Telegram? Kik? Viber? Hangouts? Or? You Have a Say of What to Support Next!

You know since v3.1.2, AirDroid allows you to reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages instantly from the notification pop-ups (Guide).


After the release, we heard lots voices from you that you wish to reply to messages of other apps. Technically, we can do that. But we have to go step by step.

Telegram, Kik, LineViberHangouts, are the most frequently seen app names in recent feedbacks. It’s a little bit hard for us to decide which one to develop first. But your voice can truly help! Select the apps you hope us to support earlier, the result will help us to make a decision on what to develop first!

airdroid-pick me1200627

The poll is now running in AirDroid Forum and will be ended on June, 9, 2015. Tell us your choice!

10 responses to “Telegram? Kik? Viber? Hangouts? Or? You Have a Say of What to Support Next!”

  1. Josh Bromley says:

    How about all of them? Obviously the capability is there. We’ll pay for the ones we want.

  2. rykellim says:

    If you only must choose only one, I suggest that you select from those which do NOT have a desktop or browser client, AND which cannot be easily migrated to another device without root… Telegram and Hangouts are both available in desktop and Gmail flavors respectively. If Airdroid starts popping up, then there would be a duplicity of notification from the same app. Whatsapp is a good addition because it is annoying to have to turn on a particular phone just to reply a Whatsapp message. Which is why most of my business contacts have been encouraged to switch to Telegram.

  3. Jimmeh Anderso says:

    Would be awesome if you could make a guide on how to use Kik for PC

  4. stevenswall says:

    Hangouts, as it is the standard app on stock Android phones and Nexus devices, and will likely be default on all future releases of Android.

  5. Bearax Nx says:

    we chat!

  6. Neeraj Ch says:

    Hangouts, will be the next better pick. It has got a wide penetration in the smartphone market and that too it is a product of google itself. So I prefer “Hangouts” yeah hangouts please.

  7. Righteous Indignation says:

    In this day and age, why will no one use Signal? Now that it’s coupled with Red Phone for free, no ads, end to end encrypted, unlike Whatsapp which can easily be sniffed with zero encryption (which is why it communicates so easily with everything. I personally can’t stand Hangouts, cos if I want to ‘hang out’ with my friends, I Signal/Red Phone them and we get together, live, in person. Please get support for Signal and Red Phone!?

  8. برنامه اندروید says:

    very very good.telegram is very good for us in middle east.
    بازی اندروید