Backup all the photos on the your phone to your own computer

Cloud backup solutions, like Google Photos and Dropbox, are great for making your photos taken on the phone available on all your devices. But, when you start thinking how important some of your photos are, you may think again if it’s a good idea to rely solely on a cloud service for all those precious memories. And this is a reason why we are experimenting with a new feature in AirDroid called Backup.


Backup allows you to backup all the photos in your camera album on the phone to your computer via local network. It’s safe, fast and works automatically.


All photo backups are transferred directly through your local network and saved to your own computer. No photo will pass through our servers.  You don’t have to worry about someone hacking into your cloud backup account and steal all your photos anymore.

screenshot android backup-5


Everything happens on your local network so it’s really fast and stable. The network will no longer be the bottleneck of backup speed.

screenshot android backup 3


Few people would remember doing backups when there are new photos. So, to make the backup feature really work, we added an automatic backup option. With automatic backup option on, AirDroid will start backup your new photos automatically when the phone battery level is higher than 40%. To save battery, you can also turn on the option of “Only when charging”, to start backup only when the phone is being charged.

screenshot android backup 4


To start using the backup feature, you’ll need to have desktop client v3.3.1 and Android client v3.2.1 installed. The latest release is being gradually rolled out. Cannot wait? You can download the APK now from our website:

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and if you have any feedback please feel free to drop us a line at

23 responses to “Backup all the photos on the your phone to your own computer”

  1. jotegui says:

    Hi Airdroid team,

    This is great! Currently only photos are backed up, right? Not videos. Any plan to support video backup in the short term? Just curious 🙂


    • AirDroid Team says:

      Hi jotegui, sorry for the long wait, but it is all come in good cause! We are busy working on make your dream comes true!

      Now, we are delighted to invite you to join our premium beta tester programme to experience the suggestion you raised in reality! Please follow the link below for our latest AirDroid beta version. Do let us know what do you think! 😉

  2. Lisa White says:

    To backup android phone data, Coolmuster Android Assistant also works great, it could transfer sms, contacts, photos, etc. to computer in few simple steps, have a try

  3. dan pur says:

    it was really a useful one,thanks for sharing

  4. anand says:

    i never know about you until now

  5. JRP13 says:

    Once I back up my photos to my computer through Airdroid, how do I access them later? Where do I find those photos on my computer???

  6. Jezebel says:

    Hi AirDroid

    While I love the promise of this app, I have a few comments on your blog post:

    – Just to be clear, for everyone’s sake: You only backup photos for free, and this is not stated in a clear manner when one is considering downloading your app – this behaviour undermines trust in your brand.
    – I can’t find a way to back up my .aac files, which are the ones I am most concerned about at the moment.
    – It’s extremely disappointing that the backed up files on my mac actually look like ‘new’ files in terms of their metadata – they do no have the original file creation date or any modification dates, nor are they saved in the folders I have them in on my HTC One m8 phone.

    Do you think these problems can be resolved with AirDroid, or should I just look elsewhere for a solution to my backup needs?

    Kind regards, Jez

  7. sorin_postelnicu says:

    Dear Airdroid team,
    Ever since two months ago, I cannot backup photos from my Android phone onto my Macbook Air.
    It worked in the past, and I have the majority of the photos backed-up, but any new photos cannot be backed-up. Every two weekends I try to use Airdroid to backup the new photos, but it always fails, and the last backup which worked was more than two months ago.
    Every time I get the error message “Cannot start backup. Please make sure the computer and phone are on the same network and signed in to the same account.”
    Needless to say, the two devices ARE connected to the same wifi network and they ARE signed in to the same account.
    I have AirDroid v3.2.6 on my Android phone, and AirDroid v3.3.2 on Macbook Air.
    What can I do to make the backups work?
    (I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my Android phone).

    • sorin_postelnicu says:

      I have finally discovered why the backup stopped working:

      1) I had not enough free disk space on my Macbook.
      After freeing up some gigabytes, the backup started functioning again. Needless to say, wouldn’t it have been easier for me to find this out if the correct error message would have been displayed in Airdroid? (such as “Cannot backup because there is not enough disk space”, instead of the standard “Please make sure you are connected to the same networked and same account”)

      2) Even after the backup started functioning again, then later at some point it stopped functioning (AGAIN!), even if I now had something like 30GB free disk space on the Macbook.
      Today I discovered why, because I decided to ditch Airdroid backup and use a USB cable instead.
      (Needless to say, Mac Finder is simply ignoring my Android phone connected over USB, even if I selected the option “Use MTP for file transfers” inside my phone options. The solution: use “Android File Transfer” Mac-app from the official Android website).
      What I discovered: I have filmed on my phone a very large video, 30 minutes, 4.25GB. The Android File Transfer app is backing-up all my photos and videos except this one, for which it says: “Android File Transfer can only transfer files under 4 GB in size”.
      This is also why Airdroid is now failing to backup this file, but also all the remaining not-yet-backed-up files.

      So the two conclusions if any of you encounter this weird error message: 1) make sure you have enough free disk space on your PC/Mac. 2) Make sure you do not have on your phone any home-videos which are larger than 4GB.

  8. imorcos says:

    I like Airdroid, and I use it a lot. But recently I use a tool named MobiKin Android Transfer, it allows me to transfer photos, videos from phone to pc directly, what’s more, I can also transfer contacts and texts from my phone and save then on pc. It is great!

  9. anahita dehbonehie says:

    hey i just tried to sedn my photos with airdriod
    i have an LGG5 but it corrupted all my photos- can i get these back???

    I need them for an application ASAPP

  10. anahita dehbonehie says:

    Hey i just tried to send photos to my macbook with airdriod i have an LGG5 but it corrupted all the recent photos- can i get these back??? I need them for an application ASAPP

  11. chanahliorawizenberg says:

    Still does not tell me how to do it, sigh.

  12. Daniel Ulrich says:

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  13. when/how/where can we export the contacts to an excel/ cvs for backup at PC/mac?
    looking very forward for this primordial feature !

  14. Simos Andrikos says:

    Hello airdroid my problem is that although i have auto backup on and my battery is over 40% charged it
    doesn’t automatically backups my photos to my pc. What can i do?

  15. Cassandra Everhart says:

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  16. Jonathon says:

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  19. Cindy White says:

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