AirMirror now works on the web

Since AirDroid first introduced AirMirror feature along with AirDroid 3, it has changed the way how our desktop users use Android phones. It saves so much hassle by allowing users to remotely access their phones directly from desktops. It’s no doubt that AirMirror has become one of the most popular features for AirDroid’s desktop clients, so much that many have started to request us to launch it to web.  And yes, we heard your voice – AirMirror is now also available on AirDroid Web (!

AirMirror on the web

You can find the AirMirror icon on the home screen when you sign in to AirDroid Web ( Click on it, follow the instructions to complete a one-time setting, and then you are good to go.

Same to AirMirror to our desktop client, the AirMirror feature in the web client allows you remotely control your Android device. You can now chat using your favorite mobile messaging app or continue playing the mobile game to have better gaming experience, all on the web!

How would you use the new AirMirror feature? And any ideas for improvement? Let us know by leaving a comment below or contacting us via

65 responses to “AirMirror now works on the web”

  1. Dr-Hack says:

    Airdroid has come a long way…I remember when you guys just started and look at now, all featured up.
    Good luck

  2. Lukas says:

    Nice feature, but when i’m using it and screen go to landscape mode, app still displays in portrait mode and there is no ability to manually turn it into landscape

  3. Rae Allison says:

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  4. anand says:

    its really good to know about this

  5. Moo Min says:

    “And any ideas for improvement?”

  6. Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson says:

    I love the included browser hijacker you hand out free with your installer, always lovely to have to install a bunch of cleaning programs because some shitty company wants to make money by helping scam-artists. Installed your program, started it, went to my browser and suddenly I had a new standard search engine and start page I couldn’t change, then I closed your program and uninstalled it forever, you fucking suck asshole.

    • So says the person who simply clicked the Next button blindly without even reading what’s presented before him. Why would anyone care what you say if you don’t care to even read?

      • Veiled Identity says:

        Every good scam begins with taking advantage of a victims normal expectations. You are an idiot for your reply. It’s a scumbag practise even if they do a stupid opt-in checkbox during an installation process. 0% of users want browser add ons. Get a real business model.

  7. Air Mirror won’t work! No help FAQ found, that helps!
    It fails in the Windows 7 Airdroid app AND in Slimjet browser Airdroid page.
    It always asks for USB debugging, which I have done repeatedly.
    Phone is Samsung Note 3 Android ver. 5

    Email me at

  8. Daniel says:

    AirMirror does not work for my Nexus 5 on the web. I get stuck at “Device authorization” even though I already have USB debugging enabled on my phone.

    This is important because I have specific Android apps that I’d like to run through the browser on a Chromebook. (But it doesn’t work on Windows 10 either.)

  9. Ygor de Sant'Anna says:

    Airmirror is always resetting the Samsung Galaxy Gt-N8000 when i’m acessing any directory tree.

  10. Matsini says:

    It do not! And have never so done!
    And after lots of corresponding with your support and non given solution!
    I am more or less, witout any hope to ever have it work!
    2 units/device are connected, both Samsung.
    One Tab – GT-P5100
    One Smart – GT-l8730
    According to Settings, non of’em devices are found as thrusted device! And I don’t know if there/they are any thrusted items when all is fine cause then I use it!
    All of’em connections between Windows base unit and mobile Android units work, both over app as over web! BUT! – Non of’em ‘mirror’ services don’t!
    – “Mirror, mirror on the wall! Tell me why I can’t see my phone?!”
    SUDDENLY! …it starts work just fine, mirror service and all! But, just for a short period! Then the service is gone! Hey and away!
    Would be nice if I could use AirDroid AirMirror service…
    AND, it always tells me that mine devices are “not rooted”?
    I follow the recomondations with no success!

  11. avinash pawar says:

    hi sir ..AirMirror are not worked…please help me

  12. John Q Public says:

    Can you turn off the requirement for usb debugging on the web version of airdroid? It is a hassle and unneeded. Kind of defeats the purpose of “Air” in Airdroid when you have to tether a device to a PC in order to get it registered with the system. Txs!

  13. James LaBarre says:

    NO, AirMirror does not work on “the Web”, it only works with GoogleChrome. And since the mere act of STARTING Chrome will bring any of my systems to a complete standstill (or if on MSWin it merely crashes on eve a *blank* home page), I will not use it. Talk to me when you can manage to work with Firefox.

    • If your system is really that lousy, perhaps you should just get a new system instead of complaining about your incapability to progress in life.

      • James LaBarre says:

        It **IS** a (relatively) new system, a Core i3, plenty of memory, and not running MSWin (so not bogged down with *that* load of shiite). Under MSWin, GoogleCgrome crashes even on *blank* pages, and under Linux it brings the system to such non-performance you’d think you were running MSWin10 in an XT.

        • CeeEye says:

          This is a self inflicted wound with your setup. The reason it may appear so intractable to you is that it has nothing whatever to do with Chrome. Please try scanning for malware / virus.

          • James LaBarre says:

            It’s ****NOT***** a MSWin system, you thick-headed dimwit. But I guess actually *reading* is beyond your limited capability.

          • CeeEye says:

            It is not my assertion, but your own that Chrome crashes on a blank page under ‘MSWin’. Incorrect, unless you are a victim of malware or a virus, bad memory or some other system fault. You have no basis whatever to assert this as a general characteristic of Chrome, or of ‘MSWin’, although it is a platform that is often targeted for viruses and malware.

            If you laboring under the premise that somehow Linux immunizes you from viruses, malware, or user error, you are similarly incorrect.

            Agreed that one of us has limited capacity. Disagree on who.

            Raise your game or withdraw.

          • James LaBarre says:

            I know it’s you, so shut up and spew your nonsense someplace else. I was likely working in computers while you were still crawling around in diapers, if even that. Done and done.

          • CeeEye says:

            I know it’s you

            Spoken like a paranoiac used to being called on their BS. Keep it up and you may eventually be right. They all will be out to get you!

            Even if you are old, and I take you at your word, that doesn’t make you less wrong.

            Raise your game or withdraw.

          • Anony_Mouse58 says:

            Thank you. Why are people always so quick to blame others for their own issues?

      • Anony_Mouse58 says:

        Not a thing wrong with Chrome. If you need to have something work on Firefox to avoid Chrome, you’re doing computers wrong

  14. Noah Boudy says:

    This is the ONLY reason I gave this software a try and it has failed to work on desktop let alone on the web. This software is buggy and the very least messy as fuck and extremely disconnected and all over the place. Each and every step requires you to compromise more and more, its pathetic. I mean I know you are out of Hong Kong, the ripoff capital of the world, but come on, at least make an effort to show you are not scam artists as most expect, provide a functional product without gimmicks. Or don’t, at this point who cares because your goals are clearly not honorable. Lack of support or any response to people when experiencing issues makes that pretty obvious.

    • AirDroid says:

      Hi, sorry for any inconvenience that it has caused. Would you please shoot us a message at and keep us informed of more details about this issue? We will do everything we can to assist you through. Thx.

      • Noah Boudy says:

        Be happy to, will mail it to you. But honestly, given that this issues was reported as far back as 2014 on the support forums and acknowledged by many as a failed function, and yet there wasn’t a single response from you guys on it; I am not really holding my breath, but willing to give it a try to make sure its not just fake concern for sake of public image – given that you have neither acknowledged, nor replied to any of the countless problems reported below mine.

        • Anony_Mouse58 says:

          So, I know this is kinda dumb, but did they ever reply/resolve Noah?

          • Noah Boudy says:

            No, they never did. They always take the bury your head in the sand and ignore things you do wrong and hope people forget about it approach. They are highly untrustworthy and unreliable, never taking any responsibility for anything they do wrong.

          • Anony_Mouse58 says:

            Thanks for the reply. I’m getting my money back. This app is GREAT in theory….. But in practice, not so much. I also have a huge problem with companies that don’t support their products.

  15. J Chadwick says:

    I want to buy a budget tablet with HDMI output that can run AirMirror. (I could then communicate with my father who is in a retirement home and somewhat senile. I could modify his movie play list, do google hangouts with him, keep an eye on him, and he won’t have to click the screen!) I bought the Astro Tab A10 – 10 inch Tablet, Octa Core, Android 5.1 Lollipop, but it does not work with airdroid and won’t root. My old Nexus 7 worked with airdroid and airmirror but no HDMI output. Thanks.

  16. Paul Seekins says:

    AirMirror does not and never has worked with either my Galaxy S5 or my LG V10 (tethered or wireless non-routed). This has been reported on the forums many times, with no resolution. When will somebody start to take this seriously and address the route of the problem!!! Very frustrating as I really want to like this product!

  17. Pranjal Hoikia says:

    i am not able to mirror with desktop client. please suggest me. thank you

  18. Vicky says:

    Airmior is not opening in web.. Only processing bt not start…. How can I start airmiror

  19. chaoscommander says:

    My phone is rooted, yet AirDroid Web tells me it is not and thus will not work with my browser. ?

  20. Jalamb says:

    Can I use Airmirror via USB/locally? (coz I don’t want to waste the 200MB Remote Connection bandwidth)

  21. RAMASU UIRSAP says:

    Thank you all-!!
    I am fully recovered from self-depreciation and alluded depression which led me to numerous suicidal attempt on many occasions for the past few months, because I had pathological denial of my own worth from realizing the downfall humanity had undergone steadily to the point of no return.
    That being said, seeing all kind of discussion blaming everything else but your own self then shifting onto blatant act of cursing to inflated in an egoistic manner, on this….air thing you can access freely from free global resource… ah-yes, as free as STD(s) which comes almost naturally when offer a one night stand from a stranger from an unfamiliar part of the world, while drunken on dope, too- if that would help you get the picture.
    Anyways, good day to all, and please… keep on bashing one another relentlessly without trying to earnestly find the solution to your very own problem. Seriously now, because you may never know what ludicrous acts you did next, might save a soul of the genocidal misanthrope whose plan includes the end of the world.

    a former misanthrope who now professes a newly discovered love of mankind

  22. Fabrizio Vizzoni says:

    airdroid mirror doesnt work anymore for me since 3/4 days..
    please help!!!

  23. Jay Kay says:

    No love for Linux and Firefox users? 🙁

  24. Frank Contingency says:

    Yes, I too, join the ranks of Airmirror not working. I use Windows 10, Samsung S7 Marshmallow, and AirDroid 4. Sounds pretty updated to me. Still get ‘device not detected’. Seems silly I have to restart my phone or restart AirDroid (which still doesn’t help) to initiate AirMirror. Especially since I’m tethered to a cable. Honestly, if you can write code to design this app as is, I would think code to debug AirMirror wouldn’t be out of reason.

    Please consider this a priority issue. I do NOT seem to be the only one experiencing this issue. And to ask money for an app with continuing issues with its advertised features is borderline stealing.

  25. Sara Sayad says:

    loss my airdrod id and dives.lost use 15/7/2016…plz plzzzzzzz help

  26. Khan Saab says:

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  27. Daniel says:

    I have enabled USB debugging, installed the Chrome app, and have the desktop app, but when I try to run AirMirror I get “no devices found”. This is on a Linux PC though, I recall that it worked when I was using Windows 🙁

  28. Lenny Hrahsel says:

    Awesome app. Its so worthwhile that i even paid the subscription fee for 1 year. There is one thing though which can be a minor setback for some people. While viewing another phone through airmirror and while the phone on the other end is in typing mode, an airdroid keyboard notification pops up. There is an option to turn it off, but,it seems the default value is set to ON. Is there any way to set the airdroid keyboard default setting to OFF or hide it somewhere else to be summoned up only when needed?

  29. DBA says:

    the air mirror work fine also on my iPhone web browser but i have 1 problem
    i can’t unlock the screen because i need to swipe and its not possible throw iPhone web browser
    any solution for that? thanks

  30. GOWRI SANKAR says:

    has anyone been able to mirror videos playing on Android to your Linux? AirMirror works perfectly fine except when mirroring videos playing from Android to Linux

  31. Android6000 says:

    I installed AirDroid to help my elderly mother with her phone remotely using AIR MIRROR. I find that if I plug her phone into my computer and do the Debug sequence that I can later disconnect it and connect to her over 4G via HTTP that same day using AirMirror. HOWEVER, if a few days go by and she calls me with another problem and I try to log in remotely, despite the fact that I can use the basic airdroid services, I get the exact same thing popping up on Chrome on my end telling me to do Device Authorization, but it says No Devices found…. it only finds the devices when I plug it through USB. WHY do I have to repeat this step over and over again? The whole purpose is to use AirMirror remotely, and yet I can’t because it wants me to plug in the USB cable prior to using AirMirror…..which defeats my purpose of being able to help her from my house while she is at her house. IS THERE A WAY TO FIX THIS?

  32. Pari Sharma says:

    This is one of the best feature of airdroid. air mirror is so useful for me when i am outside my home. Great article. Thanx for sharing.

  33. Robert says:

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  34. emmamartin says:

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  35. What is the difference between AirDroid and AirMirror?

  36. Joshua Price says:

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  38. KellyBen says:

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  39. VitoeLinda De Mola says:

    Hello everybody. Can anyone tell me why airdroid disconnects after 30 minutes of connection?
    I have the free version.