Three Industries That Need An MDM Solution More Than Ever

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

mdm solution for healthcare, logistics, and education

COVID-19’s impact on business and society has been clear, with the virus forcing the public to stay at home and businesses to shift to a new way of working. For many businesses, this has resulted in an increasing reliance on mobile devices, which means businesses have also had to find a way to monitor, manage and support the remote devices in their networks with little time to prepare.

This struggle in shifting to a new way of working has been especially cogent for those in the healthcare, transportation and logistics, and education industries, which often have a significant number of devices and their associated unique functions to manage at any given time. Luckily, technologies exist that can streamline the management of these devices to ensure each device is secure and up-to-date.

The technology is called mobile device management, or MDM, software, and it can do more than just manage and maintain mobile devices. AirDroid Business, for instance, offers additional capabilities and applications that are especially valuable for those in the healthcare, transportation and logistics, and education industries.

So what exactly can MDM solution do for those in the healthcare, transportation and logistics, and education industries? We have pulled together a brief list of uses that have the potential to simplify, streamline, and innovate the ways different industries use and manage their mobile devices.

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MDM Solution For Healthcare

The importance of tracking capabilities during a pandemic cannot be understated, as it is vital to be aware of the areas infected patients have visited, and other members of the public they may have come into contact with. Because of this, MDM is the perfect tool to enable healthcare institutions to track those who are supposed to be in quarantine through device tracking capabilities. Through enrolling and deploying devices such as Android-based wearables, healthcare providers can track patients regardless of whether they are online or offline, and ensure they are staying in predefined areas through additional geofencing capabilities that alert the healthcare provider when a patient has left their predefined zone.

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MDM Solution For Transportation & Logistics

While many non-essential businesses were forced to cease operations during the pandemic, a considerable number of essential businesses and industries remained hard at work. Logistics is one such industry that kept the world moving, transporting, and delivering essential goods at a more intense rate than normal. Because of this, truck drivers need to be in non-stop communication with both each other and their operations centers, and MDM providers like AirDroid Business are able to provide the perfect solution that enables this.

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Through tracking and geofencing capabilities, the AirDroid Business surveillance feature enables logistics managers to view where their drivers are at a glance. MDM kiosk mode capabilities enable devices to be locked down to one or two essential functions to reduce distraction – and increase safety – on the road, and IT managers can provide instant remote support if the device or an app is not working properly. Further to this, the AirDroid Business geofencing capability enables logistics managers to view the routes the drivers have taken, analyze them, and provide updated routes for future trips to ensure maximum productivity.

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MDM Solution For Education

Schools across the world were closed down and many educational institutions experimented with ways that students can learn from home via mobile technologies. While this is fantastic in theory, in practice, it means that schools are now in charge of managing and monitoring a considerable number – in some cases, thousands – of deployed devices with no prior experience.

This is where MDM for schools and education comes in, enabling IT Managers to easily access, monitor, and maintain devices remotely. Grouping capabilities mean that different year levels and classes can be monitored and maintained en masse, and, paired with the AirDroid Business bulk file transfer, means important schoolwork materials can be distributed to each class with the click of a mouse. The AirDroid Business kiosk lock mode’s functionality also means devices can be locked down to certain functions – like class-relevant apps – which reduces distraction and ensures a consistent learning experience for all students. Digitized learning is the future and with the help of MDM, both teachers and students can enjoy a more comprehensive online educational experiences.

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