7 Ways Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Software Can Benefit Your Business

Last Updated on April 28, 2023

Remote monitoring and management

Many companies in the modern world rely on remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to promote a better and more effective work environment. In business, it is necessary to foresee the moments and methods of verification of the system itself but when the systems are operated remotely, a little more diligence must be paid. These electronic control systems represent a notable advance in modern technology thanks to their high degree of flexibility.

Over the years, many more things have been implemented and the management processes are controlled. This software works to optimize processing and production times, allowing not only cost savings, but also the possibility of innovating.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses opted for new ways of operating. According to PewResearch, 71% of the remote workers performed their job from home all or most of the time during the pandemic. So what does this entail and how does it benefit your business? This covers a broad spectrum of issues, therefore it is important to know that you can create a custom-fit system that works for all.

Remote monitoring software

It is a system based on a hardware device and custom-designed software that allows a business to manage their entire systems, including IT service providers, remotely and proactively monitor clients, data, networks, and computers. A monitoring system is capable of offering all its advantages to a business because it offers a business a decreased cost of ownership and reduced downtime, which is also giving the staff an improved system overall.

Proactivity will allow the company to keep a very efficient system in place. When you monitor the company’s data and systems, you can analyze potential pitfalls and dangers. What is working? What is not working? Finally, valuable performance insights will allow a business to make amendments where needed. You can also set the software to trigger alarms and warnings so that it is possible to intervene to restore optimal operating conditions when needed. 

Remote management software 

A feature that allows greater optimization of costs and time is the possibility of remote access to the monitoring system. From the remote control center, the user can configure the system remotely, which will offer impeccable management benefits. These benefits include being able to manage parameters, data, and security, including information relating to your company, information, customer service, alarms, and opening times. It can control a large variety of assets. 

Furthermore, there is a deluge of secondary benefits, including troubleshooting operations. These can be achieved and fixed in real-time, without the hassle of downtime for the company or the need for any further outsourcing. This technology is often most advantageous when used to connect a series of small-medium installations. It can manage many things at once and therefore be hugely beneficial. 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

A lot of MSPs use tools and services that work through mobile technology. This means that almost all employees will have access to mobile devices and may use them remotely. In this instance, mobile device users must be able to access corporate resources and not just the internet. It is vital to safeguard network security.

Basic rules must be implemented to understand what users can and cannot do with their mobile devices. They must comply with basic standards and Mobile Device Management (MDM) is often used as it is crucial to improving business operations. MDM solutions provide multiple benefits. It can assist greatly in configuring apps, security settings, and malware.

In addition to this, real-time device performance and activity logs can all be accessed from a unified cloud-based dashboard. As a result, having a great combination of RMM and MDM allows managed IT service providers a more seamless way to monitor and manage multiple clients’ projects in one place while also being able to provide immediate remote support when needed.

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Furthermore, other tools MSPs may use are backup and recovery management tools, such as switching to the Cloud. In this instance, all information and data are securely stored. Other tools you may come across are: 

  • Datacenter management 
  • Network management
  • Mobility management 
  • Infrastructure management
  • Backup and recovery management
  • Communication management
  • Security management

How RMM can help your organization and customers?

Remote monitoring and management can bring some fruitful rewards for a business. We know that RMM also works to serve your customers and organize your business to increase efficiency and productivity. After all, improved productivity and efficiency are going to have a positive effect on your customer service; therefore, this reflects on all areas of the business. The two are in perfect alignment. If you work to serve your customers and meet their needs on time, this will provide you with an exceptional ROI. 

improved productivity and efficiency
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Many RMM tools vary in their ability to adapt to market trends and evolving customer networks. These trends must be carefully monitored and therefore the best RMM software needs must be adequately met. Looking deeply into the vast new trends of customers will allow you to identify your needs and also see the possible benefits. What do your customers need? Better online support? Good telephone consultations?

The trends within RMM often change from year to year, depending upon business trends and the change in the customer. In 2020 we saw a shift to digital, in 2021, we were able to implement this and make progress and in 2022, the goal is to combine all the tools to create a seamless switch.

It is known that most businesses operate under the Cloud. However, there is a possibility that some MSPs will switch to RMM SaaS. These cloud-based tools offer your business excellent communication skills. Cloud software is particularly helpful for your customers. So let’s delve a little deeper to see just how this can lead to increased efficiency, happier technicians, and satisfied customers. An RMM solution can bring a plethora of benefits:

Decreased maintenance needs 

Business maintenance is often costly and timely. Therefore it can slow down operations greatly and leave companies feeling pressured. Less maintenance means better operations and therefore a smooth-running business day in and day out. MSP remote monitoring and management software can therefore install and update remote software without hassle. This allows a seamless transition. There is less need for routine maintenance with MSP. This simply only requires a remote connection and therefore your IT professionals can spend less time on technological struggles and instead focus on important tasks. Money is therefore saved by deploying these preventative measures.

Enhanced security

An effective RMM solution is growing in popularity. Businesses can opt to protect valuable data from unattended access. Enforcing compliance with data security regulations is also a concern, especially for those in healthcare and finance. So adaptable software will offer the security that you need. Cyber attacks are prevalent, and many smaller businesses do not sense the threat. However, this is a dangerous assumption, therefore ensuring strong firewalls, and two-factor authentication measures to protect the data and transfer files of your remote workers is a must. Your staff feels safe and secure, and your customers will know their information is in safe hands. This compliance maximizes the integrity of the business and offers vital assistance.

Offers protection for your business

Lengthy downtime for your team can cause issues with your customers. You may be unable to contact them, there may be worries and fears relating to the loss of their data. When you fail to make connections with your customers who need help, you are unable to provide them with fast and effective solutions. It can damage your reputation and customers may feel undervalued. A poor experience for your customers can spread like wildfire, therefore, optimal connectivity will assist this greatly. 

Improved team productivity 

An engaged and proactive team is going to stimulate productivity in all aspects. Enhanced security requires minimal maintenance as we have already discussed, but the main benefit here is the fact that your team can be strengthened with remote support software. This typically boosts productivity.

Secondly, high-storage, cloud-based computers are accessible, which means that employees can work promptly and productively. They are not hindered by slow technology or the worry of failing systems. They have the support they need, when they need it, and therefore, performing tasks off-site has never been simpler. Workers can transfer and analyze files whenever they desire, and this information can be accessed and streamlined cross-platform. Not only is this achieved on computers, but also on mobile devices.

Lastly, you can perform multiple tasks at once, whilst operating multiple applications. Additionally, this type of productivity will lower labor costs and allow you to sink capital into other areas, not just your employees. 

Improved team productivity 
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Limit your user access

As a business, you can determine how you limit your access and who can access the systems, and when. Beyond this, sensitive information can be controlled excessively. Do you want to limit access to some files for some employees? Do you want to have some files that require special permission to enter? Do you want basic information needs met and do you want to administer permission parameters?

All of this is possible with remote monitoring management. Therefore in the event of a cyberattack, they will be met with strict security set by the admin team; even if they circumvent part of your system. Limiting your user access allows for less misinformation and better organization. 

Alerts 24/7

Alerts round the clock allow you to keep abreast of changes in the company. If the software is glitching, it will flag up. If there are possible issues with your online UX, it will share this data. It can also evaluate the full experience that applications offer to real users. You can be alerted to new analyses and performances by browser, platform, geography, ISP, and more. Therefore you can bring an authoritative tone to your business and its team. 

The need for automated alerts and workflows can also be satisfied with an MDM solution. Like AirDroid Business, it allows IT administrators to set various types of alerts as per their business needs. For example, setting a data limit to certain devices or detecting a device motion. When the alert is triggered, an instant notification will be sent to the IT team, followed by a pre-configured auto-response like turning off the device data or remote locking a stolen device to react quickly to issues while minimizing the potential damage to the business.

Offers easiness and automates routines

With the ease of RMM, you can easily connect to a remote system and perform any necessary actions that will benefit the business. Big MSP can often manage thousands of devices, so there is no need to manually install an agent on each. These simple and efficient regulations allow you to automate routines so that the systems do what you want at the time you desire. It can manage calendars, customer service outlets, and highly customizable panels allowing you to manage every distinct service that you offer. Therefore, regular updates will allow you to spend less time worrying about the small minuscule issues. 

What features are a must for RMM solutions?

There is a deluge of features that businesses can take advantage of. However, some carry more weight than others. In this instance, each business must make a plan of what they need to achieve and what areas they are struggling with. This will allow you to create a bespoke system. However, the fundamental features of RMM solutions are as follows:

  • Optimal cybersecurity – Cyber Security protects your business files and assets
  • Network monitoring – This monitoring checks for failing components or software issues
  • Asset discovery – Catalog and further monitor your IT assets and data
  • Vulnerability detection – Computers and networks are scanned to detect new issues
  • Work on multiple machines at once – Easy for remote working if your staff use multiple platforms at any one time
  • Automation – Monitor capabilities and automate processes to ensure a smooth-running system
  • PSA tools – They improve managed services providers’ (MSPs’) productivity and efficiency
  • Problem-Solving in real-time – Issues are solved instantly without the need for technicians and downtime
fundamental features of RMM solutions
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For business growth, you must consider remote monitoring and management. We are more aware today of the potential security loopholes. The increased number of digital attacks means that any part of your business can be attacked. This may vary from an increased number of endpoints to wireless networks. If these are penetrated, it can be costly and damaging. 

With clear benefits, it is a tool that all businesses must consider for 2022 and beyond. Stripping back the capabilities, you can see a web of functions that will improve your business. This software is a critical application for MSPs and whenever a business relies on this type of remote business model, you need to ensure you can deliver to both your team and your customers. These RMM software solutions offer the mechanisms and technology to challenge the problems head-on and fix them in due course. 

With the focus on growth, you can leverage RMM and manage multiple devices, whilst maintaining a focus on customer service and growth. When you deliver to your customers, there is an increased chance of growing your base. You can enhance all your services and combine certain software and tasks. Pay attention to the scalability offered and therefore, you can implement device management, continuous monitoring, and reporting, to create an effective and successful business.

7 Ways Remote Monitoring and Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

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