AirDroid v3.1.4 Update, Sending Files is Now Easy Than Ever with Desktop Widget!

It’s easy to send files with AirDroid desktop client: just drag & drop the files to the file transfer module. But you may still feel troublesome for opening the main window of AirDroid. Now with new AirDroid Windows client, you can send files via right-click menu or the new desktop widget!

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Easier Way to Send Files

1. Send files via the Widget

Just drag & drop the file to the widget and drop to send it to your devices/friends/nearby users. The Widget can stay on top all the time, so you don’t have to open the main window of AirDroid and switch to file transfer tab to send files.


2. Send files via Right-click

Right-click on the file and choose Send via AirDroid, choose the device to send to, the file will send to your device right away:


Besides easily sending files to your devices/friends/nearby users, you can view the number of missed phone calls and unread SMS/Notifications on the Widget of AirDroid Windows. And you can also mute notifications and initiate AirMirror with it!

There’s something new with the menu bar of AirDroid Mac, too. You’ll see the menu bar includes Nearby, Friends, Notifs, etc. in AirDroid v3.1.4:


We also added SMS search feature in this version. You can search SMS by contacts or full text. And the dock icon can be hidden on Mac now!

AirDroid Windows/Mac v3.1.4 Changelog:

AirDroid Win

New features:

1. New desktop widget: send files, access call logs, SMS & notifications faster.

2. Search SMS.

3. Send files to phone via right-click menu.

Bug fixes & improvements:

1. Notifications can now be sorted by app.

2. Animation for closing notification pop-up is disabled.

3. Other bug fixes and improvements.

AirDroid Mac

New features:

1. Added Nearby, Friends and Notifs tabs in menu bar panel.

2. Search SMS.

Bug fixes & improvements:

1. Notifications can now be sorted by app.

2. More emojis in SMS.

3. Dock icon can be hidden when main window is closed.

4. Other bug fixes and improvements.

❤ Update now to send files more easily! ❤

Get AirDroid Win/Mac v3.1.4

Get AirDroid Android v3.1.4   


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6 responses to “AirDroid v3.1.4 Update, Sending Files is Now Easy Than Ever with Desktop Widget!”

  1. WOW!!! It’s Awesome!!! I also made a review about this Update. 😉 Check it out here!!!

  2. Kieran says:

    I cannot get the widget to launch. It opened initially but is now nowhere to be seen. The “Show widget” option is ticked, I’ve exited and re-launched multiple times, but still nothing. Any help?

    • Coffeeincafe says:

      Hi, can you send the logs and exceptions and settings.ini to help us troubleshoot?

      Logs and exception: Right click on AirDroid icon > select open file location > logs and exception.
      settings.ini: C:UsersyourusernameDocumentsAirDroidSettings.ini

      Temporary Solution: Open C:UsersyourusernameDocumentsAirDroidSettings.ini, find [FloatingButton], and change the value of AutoShow to true (AutoShow=true), save and exit.