Cloud-Based MDM: What it is and how it helps

Last Updated on September 7, 2022

AirDroid Business Cloud-based MDM Solution

Like most technologies, mobile device management (MDM), has evolved rapidly over the past few years. This evolution has meant the introduction of cloud-based MDM solutions from the original on-premise, server-based MDM solutions. But what exactly does this mean? And are there benefits to utilizing a cloud-based solution over an on-premises one?

What is Cloud-Based MDM Solution?

To answer the first question, cloud-based MDM pertains to the MDM’s server being hosted remotely in the vendor’s cloud and accessed over the internet. This server may also have dedicated connections or inroads back into its client’s corporate network for specific functions like mail server or directory integration.

Benefits of Using A Cloud-Based MDM Solution

There are many benefits of utilizing a cloud-based MDM solution, mainly revolving around cost and ease-of-use. To shine a spotlight on these benefits, we’ve pulled together these four top benefits of cloud-based MDM:

Lower infrastructure cost

The main drawback of an on-premises MDM solution is mainly around installation costs, which can range anywhere from $3,000 for smaller businesses to over $100,000 for larger enterprises. As such, the most significant benefit of utilizing a cloud-based MDM solution means this upfront cost is eliminated, along with the ongoing hardware, operating system, network, and database costs associated with maintaining and running an MDM server.

Costs for cloud-based MDM solutions vary but are usually charged monthly or annually, ranging from as little as $2.00 per device. These solutions also already come with beneficial features built-in and ready to use. The ability to purchase licenses on-demand means that businesses can scale as they grow. 

Improve device deployment speed

The second notable benefit to cloud-based MDM solutions is deployment speed. With cloud-based systems, a business can be up-and-running in a matter of hours. The agility means everything from app store configuration and enrolling devices, to deploying files and more can be conducted quickly and easily from the moment the solution is installed. Making changes to the deployment to adapt to new business scenarios can also be done on-the-fly.

Adjust to rapidly evolving mobile landscape 

The mobile landscape is always evolving, and with each operating system update, adjustments in MDM servers must be made. Utilizing a cloud-based MDM solution mitigates this challenge as the burden of testing and upgrading the MDM software falls on the MDM provider, not the customers. This is the true spirit of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, where the focus can be placed on managing business and daily operations.

Enhance secure connections

Every business owner can agree – IT security is critical. Fortunately, by utilizing a cloud-based MDM solution, business owners and IT managers have one less system to worry about securing – especially one that stores and acts as a highway for important, sensitive information.

As such, finding a cloud-based MDM provider that can be trusted is vitally important. An essential feature to look out for is TLS encryption, which can be read about in more detail here.

AirDroid Business is a cloud-based MDM solution that offers all these benefits and more, including a dedicated application management services suite, kiosk mode, two-way bulk file transfers, remote management, and many additional features.

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