AirDroid v3.1.3 Update, AirMirror Now Supports Samsung!

We know it’s a pity that when you want to try out something fantastic but only got a error message of “Not Supported Yet”. Since the first release of AirMirror, we’ve received tons of feedback every day, which urged us to make AirMirror support more and more devices. We heard your voice, and kept improving AirMirror!

In this version, most Samsung devices with official ROM can use AirMirror! (root required, Android 4.0+)

AirDroidv3.1.3 1200x627

We’ve tested AirMirror with Note 2, Note 3, S3, S4, S5 and AirMirror works well on these devices (Sorry that S6 is not supported by the current version, now we are making improvement into it)! But please note that due to different ROMs, network environment, different Root managers and many other factors, some Samsung device may not be supported. If you can’t use AirMirror with your Samsung device, please tell us in this thread to help us improve it.


In v3.1.3, searching for other devices running AirDroid on the same network is much faster. And booster is now compatible with Android M. We tested Android M at the first time and find bugs in Booster and then we fix it. XD

What’s New in AirDroid v3.1.3

1. Added AirMirror support for most rooted Samsung devices.
2. Searching for other devices running AirDroid on the same network is much faster.
3. Booster is now compatible with Android M.
4. Other bug fixes and improvements.

❤ Note: Only Android app this time. Just update AirDroid on your phone ❤

Update now:

AirDroid App

AirDroid desktop client  


47 responses to “AirDroid v3.1.3 Update, AirMirror Now Supports Samsung!”

  1. I cannot use air mirror on my Note 4. What gives?

  2. Sigit Fajar says:

    I use Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530H).
    The AirMirror was not successfully run.
    Can I help you to troubleshoot it?
    Maybe if there are some logs that I can send you?

  3. adetogni says:

    Not working on Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910F)

  4. qwerty017 says:

    Can you use Airmirror over the web client so that it can be used with a Chromebook?

    • Coffeeincafe says:

      Sorry, AirMirror is a feature only on AirDroid Win/Mac client. We’ll consider adding this on in the future 🙂

  5. Brandon Wall says:

    Can’t use it Galaxy S5 (SM-G900W8)

  6. Franco Frare says:

    I can´t use it with my Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F)

  7. Henry Hardachre says:

    Not Working on My Note 8 GT-N5100 – Rooted the device today just for air-mirror

  8. Gubser Markus says:

    Good day

    My Samsung S 4 mini GT 19195 Why does not still Mirror ????

    root yes

    Thank you

  9. Soedesh Bipat says:

    Ido have Samsung A3 ,which software is safe to root and without pc?

  10. eduardo mendez says:

    samsung galaxy note edge not working with root and SU access granted

  11. Damaris Galindo Salazar says:

    y para zony ningun dispositivo de zony es compatible con esta aplicacion???
    porfavor agan algo para q sea compatible con zony

  12. Stephane Ioffredi says:

    i can not airmirror with my samsung s4. how do i root my device to airmirror with my samsung s4?

  13. Dr K Mahanthi priyadarsan says:

    using s5 cannot root the it must i have to root the mobile before using mirror service.

  14. Dr K Mahanthi priyadarsan says:

    cannot use mirror service on s5,,,,is it necessary to root my mobile.before i use this service….

  15. Chartreuse says:

    would be great to make this available to s6!

  16. Federico Averbuj says:

    Can’t use it Galaxy S5 (SM-G900h), rooted

  17. Victor Pinto says:

    Hi, I’m unable to make it work in my Samsung S5 SM-G900M. Root access granted. Please help.

  18. mahmoud_saad says:

    I have sony Z 1 and can’t access please help

  19. Craig says:

    Cant access Samsung Tab 4

  20. Heinrich Teitge says:

    Please add support for sm p905 samsung

  21. David McKirnan says:

    There is no work-around for S6?

  22. Zan says:

    really need it to work with my galaxy ace. does not work now.

  23. Shamii Butt says:

    I want to use air mirrow but don’t know how use, I don’t know the which devices are rooted. plz help me. I m using s5mini & s4mini Samsung.

  24. imtisal Qadeer says:

    Can’t get it done on Samsung galaxy grand prime

  25. Kumar Manis says:

    i have samsung galaxy grand prime with android 5.1.1 and i cannot root

  26. Doug says:

    I am on a Galaxy Tab SM-T-320 running 4.4.2 (unrooted) and I cannot get AirMirroring to work.

  27. Ronaldo FX says:

    samsung galaxy j5 …. android 5.1

  28. Synrikeman . says:

    I have a note 3 and it used to work with the beta version of mirror droid but after that went away, clicking on the mirror droid icon on my computer screen yields no results. any help?

  29. LeeAnn Raber says:

    I have a Saumsung Galaxy S6 Edge on Sprint network. Air Mirror doesn’t work for my phone. I am willing to test any BETA versions for my device.

  30. Juan Salvador says:

    I can´t use airmirror in galaxy j7 please help, I did turn on “USB debugging” but it doesn´t work… 🙁

  31. randomGalaxys7user says:

    When will Airmirror support the Samsung Galaxy S7?

  32. Leonard Kee says:

    airmirror doesn’t seem to work with note 5

  33. swilsonmc says:

    Using Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (SM-G890A)

    Still not seeing device in list…

    – Verified email address
    – Signed in using AirDroid account (not Google, Facebook or Twitter)
    – Activated Bonus
    – Signed out on both computer and phone
    – Signed back in using AirDroid account.
    – Bonus is activated.
    – Turned on USB Debugging
    – Connected via USB
    – Click on AirMirror at
    – Device not available

  34. Geraldo Coen says:

    when will samsung s7 be supported?

  35. Taufik Jaman Chowdhury says:

    I have j7 prime . When try to launch airmirror from airdroid desktop client , it shows that my phone non rooted . How to root my phone