How a Remote Device Strategy can Overcome the Recession

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

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The novel coronavirus has rapidly ushered in many changes that affect both individuals and businesses, with retail stores shutting their doors, schools closing, restaurants pivoting to delivery only, and for office-based businesses, staff being sent to work from home. As a result of this, the economy has taken a staggering hit, heralding the beginning of what will most likely be the worst recession since The Great Depression. 

For any business the prospect of this economic downturn is nothing short of terrifying, but there is hope. Through pivoting where possible and implementing the right strategies and technology, many information and office-based businesses have the potential to continue operating as close to business as usual as possible. One such adjustment is through the adoption of a remote device strategy and the implementation of the right mobile device management, or MDM, technology. 

So how exactly can a remote device strategy help a business navigate the recession? Read on to find out. 

Through reducing human contact and overhead cost

A key component in curbing the transmission of COVID-19 is reducing the amount of face-to-face contact between people, and the implementation of a remote device strategy can help businesses to do this. It makes sense too, because when staff are working remotely, there is very little chance that the virus can be transmitted between workers. This is where MDM comes in, as the technology is developed to not only enable businesses to access, control, and secure mobile devices, but also enables IT personnel to conduct maintenance, deploy updates, and distribute files remotely

This also has a flow-on effect in reducing overhead costs, which is another key factor in navigating a recession. Because the upkeep and maintenance of devices can be done remotely, businesses no longer have to absorb the costs of travel time for IT personnel to conduct maintenance, nor do they have to outlay the costs of other overheads, like office rent, electricity, or internet. 

Through training and evaluation

A great remote device strategy doesn’t just focus on the use of MDM technology, it also focuses on training staff to have the right mindset to tackle remote work effectively. This is important in navigating a recession because when staff have the right mindset and knowledge, they are as productive as possible and produce better results for the business. 

An effective strategy will also enable businesses to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate remote business processes to implement changes as they need to happen. If a process can be automated through an app to save employees’ time and boost morale, the remote device strategy should include an MDM provider that is capable of deploying and maintaining applications. 

Through a remote device strategy that looks beyond the pandemic

One thing about this pandemic is sure: it will change how the world operates long after it is over. As such, it’s imperative to account for the long-term when creating a remote device strategy. Think about how the business will operate when the recession, or the risk of transmission ends – will all the now remote staff come back into the office? Will staff have the option to work from home if desired? Perhaps it will be a mixture of remote work with weekly or monthly in-person meetings? Planning for each of these scenarios is essential.

It’s also important to look at the cost and productivity benefits of remote work and pivot the strategy accordingly – if profits are higher with staff working remotely and no overhead costs, then it’s a no-brainer to continue operating remotely. If they’re lower, then it’s important to re-evaluate and identify the strategy that works best for your business. Through doing so, a business can reap the rewards of a remote device strategy and survive well beyond the end of a recession. 

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