AirDroid v2.0.9 release

Update – March 7, 2014:

AirDroid v2.0.9 was just released to all users. You can download it here:

Thank you, all the brave beta testers!

AirDroid Beta v2.0.9 was just released to all the beta testers with the following new features and bug fixes:

Notification mirror

View all the app and system notifications on your computer. Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Facebook, Twitter … any user and system app notifications are supported:


(Android 4.0+ is required).

Drag & Drop files to a folder directly

Drag & Drop got a little more convenient – no need to click the Upload button now:


Send SMS with a file attachment

Share photos, pdf, docs, etc. with your friends via SMS:


(Maximum size allowed: 10 MB)

Add bookmarks on the homescreen

Pin your favorite website in AirDroid desktop:


There are also some improvements and bug fixes:

1. Files in the Android app now supports external SD card.

2. Fixed Contacts issue for some devices.

3. Fixed Lite mode connection issue for some devices.

4. New languages: Norwegian (norsk) and Slovak (slovenčina).

How to become a beta tester:

Step 1. Join the Google+ community (required):

Step 2. Become a tester (required)

Click the “BECOME A TESTER” button to opt-in:

Step 3: Provide your feedback

Your feedback can greatly help us improve AirDroid:

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