Awards and Recognitions – AirDroid Business Named “High Performer” in MDM Solutions [2022 Updated]

Last Updated on October 21, 2022


When searching for an MDM software that may be the right fit for your organization, it is important to ensure that the core features of the solution you’re looking for align with your business needs. This is where B2B software review sites come into play, to help you make a smarter and more accurate decision by offering real-user reviews from businesses that have similar needs and have been facing similar challenges like you. Sources like Gartner, G2, Crozdesk, SourceForge, SoftwareSuggest, and more third-party review websites are great places to start your research on the top-rated software solutions and services for businesses.

Top-rated MDM solution

Below are some of the awards and recognitions AirDroid Business has received since 2020. These accolades and acknowledgments from our users and industry experts around the world have been a powerful source of motivation for us to continually innovate and improve our products and services.

We cannot thank our beloved users enough for their nonstop support and valuable feedback!

Badges Awarded by G2 

Similar to Gartner’s magic quadrant reports, G2 establishes extensive reports that rank the top-quadrant solutions in high-demand categories based on its most recent customer satisfaction and market presence every quarter. AirDroid Business, as one of the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for Android, is honored to be featured in multiple Grid Reports and has been repeatedly recognized as a “High Performer” among all MDM, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and several other popular category solutions with an overall review rating of 4.7 out of 5 and a substantial customer satisfaction score. 

Additionally, our fast-growing demand and market presence has led us to earn the title of “Momentum Leader” among both MDM and EMM solutions while also gaining a foothold in the European region and Mid-Market segment. See our latest featured reports and awards from G2 here.

airdroid business awarded high performer

High Performer

The High Performer badge is awarded to software vendors with high customer satisfaction scores in their respective categories. AirDroid Business is truly honored to receive this badge with high rankings in the MDM, EMM, Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Remote Support categories (2021-2022).

airdroid business awarded high performer europe

High Performer – Europe

We have received plenty of support and valuable feedback from European users to be awarded this Europe Regional High Performer badge from G2. Many of them believe that AirDroid Business is heading in the right direction and are generally satisfied with its smooth user experience.

airdroid business awarded momentum leader

Momentum Leader

This leader award reflects our rapid growth over the past year – AirDroid Business’s market presence has grown by over 50% and its social and employee base have almost doubled in 2022. This badge is awarded to business software that achieved the most positive movements, determined by its market presence and year-on-year changes.

airdroid business awarded best roi

Best Estimated ROI

We are proud to be voted as the Best Estimated ROI (return on investment) software in MDM, EMM, and mid-market companies. This score is calculated through a combination of estimated time to ROI and time to go live. The time to recover your investment is estimated to be under 6 months with AirDroid Business, beating the category average which takes about a year to break even.

airdroid business awarded fastest implementation

Fastest Implementation

Getting started with AirDroid Business cannot be easier! Our software is designed to be simple and straightforward so users can complete the implementation in just a few simple steps. We also offer friendly guides, resources, and live walk-throughs to help you get going.

airdroid business awarded easiest to setup

Easiest Setup

Earning this badge means that the product or service was rated highest among all other same category software solutions in the Ease of Setup rating under the implementation scoring. AirDroid Business was reckoned the easiest MDM solution to install, deploy, and enroll Android devices (2021-2022).

airdroid business awarded easiest to use

Easiest To Use

AirDroid Business was ranked the highest in the Ease of Use rating under the user satisfaction scoring (2021-2022). The award highlights and shows how easy our product is to use and navigate even for non-technical users.

airdorid business awarded easiest to do business with

Easiest To Do Business With

The “Easiest To Do Business With” badge by G2 is awarded to the provider with the highest score in the Relationship Index rating for ease. This award reflects our strong commitment to customer support and our mission to help our customers succeed in ways they never thought possible. 

G2 badge - Likely to Recommend Fall 2021

Users Most Likely to Recommend

Many of our users have expressed that they would be happy to recommend AirDroid Business to other organizations. In Fall 2021, our device management solution for Android devices has been voted No.1 for most likely to get recommended in the mentioned category.


Users Love Us

Happy Users, Happy Business! This award badge is given to software solutions and organizations that received reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars or more. Thanks to our supportive and happy users, AirDroid Business has an outstanding aggregate rating of 4.7 stars for its exceptional customer service and product usability. Software categories that have earned this recognition include EMM, MDM, MAM, Remote Support, and Geofencing.

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More Awards & Recognition Earned: 

5-Star Rating – Capterra

Capterra is one of the leading technology review websites owned by Gartner that provides an easy way to compare software alternatives and to see how real business users, as opposed to online magazines, rated it. It is a platform that connects vendors of B2B software to potential buyers and investors. Thanks to our satisfied customer, AirDroid Business has received an accumulative star rating of 5/5 on Capterra.

5 star review badge from Capterra

5-Star Rating – GetApp

GetApp is a B2B marketplace for SaaS and cloud-based apps, also a Gartner company. The service offers a simple way for business buyers to discover and choose applications and a low-cost channel for solution providers to be found online. GetApp also offers research, insights, trends, and validated user reviews that can help buyers decide what’s best for their business. AirDroid Business also received an excellent review rating on GetApp.

GetApp 5 Star Review Badge

Top Performer – SourceForge

We are proud to be selected as the Top Performer winner in the MDM software category from SourceForge, one of the world’s largest business software reviews and comparison websites. The Top Performer Award recognizes and honors only the top 10% of exceptional companies and products with a significant amount of positive user reviews and satisfaction on SourceForge. Find out what our users say about us.

sourceforge top performer fall 2022 black

Customers Love Us – SourceForge [2022]

This badge from SourceForge review site shows how supportive our users have been to us, and we are really thankful for them for going out of their way to share their experiences with us to the world. We love our customers just as much as they love us!

Quality Choice – Crozdesk [2021-2022]

AirDroid Business is thrilled to be ranked in the Top 3 of the Best MDM Software category; scored a 92/100 on Crozdesk for user satisfaction with a star rating of 4.7 out of 5 on overall products and services.

Crozdesk’s quality metrics are based on its own unique scoring algorithm that takes the vendor’s market impact and its users’ rating into account, those with a high score of 80 or more will be awarded a Quality Choice badge. This is the second consecutive year that AirDroid Business received this award. 

Quality Choice Badge from Crozdesk

Trusted Vendor – Crozdesk [2021-2022]

This badge is presented by Crozdesk to vendors with a high market presence and market share. Among all the solutions available, only 20% of the solutions were given this badge and AirDroid Business is honored to receive this recognition for two years in a row since 2020. 

Trusted Vendor Badge from Crozdesk

Happiest Users – Crozdesk [2021-2022]

AirDroid Business also earned Crozdesk’s Happiest Users badge. This award is given to vendors who have a high satisfaction score of User Happiness with many positive signals across high numbers of reviews. According to Crozdesk, only 10% of solutions ever received this accolade. This recognition means a lot to us as it reflects the relevance of our product and how it adds value to businesses.

Happiest Users Badge from Crozdesk

Top-Rated MDM Software – SoftwareWorld

SoftwareWorld is also a good place to start hunting for the best software solutions and services for your organization. Company and software positions are provided by unbiased industry experts and review teams as per overall company/software product performance; user satisfaction, social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information are all taken into consideration. AirDroid Business is proud to be ranked No.4 in the Top 15 Best MDM Software Solution Providers.

top rated mdm software badge from softwareworld

Users Love Us – Slashdot [2022]

Aside from its media platform for technology and science news stories, Slashdot also offers market-leading B2B and open-source software solutions with technology comparison engines that will provide unparalleled value to clients and users. AirDroid Business is listed and featured in one of its best MDM solutions.

About AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business is an enterprise-grade MDM solution designed to improve the mobility and productivity for businesses of all sizes and sectors through remote access, device provisioning and deployment, mobile application management, policy settings, kiosk mode and geofencing. With AirDroid Business, IT professionals can remotely access and control a large fleet of attended and unattended Android devices, install and update apps through our far superior Application Management Services (AMS), track and analyze inventory with reports, and use our exclusive patented Black Screen Mode for privacy protection during remote control sessions. Businesses will not only be able to secure their devices and gain better control over their daily operations, but with the time and resources freed up, they can then provide better services and improve efficiency. To get started with AirDroid Business, sign up for a 14-day free trial now

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