[Press Release] AirDroid Helps Businesses Remotely Control and Manage Android Devices

Last Updated on July 13, 2022


Press Release - AirDroid Business News

AirDroid Helps Businesses Remotely Control and Manage Android Devices

“Ease of use, affordability, and features that enterprises truly want to deploy mark the entry of AirDroid Business to a marketplace keen on the robust Android platform”


SAN FRANCISCO, CA., JULY 30, 2019 – AirDroid, an innovator of mobile device management (MDM) solutions for individuals and enterprises seeking to leverage the powerful Android platform, today announced the availability of AirDroid Business, aimed at meeting the demand for businesses with devices at remote sites or in the field using Android devices: smartphones, tablets, Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems, kiosks, digital signage, TV set-top boxes, etc.

“Our research tells us that small and medium businesses cringe at expensive enterprise mobile device management solutions that offer far too many valueless features,” says Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio, whose flagship product is AirDroid.“AirDroid Business appeals to companies that are seeking for an easy-to-use mobile device management solution that fuses strategic and tactical smarts, delivering business vibrancy to companies. Those companies all have specific demands for an affordable and hassle-free tool for device remote management.”

According to industry analyst firm IDC, 78 percent of business phones shipping worldwide in 2019 will run on Android operating system. Shipment volumes of other Android-based devices are also growing rapidly in recent years, such as Point-of-Sale systems. Since 2011, more than 50 million downloads of AirDroid’s personal mobile device management solutions has proven AirDroid to be a highly popular provider empowering Android mobile device users to access and manage their phone from any computer, anywhere – able to send SMS, view app notifications, transfer files and fully control their mobile phone via their computer. Now, with its launch of AirDroid Business, AirDroid brings to market Android device management solution tailored for small and medium businesses who desire an effective and reliable solution at an affordable price rather than an expensive solution with far too many features that provide little value or are hardly used.

Says Shiong, “Our MDM solution is especially useful for businesses that deploy Android devices in different locations where they need to perform periodic device upgrades, maintenances, send bulk file transfers, screen monitoring, app management, or monitor via camera surveillance. All of this can be done remotely through AirDroid Business.”%e4%bc%81%e4%b8%9a%e5%ae%a3%e4%bc%a0%e5%b0%8f%e5%9b%be%ef%bc%88%e8%8b%b1%e6%96%87%ef%bc%89

Key Features of AirDroid Business

  • Full remote control (remote desktop) – remotely control any Android device anywhere
  • (Bulk) Remote file transfer – securely send and receive bulk files in real-time, and with two-way transfer capabilities
  • Remote screen mirroring – monitor Android device activities or real time data to ensure all untended devices (kiosks, digital signage, vending machines, etc.) are displaying the correct contents on the screens
  • Application Management Service (AMS) – a dedicated built-in app store which enables administrators to provide app releases, updates, and maintenance
  • Kiosk Mode (coming soon) – used by kiosk users where the available functionalities are locked down to ensure safety and security of the kiosk machines
  • Notifications – send short messages with text and images to the controlled devices as for either notification or advertisement purposes


AirDroid Business is available for download with a free 14-day trial at airdroid.com/business

About AirDroid

As a pioneer in mobile device management since 2011, AirDroid has been a flagship product of Sand Studio, who is dedicated to creating innovative personal and enterprise mobile device management solutions specifically for Android devices. With over 50 million downloads, AirDroid has become popular among individuals and businesses looking for easy ways to remotely manage their Android devices. Leveraging its innovation serving individual users, AirDroid extends to its enterprise customers an easy-to-use mobile device management solution that fuses strategic and tactical smarts, delivering business vibrancy to each and every business owner and IT professional managing Android devices on various remote sites.

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