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Last Updated on November 25, 2022

Thank you for agreeing to share your experience with AirDroid Business by completing this questionnaire. Your responses will be greatly appreciated.

There is no minimum word count for your responses, but try to avoid giving one-word or one-sentence answers. Wherever possible, please provide quantifiable details – this can be something measurable in relative terms (e.g. xx% compared to last year) or absolute terms (e.g. xx hours saved on tech support, two months after implementation).

Note: Your responses may be edited for clarity. We aim to keep copy-editing to a minimum but will always expunge “advertorial” text. In the unlikely event that major changes are made to the responses submitted, we will follow-up with you via email. It is important for you to ensure that your organization is happy with your responses before the completed questionnaire is returned to us.

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Please indicate what kind of tools or business processes you use (e.g. on-site maintenance).
You can mention your evaluation criteria as well as the MDM features that fit your requirements.
You can outline how specific feature addressed specific issues (e.g. using Black Screen Mode to prevent outsiders from interfering with the maintenance process).
Please provide details of measurable results (e.g. 10% increase in productivity compared with Q2 20xx).
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We will email you to obtain the image file.

By responding to this questionnaire, you agree to allow Sand Studio/AirDroid Business the use of your responses for promotional purposes in all of its marketing channels, including but not limited to its website (, blog (, datasheets, PDFs, social media platforms, etc.

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