Top 7 Reasons Why Successful Companies Use MDM Software

7 Reasons Why Successful Companies Use MDM Software Every Day

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a category of security software used by IT departments and managed service providers (MSPs). Organizations use them to monitor, manage, and secure employees’ and company owned devices (smartphones and tablets). Indeed, IT admins deploy MDM software on various mobile operating systems used by companies. The goal is to optimize the operation and security of mobile devices within the company while protecting the company network. The main features of MDM software include: 

  1. Fully manageable solution with 24/7 monitoring
  2. Cloud-based for automation
  3. Remote monitoring, configuration, remote access and control
  4. Data restores and backups
  5. Password protection, website whitelist, file encryption, remote wipe, data breach protection
  6. Logging and reports

Extensive functions in the areas of mobile application management and mobile security are also standard. The latter includes, for example, the option for the administrator to delete company data from the workspace or to lock the device if the company mobile phone has been stolen or lost. 

The MDM software appeared in the early 2000s to control and secure PDAs and smartphones that employees started using. With the rise of consumer smartphones in 2007, employees began to bring their own devices to work, which increased interest in IT MDM solutions. 

Nowadays, software of this type is compatible with smartphones, tablets, Windows or macOS computers, and even with particular connected objects. Mobile Device Management comes with a plethora of benefits for all involved. For business, it offers seven key elements that create a successful work ethic and environment. Let’s look deeper into it.

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#1 Increase productivity

Businesses can increase productivity within the workplace for numerous reasons. With an MDM system, the IT administrator can accomplish this at the touch of a button. MDM solutions can bring productivity across a range of industries. Take MDM for education for example, teachers can manage Android tablets and remotely block specific applications. It is also possible to monitor children’s activities during class time and distribute information and teaching materials online. 

It often happens that employees use one mobile device for both business and private purposes. As a result, data flows get mixed up. Also, the IT administrator has no control over the personal device on which the business application is located. The result is that the company data ends up outside the boundaries of the protected network. 

An MDM solution offers a solution. For example, IT admins or device users can set an access code. Mobile Device Management ensures that work and private life on smartphones remain separate. Companies can always stay productive. 

Another benefit for productivity is that the software is always up to date, which means you do not have to have workers spending time on tasks to update software and files. All of the updates are automatically done for you. Field workers don’t like to visit the IT department regularly to have their devices updated. They are on the road or working on location. 

Thanks to MDM, an automatic update can be done remotely so that the software always works efficiently. With a growing workforce, it is convenient that you only need to perform one action to set up all devices. You can even perform automatic configuration of all devices remotely. The technician no longer has to worry about setting up their device so your team can focus on more productive tasks. 

#2 Reduce IT costs

You are likely to see a good ROI after implementing MDM. The software can significantly save you on IT costs because the management looks after all devices and many benefits, including data security and great support. You can lower your IT resource costs. According to a recent study, “a business can conservatively forecast a three-year ROI of 184% from its mobility management spending.”

A cloud-based system offers several significant advantages, including a direct reduction in management costs. A cloud-based system doesn’t require long-term contracts or commitments. Most companies work out a plan for the company, depending on their personal needs, which keeps costs cut down. You’ll know you have the proper security in place and money well spent. In the likely possibility of a cyber attack, especially on a mobile device, a company can lose thousands. MDM helps companies save more because these attacks and attempts are thwarted and detected in good time. 

#3 Improve network & data security

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MDM solutions give IT administrators a comprehensive view of their network inventory, including control over device security policies and application management. Greater control over corporate data in devices helps maintain data security and user privacy. If you lose data and files, it can be costly for your business and lead to problematic and irreversible issues.  

The consequence of this openness without MDM solutions is that corporate networks are more vulnerable, and data becomes more challenging to protect. Once a breach occurs in their networks, businesses can face regulatory, legal, and financial consequences. In addition, this type of incident can have significant repercussions on the company’s reputation and lead to the loss of competitive advantage. 

MDM allows your company’s files and sensitive data to be secure, which vastly improves data security. IT security managers should expect more diverse attacks on mobile devices, especially attacks aiming to encrypt corporate data to demand ransoms and undetectable attacks to corrupt applications. More businesses encourage MDM solutions to reduce the cyber attacks, making it a great business choice. If you want to manage Android devices, you should consider Airdroid Business for all your data solutions. 

#4 Simplify remote device management

MDM solutions enable mobile workers to be more productive and use their preferred devices while keeping the network secure. These tools are scalable, easy to configure and manage. It is a convenient way to manage multiple devices from a single remote web console, making it a quick and straightforward solution for all.


  1. Geolocation: Protect devices from theft and track them with reports that leverage their GPS capabilities.
  2. Device User Management: Restrict users’ access to sensitive data and device configurations. Protect corporate information and avoid data breach.
  3. Data usage monitoring: MSP RMM monitors the data volumes used on your users’ devices. You thus avoid additional payment caused by data overage or cyber crimes.
  4. Multiple device support: Mobile device management lets you remotely access a device without permission and troubleshooting technical issues immediately.

IT administrators can remotely manage all mobile business devices such as smartphones and tablets through MDM software. All devices are connected to an MDM server, making it possible to monitor these devices’ operations easily. A centralized dashboard like Admin Console is responsible for administrative tasks such as installing apps and performing updates. The MDM system also helps to control the use of mobile devices inside and outside an organization.

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#5 Control app updates

MDM also enables administrators to control app updates remotely. Keeping your devices up-to-date can prevent unnecessary cybersecurity risks. IT admins can update application in bulk through various methods, include Staged Rollout, App Tests, Scheduling, and Forced Installation. When your managed devices are scattered across different locations, remote app updates can save a great amount of time and money for your IT team. In addition, you can avoid complete device breakdown and impact your business continuity if you run app tests before an official release. This gives your staff more time to concentrate on other more important tasks and increase productivity.

#6 Offer real-time support

Real-time support is, therefore, for all business owners in case any issue is detected. In addition to the constant support, you will also see any recorded data relating to errors. You can also monitor the status of your devices anytime, anywhere. Any issues relating to this can be dealt with promptly. Mobile Device Management services and software are constantly working for you to ensure that any faults can be detected quickly and corrected at an early stage. 

All devices can be configured and managed, and the support continues. No matter your query, you can guarantee a professional voice at the end of the phone or email support no matter where you are, even if you are away from the office on a road trip. Everything is done through trusted software. Therefore manual processes that can lead to errors are avoided. Cloud servers meet the standards of strictest protection to offer optimal availability and security of your data!

Mobile Device Management offers IT support in the remote device management to rectify malfunctions or lock devices in the event of security gaps and delete critical data. IT administrators can monitor and review devices for usage patterns and security vulnerabilities and perform load balancing and detailed analysis. 

#7 Enable continuous growth

why businesses use mdm software
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When your company is adequately protected, and your mobile devices are safe, it enables your workers to continue their growth anywhere. It means that you can choose to utilize your devices more and feel happy knowing your data is safe. Your business is in good hands when you select MDM solutions, and this is something you can proudly declare. It allows you to store unlimited data safely, knowing that customers’ information will not be stolen or used. Doing this instills confidence in your customers and any potential new customers. 

Choosing between a company that doesn’t use MDM solutions and one that does is no decision. A company that takes mobile data management seriously has its customers’ and clients’ best interests at heart. If you want to manage Android devices, you can guarantee the security that will put your business in good stead. 

Cloud Mobile Device Management ensures that your customers deal with today’s challenges safely and efficiently. Cloud Mobile Device Management provides answers to current issues. 

  1. How do I deal with the growth of mobile devices as a company?
  2. How do I easily configure and manage these devices?
  3. How do I deal with all the data that ends up on both business and personal devices?
  4. How do I ensure that privacy-sensitive information does not end up on the street?

The benefits already speak for themselves. Growth is vital for any business to develop in the areas that matter the most. 

A better choice for business 

Installing an MDM program makes it easier to manage mobile devices, allowing simultaneous interventions. MSPs, therefore, save precious time during the installation of applications. The same advantage also concerns data transfer, necessary repairs, and modification of configuration parameters. It is also possible to schedule and automate specific tasks.

In many cases, administrators must opt for powerful software. Some of them are just as useful for managing mobile devices as they are for desktop computers. This solution guarantees optimum performance for users and businesses alike. 

Businesses must choose the best MDM software to provide quality services to their customers. IT admins must consider several criteria. Companies should check for compatibility with all existing operating systems and applications. This makes it easier to identify faulty devices to perform the required interventions. 

As for the installation and updates of applications and OS, automation is your solution. MSPs can set up the software to easily add or remove a device. In terms of functionality, this tool also includes support for mobile devices used in a personal capacity. Many companies offer them to their employees on different occasions. MDM solutions for your company-owned devices are vital for business growth in 2021 and beyond. Start AirDroid Business MDM for FREE today!

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