AirDroid v3.0.4 Update Brings You Notification Pop-ups Duration Customization


AirDroid’s notification mirror just gets better! We received feedback from some users who would prefer shorter notification duration, and those who wanted to be able to set how long the notification will linger.

The v3.0.4 update focuses on notification mirror optimization. Now you can decide when your notification will close, or never. You can set the time for general notification and SMS notification both, auto close time is 5s, 7s, 15s, 30s, 60s or never. The default setting is 7s.

If you set “Auto Close” as “never”, which means the notification won’t go away unless you click “close”. If you set “Auto Close” as “7s”, after you hover your mouse over the notification, it will disappear after your move the mouse away automatically in 1s.

AirDroid notification settings

What’s New in AirDroid v3.0.4

1. Added a setting to customize the time to automatically hide notifications. (Computer clients)

2. Increased connection stability. Fixed some SMS sending and contacts loading issues.

3. Optimized Notification mirror service for better delivery rate.

4. Fixed the bug of frequent AirDroid update alert.

5. Other bug fixes and improvements.

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6 responses to “AirDroid v3.0.4 Update Brings You Notification Pop-ups Duration Customization”

  1. verboze says:

    This is awesome! Airdroid keeps getting better and better! Are there plans to allow airdroid to work on more than one computer at the time? I have two computers that I switch between constantly. It is a bummer I can only be logged on into airdroid from one at the time…

    • AirDroid Team says:

      Currently, for security concern, we only allow sign in in one computer at a time. In case someone sign in to your computer without your knowing. We would consider your suggestion in coming updates. Thanks.

  2. Marcus Lim says:

    Hi there, everytime when I want to delete messages on Airdroid, it actually says “Sorry, AirDroid doesn’t support deleting SMS on Android 4.4+.”

    Is there a fix for this?

  3. Matt says:

    So I’m still running into the problem with AirDroid activating Talkback features, specifically the one that reads my home page. 1 of 7, 4 of 7, etc.

  4. McOgbuefi says:

    The desktop version says only rooted or supported devices are supported. Is there a list of supported device I can access? Thank you.

  5. Wasim Soultan says:

    when i dismiss a notification on my android phone the notification on my PC doesn’t close until the auto close timeout.