AirDroid v3.1.3 Update, Message Reply Adds Support for Kik & Telegram!

Since v3.1.2, reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages has became possible on AirDroid Win/Mac. After that, we created a poll to collect your voice on which app (Telegram, Line, Kik, Viber, Hangouts…) to support next and it was Telegram who won the poll.

As promised, Telegram was sent to the front of the queue for integration. When it was done, the integration of the other apps begun. We were thinking of surprising you by adding message reply support for Telegram, Line, Kik, Viber and Hangouts. But we found serious bug with replying messages of Line, Viber and Hangouts: The reply sent via AirDroid will go to the wrong person, and we didn’t find a solution yet. It was awful and then we decide message reply will only support Telegram, Kik, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger now. And we’ll keep working on this.


How to Reply to Telegram and Kik messages?

1. Enable Notification Mirror service in AirDroid Settings > Notification Mirror

2. Click Reply when you get a pop-up of Telegram or Kik message, enter your words and click Send.



Reply to Telegram & Kik messages from notifications requires Android 5.0 +.

More detailed guide:

New Languages:

AirDroid keeps adding new language support. And this time we add Русский and Português (Portugal). Wanna see your own language? Join us to teach AirDroid!


Other Improvements:

We received feedback from you complaining the annoyance of the alert pop-up of connection interruption and we optimized it. In new version, AirDroid will detect the network environment and reconnect silently for you when your computer regain network.

The new version also brings you the capability of customizing whether to hide SMS content in the notification pop-up in the Settings. And all notifications will be muted by default while your computer’s running full-screen program, you can disable this in Settings if you still need to be notified.

AirDroid v3.1.3 Changelog:

New features:
1. Reply to Kik, Telegram messages from notifications directly. (Android 5.0+)
2. New languages: Русский, Português (Portugal)

Bug fixes & improvements:
1. Optimized connection interruption alert to be more friendly.
2. Mute all notifications by default when running full-screen program. (Can be disabled in Settings)
3. Added an option in Settings to hide SMS notification content.
4. Other bug fixes and improvements.


Update now to enjoy a better AirDroid!

Get AirDroid Win/Mac v3.1.3

Get AirDroid Android v3.1.3

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    A bit unfortunate to announce the launch of European Portuguese and have a big Brazilian flag in the article…

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