AirDroid v3.1.5 Update, Manage Files in External SD Card with AirDroid Web!

Since Android 4.4, Google has restricted the access permission to the external SD card. Managing files in external SD card becomes a tough task.

However, the Android 5.0 restored the functionality of SD card again. Google still loves SD Card 😉 And now, with AirDroid v3.1.5, you can manage files in external SD card with AirDroid Web again!

AirDroid v3.1.5 1240

Before you go to AirDroid Web and manage files in external SD card, you need to configure some settings in AirDroid app first. It’s quite easy. Just go to Files in AirDroid app > External SD, and you’ll get a pop-up guiding you how to configure:


More detailed guide: [Help & FAQ] How to Manage Files Saved to External SD Card on Android 5.0+?

Viewing & editing text files on AirDroid Web is another new feature introduced in v3.1.5. Anthony (the Android developer) confirmed that this feature makes it easier to check logs, bug report, etc. in the phone on bigger screen! What’s more, UTF-8 text files can be edited on AirDroid Web!

AirDroid_eidt files

The new version also fixed several bugs: bug of QR code login, bug of sending duplicated SMS for some devices running Android 4.4+, and more!

AirDroid Web/Android v3.1.5 Changelog:

New features:

1. Manage files saved on External SD card on Android 5.0+.

2. View text files from within Files in AirDroid Web. UTF-8 files can also be edited.

Bug fixes & improvements:

1. Fixed a bug with QR code login for some devices.

2. Fixed a bug that causes sending duplicated SMS for some devices running Android 4.4+.

3. Fixed a logic bug with file management.

4. Fixed a bug where files with “?” in names can not be uploaded.

5. Other bug fixes and improvements.

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5 responses to “AirDroid v3.1.5 Update, Manage Files in External SD Card with AirDroid Web!”

  1. Almighty1 says:

    On the LG G4 running Android Lollipop v5.1, 3.1.4 works fine but 3.1.5 stops when run even after a uninstall/reinstall.

    • Almighty1 says:

      Contents of /sdcard/airdroid/exception.log:

      2015-08-20 22:25:53/njava.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.sand.airdroid.vnc.RemoteInput
      at com.sand.airdroid.vnc.RemoteHelper.b(
      at com.sand.airdroid.ui.main.MainActivity.onCreate(
      at com.sand.airdroid.ui.main.MainActivity_.onCreate(
      at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
      at android.os.Looper.loop(
      at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
      at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

      • Almighty1 says: works fine without crashing, thanks for fixing this quickly! However, I do not see the “External SD” under Files in the app as all I see is “SD Card”, hopefully this can be fixed as I know my External SD card is under /storage/external_SD.

  2. Jym Brittain says:

    Function isnt working for me in in the dialog box to select the path to the sd card the only thing that shows is Recent. Galaxy S5 running 5.0 with a 128gig sd card.

  3. John says:

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