AirDroid 2.1.0 released

AirDroid v2.1.0 is now available on Google Play. Focus on bug fixes and improving user experience:

1. We’ve made some improvements on the image loading. You will find that loading images takes less time now:


2. The improvement has been applied to contact loading as well. You don’t need to wait for a long time to get the letter “Z”.

3. The continuous pop ups when downloading an app is quite annoying. We are aware of this and have fixed it.

4. Some of you reported that enabling Notification Mirror will break “Google now” and “TalkBack”. This has been fixed.

5. We have also fixed a payment issue that causes delay in activating Premium subscription. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

6. New languages: Bulgarian (български) and Catalan (català).

Thanks to our volunteers, Bulgarian (български) and Catalan (català) have been added in 2.1.0. Want to enjoy using AirDroid in your own language? Join the community here:

7. Other bug fixes and improvements. Thank you all for your valuable feedback.

Update now:

AirDroid Wallpaper Wanted!


The wallpaper of AirDroid web desktop has been well-received so far. But we’ve heard that some of you want something new. How about changing the background of

We are planning to solicit wallpaper from all of you. Just send us the most suitable and wonderful wallpaper in your mind. We’ll choose 9 lucky ones and each of them will win a small gift: 1 Year AirDroid Premium!


1. We only accept original work. Please observe copyright law, and do not send objectionable content.
2. Wallpaper size: under 2 MB
3. Wallpaper resolution: 1400 x 860 or 1920 x 1080
4. Wallpaper format: jpg, png, jpeg
5. Once the wallpaper is adopted, the copyright belongs to AirDroid.

How to participate:

1. G+ users
Post the wallpaper in the category “Special Events” of AirDroid G+ Community:

2. Facebook users
Post the wallpaper in the comment:

3. Twitter users
Tweet the wallpaper with the tag #AirDroidwallpaper and @AirDroidTeam

We’ll solicit the most popular and suitable wallpaper (solicit 3 wallpaper from each channel).  

Scheduled Time:
3/20/2014 to 3/26/2014

Looking forward to the wonderful wallpapers!

AirDroid v2.0.9 release

Update - March 7, 2014: 

AirDroid v2.0.9 was just released to all users. You can download it here:

Thank you, all the brave beta testers!

AirDroid Beta v2.0.9 was just released to all the beta testers with the following new features and bug fixes:

Notification mirror

View all the app and system notifications on your computer. Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Facebook, Twitter … any user and system app notifications are supported:


(Android 4.0+ is required).

Drag & Drop files to a folder directly

Drag & Drop got a little more convenient - no need to click the Upload button now:


Send SMS with a file attachment

Share photos, pdf, docs, etc. with your friends via SMS:


(Maximum size allowed: 10 MB)

Add bookmarks on the homescreen

Pin your favorite website in AirDroid desktop:


There are also some improvements and bug fixes:

1. Files in the Android app now supports external SD card.

2. Fixed Contacts issue for some devices.

3. Fixed Lite mode connection issue for some devices.

4. New languages: Norwegian (norsk) and Slovak (slovenčina).

How to become a beta tester:

Step 1. Join the Google+ community (required):

Step 2. Become a tester (required)

Click the “BECOME A TESTER” button to opt-in:

Step 3: Provide your feedback

Your feedback can greatly help us improve AirDroid:

AirDroid v2.0.8 – 2nd update in 2014

Are you fully back from the holidays? Or, are you preparing for the Lunar New Year festival? Anyway, here comes the second update in 2014.

Customize device name

If you have more than two devices that are of the same brand and model, you can now name them differently. 


Turn on/off flashlight in Camera

Click on Camera, nothing but black screen? Try turn on the flashlight.



Drag & Drop files between folders in Files

Drag & Drop also got a little more convenient:


Bug fixes & Improvements

1. Restored widget size to 4x1.

We heard you voice and have restored the widget size to 4x1.


2. Fixed “crash on launch” issue for some users.

Some users reported that AirDroid crashed on launch. Try again, it should be working now.

3. SMS: copy and paste multiple phone numbers to the recipient field.

Need to send messages to multiple recipients? You can now copy a list of phone numbers directly to the recipient field.

4. New languages: Vietnamese and Serbian.

Thanks to our volunteers, we added two new languages: Vietnamese and Serbian. Want to add your own? Join the community here:

5. Other bug fixes and improvements.

Update now:

AirDroid released!

First AirDroid update (v2.0.7.2) in 2014:
New features:
1. (Beta) Hotspot: create portable WiFi hotspot.
2. Add external SD card manually.
3. Save screenshots/photos taken with AirDroid to device.

Bug fixes & Improvements
1. Improved Screenshot compatibility.
2. Improved multiple file downloading reliability.
3. Multiple device support update: up to 2 devices for free, and 6 for Premium.
4. Improved the reliability of loading
5. New language: українська мова (Ukrainian)
6. Other bug fixes and improvements.

Update now:

New version! 

AirDroid v2.0.2 is live in Google Play:

What’s new: 

1. Significantly improved connection reliability.

2. Fixed force close bugs for some tablet models.

3. Special characters are now allowed for password.

4. Added grid view in Apps.

5. Improved app speed install in Toolbox.

6. Added clear cache feature.

7. Other bug fixes and improvements.

New version! 

AirDroid v2.0.1 is live in Google Play:


What’s new: 

1. Fixed bugs causing issues under certain environment that when signing into AirDroid connects the device via Remote Connection Mode instead of LAN Connection Mode.

2. Fixed bugs causing FC for certain devices.

3. Other bugs fixes and improvements.

New version! 

AirDroid 2 is live. Free on Google play:

What’s new:

1. Device-free (lab). Sign in on the web and AirDroid will launch automatically on the device, even when it’s not nearby.

2. Same-network-free. No more same WiFi network restriction. Access AirDroid through different network with an AirDroid account.

3. Find Phone. Locate your device on a map. Lock it or wipe all data options.

4. Call notification and initiate new call on your Android device.

5. Remote camera.

6. Improved SMS, Photo and File experience.

7. Many other bug fixes and improvements.


New version! 

AirDroid v1.1.0beta is live. Free on Google play:

What’s new:
1. Fixed bug causing login failure.
2. Added 5 new languages: Suomi(Finish), Hrvatski(Croatian), Bahasa Indonesia(Indonesian), Dansk(Danish), Română(Romanian).

New version! 

AirDroid v1.0.9 is released. Free on Google play:

What’s new:
1. System files and External SD Card management.
2. Fixed bug causing login issue under IE.
3. Fixed bug causing messages loading error.