Healthcare: Overcoming Post-Covid-19 with Remote Device Management

Last Updated on January 6, 2023

AirDroid Business helpes healthcare providers follow social distancing protocols
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COVID-19 has put pressure on nearly every aspect of daily life. Social distancing measures have been imposed, non-essential stores have been forced to close their doors, supply chains and manufacturing facilities are impacted, students have been sent home, and healthcare providers have had to totally rethink the way they deliver care. As a result of these changes, many healthcare providers are stepping up and making use of available technology to innovate ways in which they can engage with and serve their patients.

One standout technology that has helped healthcare providers follow social distancing protocols without impacting the way they deliver their care is mobile device management, or MDM. But what exactly is MDM technology? In a nutshell, it’s a remote device management solution that enables businesses and organizations to access, secure, and control remote devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables and more to provide support, track devices, install updates, and enable workarounds to otherwise expensive applications like digital signage

So how exactly is the healthcare industry utilizing MDM to tackle COVID-19 and provide support to patients? Read on to find out. 

Digital Information Kiosks

Social distancing is key in the fight to contain the spread of COVID-19, and a great way to adhere to social distancing protocols while still providing the same level of service is through the implementation of digital kiosks in pharmacies and healthcare institutions. 

Through utilizing an MDM solution with kiosk mode capabilities like AirDroid Business, healthcare institutions can implement digital information service stations that limit person-to-person contact for enquiries at a fraction of the cost of dedicated solutions. The technology can also be used to create both static and dynamic digital signs, that can be used to inform patients, promote specific products or treatment options, or just remind them to keep six feet away from others at all times – all that is required is a device and the MDM solution itself.

Simplify Remote Video Calls for Elderly

One of the most harrowing aspects of the COVID-19 crisis is the fact that elderly or ‘at-risk’ individuals in nursing home facilities cannot meet and connect with their families. This is where video messaging and conferencing technologies come in, allowing these residents to connect with their families and loved ones without the risk of becoming infected. 

Remote Device Management solutions equipped with kiosk mode capabilities enable Nursing Homes to facilitate these ‘visits’ through the provision of devices locked down into just a single video conferencing app like Zoom. This means that elderly patients who aren’t familiar with modern technology don’t get confused by multiple features, and enables them to easily connect and chat with their families without the risk of exposure.

Remote Support for Mobile Doctors

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many doctors and frontline healthcare workers are heading out into the community to deliver in-home healthcare to ‘at -risk’ patients. An essential tool in delivering these healthcare services are the devices these workers use to access and create patient records. As such, it’s vital that these devices are in good working order at all times.

Through utilizing a remote device management solution like AirDroid Business, healthcare providers can ensure their workers’ devices are in good working order through the ability to view a devices’ status and remotely access the device to see the problem at hand. This means that if a healthcare worker is experiencing issues while out in the field, they can call their IT Manager, who can walk them through a solution, minimizing downtime and maximizing the level of service they give to their patients. 

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