Farewell to our oldies, update to the latest AirDroid TODAY!

We have released a new architecture for AirDroid (Mobile; Mac/Win ), and we will stop supporting older versions, so update your AirDroid now!


It has been 5 years since AirDroid released AirDroid 1.0. In the past years, we have changed a lot. From a wireless phone management tool to a total solution, we have gone through many stages to become who we are today.

You can see our five years in one minute here:

It is users who carry our boutique team through many sleepless nights. In the beginning of this year, to better keep up with the fast evolving cyber world, we started to plan this major restructure.

When thinking about the nature of AirDroid, it is needless to say that we have faced many difficulties before being finally able to facilitate a smooth transition for both servers and clients under the new architecture.

Now, since we want to provide a more flexible potential for future functionalities, we will stop supporting previous versions.

To continue using AirDroid, please upgrade your AirDroid NOW! Find your update both of your AirDroid clients (Mobile; Mac/Win

It has certainly been a good run thanks to our oldies! We will carry on the tradition we have built in the past years, and will keep working toward a better, more secure AirDroid tool for all of you!

Should you have any other questions regarding the latest update, do hop on the discussion with others here: http://forums.airdroid.com/

27 responses to “Farewell to our oldies, update to the latest AirDroid TODAY!”

  1. lusky3 says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but why is there no Emoji support with the desktop client? This forces me to use the web client.

  2. Papa Bagdanoff says:

    Any Linux support in the works?

  3. HugePotato says:

    What a nice way to say “We are stopping the support of our old versions because they have security hole that was reported to us 7 months ago and we fixed it just now because it went viral”. Good run yada yada, you guys are full of shit

  4. David says:

    Hi. Since the update I’ve been having problems connecting to my account. Is it my error or yours?

  5. Ralph Averbuch says:

    Am I the only one who has found that since upgrading to Airdroid 4 on my Nexus 6 it NEVER works. I open it and it crashes every time.??

  6. Viktor Živkovič says:

    …sad story, dear friends. After update is function the Lite version only :-(.

  7. George Moto 3rd Gen says:

    Just downloaded from Play Store version Why isn’t that newer release announced on this website?

  8. LordPonsonbySmythe says:

    When are you going to fix the crash-on-startup bug that renders Airdroid completely unusable on many devices?

  9. Jeane says:

    really no more access to V3 device?
    how do i manage to update when the device is not in my hand…

    you should let people still have an access to version 3. :'(

    need history version is still active…
    please open access to v3 version

  10. raja ramana says:

    How can I hide my app from desktop.
    Will you providing any settings to hide app in premium activation?

  11. Kenneth King says:

    I have been using air-droid for YEARS to easily transfer large files,paid for the pro version the whole ten yards.it would have been nice to be informed of these changes,dont make me look for something else to use now after all this time.

  12. 范翔宇 says:

    can u support chrome desktop notify?

  13. Ryan Wells says:

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  14. C B Weisbrot says:

    I have downloaded AirDroid on both Windows XP PC and Galaxy tablet but cannot connect from PC using shortcut – error message 10804 – could not authenticate -failed to connect to server.
    I found out I had to manually start the server, but when I looked at the list in run>services.msc, I could not tell which one it was I had to start. The list I have does not show either AirDroid or IKE/Authenticate as shown on YouTube video. Suggestions?
    I CAN use the product if I go to their webpage and sign in, but I would prefer to use the shortcut if possible.

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  18. Rheed Goco says:

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  19. Jefferson Ebasan says:

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  20. Rhianne Jane says:

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  21. Jefferson Ebasan says:

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