AirDroid Win v3.2.2 Update, Non-rooted Android Can Use AirMirror on Win, too! (4.1+)

It has been a while since we added non-rooted AirMirror support for AirDroid Mac. Many Windows users have urged us to add support for Windows after that. And now, the non-rooted AirMirror support does come to AirDroid Win! With AirDroid Win v3.2.2, you can control your Android phone without root on Windows, too (requires Android 4.1+).

Before using AirMirror without Root, you need to install the latest version of AirDroid app on your phone and AirDroid Win on your computer. And you need to pick up your USB cable to do a one-time setting. Initiate AirMirror on the device you want to control, and you’ll get the guide on how to continue:

You only need to set this for one time if you never reboot the phone. But if you reboot your phone, you need to do it again. You can check here for more detailed guide: [Help & FAQ] Use AirMirror in Non-Rooted Way

AirDroid Win v3.2.2 Changelog
What’s new:
1. Non-rooted Android devices are now supported for AirMirror. (USB cable is required for a one-time setting.)
2. Other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Update and tell us what will you do to with this feature 😀
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Get AirDroid Win v3.2.2

16 responses to “AirDroid Win v3.2.2 Update, Non-rooted Android Can Use AirMirror on Win, too! (4.1+)”

  1. Macka says:

    Its amazing , perfect function ! Works perfectly on Sony Z2 , thank you very much developers to available this function on windows!

  2. Beebs says:

    Air Mirror still doesn’t work on Samsung Tab 4 using Windows v3.2.2 and following the non-root instructions.

  3. Peter says:

    Works fine on OnePlus Two

  4. dinvlad says:

    Thanks! For some reason it still works only on my Mac, but Windows fails in the middle of the USB setup (mind that the setup starts successfully, however it fails and refuses to connect after a few seconds).

  5. Using Samsung Note 3, running lollipop…

    I put the phone through the Setting Guide for AirMirror, with USB Debugging enabled, but all I get is the following message:

    Failed to connect the phone.
    Please enable USB debugging on it.

    How can this be corrected?

  6. Ahmad El-Ibrahim says:

    Glad the feature is now available for Windows. Now I’m waiting for the days where Google can fix the bug on Nexus 6P and 5X, where they slow down to a crawl after not rebooting for a while, that makes it suck where I have to reboot and connect my device again.

  7. Lipl1 says:

    Running Airdroid 3.2.2 Windows 7 Ultimate and the Airmirror loaded fine and connects to a Samsung G900V fine although there is a noticeable lag between action and response. Did find a possible bug on a laptop running windows 10. On the laptop I use a wireless keyboard and Airmirror and when I launch Maps or Waze the keystrokes do not register on the search line.

  8. sanzoan says:

    The binoculars icon does not appear on my windows app. Do I need to become premium? If so, is there a way to test it before upgrading?

  9. Daniel D. Coté says:

    OK. How long is the initial set-up supposed to take? My screen has been showing “Connecting device LG-G2 for about 1.5 hours and says not to disconnect. When I go to the mirror screen, it also says “connecting to your device”… What gives?

    • Wal Ford says:

      Still no answer 2 years later, huh? I actually went to sleep and woke up 4 hours later and it still was saying “Connecting device…” How long is a reasonable wait? A week?

  10. Andrew says:

    How about compile windows client in .NET 4.5?

  11. Vijaya says:

    I am using moto G2 mobile and if my net connection is slow and I try to see air mirror on another device does it show notification as following image even if i have already check marked that check box?

  12. Rahul Ahuja says:

    On my PC, Airdroid is not able to install the AirMirror plugin. That’s the message at the end of Driver Installation Wizard that appears on connecting USB and initiating Air Mirror device authorization. Any suggestions, anybody?

  13. Cassandra Everhart says:

    I’m happy I located this blog! our site