more apps to minimize distraction while the employee is on the road.

While many more use cases for MDM technology exist, the above example illustrates the control, security, and peace of mind that MDM technology can offer. For more information on how Android is powering business, please click here to view our infographic. For more information, or for a 14-day free trial of AirDroid Business, please visit


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