AirDroid: New Logo Announcement

AirDroid's new logo is here!

During the past 5 years, we have evolved a lot with our users and stayed ahead of the digital trend. Constant revisit to improve our user experience on the details, ie. HD Airmirror and spell check, has made AirDroid better bit by bit.
As a boutique (and geeky) team who believes in technology should make life easier, we see you as our like minded fellows, which is why we always listen closely to users’ voice. This was what defined us when we first started.

AirDroid always listens closely to users' voice.

The delightful achievements

Looking back, we have made a great deal of progress without noticing it.
We have grown from a simple cross-screen management tool to a true multiscreens manager to provide a one-stop app to all.
We have made AirDroid more of a total solution by adding features such as Screen Record and Nearby Invitation.
We have also shown our devotion on “easy, fast and secure” by improving encryption and the functionalities of existing feature such as P2P hotspot file transferring and AirCloud to make multi-screens management more delightful and less hassle.

5 years on, we are proud to say that while staying true to our roots, we have become more complete because everyone of you has stayed with us all along!

To sync with what we have achieved and where we are determined to go, we decided to give AirDroid a new look start with a new logo (yes, it is just a start!). A logo not just to reflect who we are and all the progresses we have made together, but also to show our determination to continue building a delightful app as we have always wanted.

New Logo reflects new phase of AirDroid.

Looking forward with the new look

In the process of deconstructing our logo, we take the chance to revisit our vision and to reassure our core spirit will continue be carried on in the new phase of AirDroid.


Inspired by our long accompanied AirDroid aeroplane, we transform it into a much lighter and more forge ahead design as the embodiment of our characteristics.
As we extending our services across screens and see no limit, we adjust the colour and logo that is adaptable and will look great on every screen. While making it more concise and approachable, we make sure we keep the precious character of fun which has kept our novel ideas flown by keeping our paper plane as our symbol.
Carrying out our identity, the new logo also represents that it coordinates screens better than ever just like the plane soaring freely over the horizon without compromising the app’s approach of what we determine to bring to our users.

A new chapter of AirDroid.

AirDroid ‘s New chapter

Whooshing through the sky in quality and style, the chic logo plays for AirDroid’s outlook towards future and the enduring ultimate goal- to delight your multi-screens life.
It is just a beginning of our new chapter, we cannot have come this far without all of your feedback and support. The new AirDroid is ready for an easier, faster and more secure aviation to take you across screens freely, it will also keep working on allowing you to gain back more control of all your devices and so as your life.
So, ride on!

134 responses to “AirDroid: New Logo Announcement”

  1. Ahmad El-Ibrahim says:

    Looks good!

  2. Daniel Marc Ehrhardt says:


  3. HybridHuman says:

    you claim that one of your major feature if file transfer, but we still can’t transfer files to an external microsdcard with Android 5+!!! It is possible if you implemented some kind of FTP instead of your shit file transfer that you currently have! FAIL!

  4. Marcio Andrade says:

    Proud of make part of this awesome project!

  5. Mark Webb says:

    The height of the “r” in this logo is bothering me.

  6. Niko Steele says:

    wow that r is atrocious

  7. Alex Nascimento says:

    O melhor!!

  8. aviran says:

    airdroid photo in mac screen, ironic

  9. Frank Mazzarella says:

    omg fix the R

  10. Andy Hinton says:

    Well done chaps! i’ve been here all the way. Thank you .

  11. Muhammad ALi (NicePaL) says:

    Hi, well I will say, instead of changing logos etc, devolop ur software, there is many things are less and I foung bugs. Forst fix bugd and improve your software. I have suggestions to.improve ur software. Contact me.

  12. Mirco Janisch says:

    agree, that “r” is ugly

  13. Philippe Boyd says:

    Still waiting for a Linux client…

    • AirDroid says:

      Hi, we are still developing feasible possibility. As we AirDroid provide a total solution, like all the features we have added in the past year, we want to make sure every additional has perfect compatibility to offer you brilliant experience. We are still carefully evaluating it, so stay tuned, we will not hide it when it is ready! =)

    • Joeffel Faelnar says:

      Why? Airdroid is perfectly fine with the web app.

      • Philippe Boyd says:

        Then why is there a Windows and Mac app then if Airdroid is perfectly fine on the web?

        • Joeffel Faelnar says:

          I don’t know. I’ve been using the web app for years and I’ve never had any problems with it. I actually prefer it more than a desktop client since I’d like my apps to be in the cloud if possible.

          • Adam says:

            I like being able to get notifications without having a full blown (bloated) web browser running all the time. That, and it’s not typical for web browsers to run as as a service or in a hidden system-tray type of mode. I don’t need a UI or a dedicated web browser tab 99% of the time, just the notifications from a lean app running in the background.

            That being said, when I do use the UI, the web one is far superior than the Windows app. I have lots of little issues with the Windows app, and the notifications are far from perfect (seems more like bugs than anything else).

            Perhaps a better solution (for all platforms) is to have a light-weight notifier app (similar to gmail notifier or something) that just launches a browser to the web UI when any complex action is required. +1 for Linux client!

          • Betty from AirDroid says:

            umm @adam_plocher:disqus what function do you need/use the most? IM? calls notification? or else?

      • Pratik DasGupta says:

        One reason not to use the web version is that Google Chrome reports that the Airdroid website is not secure. I’m not a techie and therefore can’t provide specifics.

    • Igor says:

      If you don’t mind using KDE, there is almost perfect app KDE Connect. The only shortcoming is that it can’t read the external memory card.

  14. Alejandro Hernandez says:

    Congratulations for your new logo, hope new and great things in the future for their.

  15. Hermoso, esta muy bueno el logo los felicito

  16. João Paulo says:

    Please, Linux client!!! Beautiful new icon 😀

    BR HU3

  17. Good logo and animation 🙂 Thanks for mail that I found in spam (gmail).

    • Ondřej Ficek says:

      Same, your mail triggered gmail spam filters 🙂

      • I get app notifications so I don’t need to worry about email filters. Anyway, I do second the Linux client. As I am looking forward to using Linux as my mainstream OS when it gets sufficient developer support (I run it on a second computer to keep up to date), I would like to have this capability without keeping a browser open at all times. Also, I think perhaps the ability to answer phone calls and talk through your computer would be a nice feature. As well as being able to track your phone in case it gets stolen, and lock it out of features. I know this isn’t Lookout, Avast or any other security app, but with what it can do already, I see very good potential for it to develop into one. Something to think about sometime. I think it’d work very well. I keep track of everything my phone does on its own, and if I don’t like something it’s doing, I know and can go in to do something about it with this. Also, when I left my phone at work overnight on accident, I could still use it thorough this. So it’s a rather useful thing to have. Keep up the good work on it.

        • Betty from AirDroid says:

          Try “Find Phone”! I have a goldfish memory, always left my phone somewhere…. it has been useful to me! Try it! 😉

    • JoeR says:

      That’s because not a single link in the email actual was for airdroid. The email came from amazon web services and the links were all shortened. Why in the world would you need to shorten hyperlinks? Even the link to this blog had the actual URL as the text (, but the hyperlink was to a link.

  18. M Van Kolck says:

    Love the logo and animation.Ignore the ‘r’ haters. It’s atleast unique to your brand. Any chance you would share logo designer’s contact info here or via private email? Great job. Fresh and wonderfully simple. I like it.

  19. dahamsta says:

    a) Your email doesn’t have an Unsubscribe link, which is both ignorant and illegal in some locations.
    b) I couldn’t give a flying puck at a rolling doughnut about your new logo. Updates matter, logos don’t.

  20. Aerion says:

    Love the new logo, including the ‘r’ 🙂

    After initially loving Airdroid, I stopped using it years ago for the sole reason of lack of support for Linux. To me this is hardly the total solution it claims to be, for Linux users are excluded from al but its most basic features.

    • Betty from AirDroid says:

      Hey @disqus_xsBTQFkBtf:disqus, I love that you’re still keeping up with us! thumbs up to that!
      I wonder though, I can see it might be a bit annoying to keep a tab open, but it is equipped with more features than PC client. WHY our fellow linux users are reluctant to use any thoughts?

      • Aerion says:

        Hi Betty, thanks for the reply!

        Well, there are a number of reasons why I prefer a desktop client over a web client, in no particular order:

        1. I don’t necessarily have a web browser open all the time.

        2. When I do have a browser open, and have many open applications, the taskbar starts to stack windows that belong to the same application, making switching between windows a pain. Instead of simply being able to just click the Chromium icon on the taskbar to switch to the browser, I have to either click the Chromium task and select the right window from the stack, or hover over the Chromium task and pick the right thumbnail. They’re not easy to identify, as all these windows carry the Chromium icon.

        I already have a minimum of four Chromium windows open (two Chromium profiles (one personal, one business), Hangouts and WhatsApp Web), so I don’t want to add even more windows for AirDroid and other web apps. The same problem applies to switching between open windows using ALT-TAB.

        For the same reasons I’m desperate for a proper Hangouts and WhatsApp Web desktop client, and I use Nixnote instead of the Evernote web app, and Thunderbird instead of web mail.

        3. Proper system tray and notification support, without having to run a resource hungry browser in the background.

        4. I don’t want to feel like a second-rate citizen. If a web client is good enough for Linux users, why do Windows and Mac users get a desktop client? With cross-platform toolkits such as Qt or GTK. there is no reason why AirDroid could not create a multi-platform desktop client. If Skype and VirtualBox (Qt) and Gimp, Inkscape and Pidgin (GTK) can do it, AirDroid can too.

        5. When browsers crash (and let’s face it, they do), I lose my AirDroid session.

        6. As you’ve already indicated, it’s annoying to have to keep a tab open just for AirDroid. I used to use WhatsApp web in Chromium, and pinned the tab, but it just wasn’t practical when working in, say, LibreOffice, a message comes in, first having to switch to Chromium and then having to switch to the pinned WhatsApp tab. I’m now using WhatsChrome, at least that gives the illusion of a dedicated app, much like Hangouts.

        I hope this helps explain why people keep asking for a Linux AirDroid desktop client.

        The simple fact that people are constantly coming up with either third party clients (Pidgin has added rudimentary support for Hangouts), or wrappers for web applications (WhatsChrome) clearly demonstrates the desire for separate clients, rather than browser based apps. It’s the same reason why people install apps on their phones and tablets, instead of using mobile sites. They works better and are less cumbersome.

        • Betty from AirDroid says:

          Hi @disqus_xsBTQFkBtf:disqus,

          Thanks for your detailed reply, this does help us discuss internally.

          You see, all apps and softwares you have mentioned above are big names with loads of tech guys behind, this is not how we work here now.
          And I don’t accept putting our Linux users are second- rate citizens, because every user is our like minded fellow so we listen to every voice carefully to make AirDroid as ideal as possible. I think you can see that from our communication channels. We might not be able to reply to everyone but we literally take down notes of every suggestion (yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE!)Although we only have very limited sources, we work smarter to make things happen!

          Now, back to our topic, here is what we will do, we have gone through all the possibilities and thinking of some options. For the next step, we will contact our linux users to dig into details to see if our solutions can help and which features should be prioritise.

          Our team is looking for how to best implement your and other linux users ideas, and trying to best serve all linux users as well as none-linux users, within our capability of course. 😉

          If it is okay, I will have the team contact you when we are to take the above action?

          You know your voice matter 😉


  21. Michael says:

    Congratulations! It looks bloody horrible 😀

    – A graphic design student

  22. Konstantin says:

    The newsletter to this blogpost hadn’t an unsubscribe link…

  23. Gilson Silva says:

    O Brasil diz: Perfeito! avante!

  24. jfiosi says:

    The logo has a simple problem. There are two elements that compete for our attention. The arrow and the two “r”s. The arrow is fine; the “r”s are horrid, peeking out and over, seemingly seeking attention. Fix it or deal with the boos.

  25. Minh Hanu says:


  26. Paulo Kenobi says:

    I see two problems:
    1) Thinking about a timeline, the arrow or “plane” looks like it is coming back. To make a better impression the arrow should point to the right, forward, to infinity, and not to the past.
    2) The “r” is clearly disproportionate, that because he is not following the line height of the letters in lower case, but is the same size as the uppercase letters. And there seems no reason for it, because it does not give continuity rm anything.

  27. Chenchuan.Song says:

    Could not wait to see new AirDroid!!!!

  28. rui_svensson says:

    this app give to user the capability to open a document on a PC ?

    • AirDroid says:

      Hi, would you please tell us more info about it? Is it referring to MMS?

      • rui_svensson says:

        in my pc, I have a great library; with my android, can I open some document on it ?

        • Betty from AirDroid says:

          Right, @rui_svensson:disqus although AirDroid is designed to do the other way around, I have always played around with it. If I want to read some files on the go, I simply “File Transfer” them to my devices! Try it! #AirDroidTips

  29. MaryLu Duffy says:

    Why are my msgs coming out in Chinese to recipients?? It’s happened twice now. Don’t tell me to set the Language… I have sense enough to do that… Something’s wrong somewhere else– any suggestions??

    • AirDroid says:

      Hi, sorry for any inconvenience that it has caused. But please don’t worry, we will do everything we can to assist you through. Would you please email us at with sending us a screenshot of those Chinese looking characters? Thx. 🙂

  30. Eric Hegnes says:

    A new logo! Wow! Good thing we got that sorted away before the pure C89 Linux terminal client. I was worried that the feature might come first.

    I’m mostly poking fun at these Linux kids who won’t just write their own server. This looks good though! Perhaps this is the start of a pretty Material Design update *wink*? Keep up the awesome work, @AirDroid folk!

  31. eduardo caetano says:

    Olá, sou usuário brasileiro do AirDroid e ele é extremamente útil pra mim. Tenho um Samsung galáxy s6 que bugou a transferência via USB, desde então, tenho como solução esse incrível aplicativo que me proporciona rapidez e facilidade em transferir meus arquivos para o computador através da internet, principalmente os da minha formação proficional na área de advocacia.
    O bacana, é que apesar de minha conexão ser lenta a velocidade de compartilhamento é impressionante, nunca me deixou na mão. Por esse motivo,os parabenizo e desejo a toda equipe do AirDroid que continuem progredindo e aprimorando essa poderosa ferramenta!

    • Betty from AirDroid says:

      Olá! @disqus_VbSBflMlII:disqus — “nunca me deixou na mão” is the best compliment and THE one feedback we have been working towards! Obrigada! (I will never admit that I did google “how to say thank you in Portuguese”) ;P

  32. Vandrak says:

    Big 5 years and still hasnt Linux client and support ?!

    • Betty from AirDroid says:

      Since you have a really cute gumball face (and I love Gumball!), I shall reply you first. In AirDroid, we do have working on Linux which is equipped with more features than our PC client, I would be very curious the reason you as well as other Linux fellas want Linux client instead?

      • Vandrak says:

        Because first reason i want a directly linux client for my pc. MacOs and Windows has client, we have deserve too

  33. Flow says:

    Will there be a UI Update too? I’m hoping that the Android app gets a revamp (or dark mode) and the web client icons become circular for unifromity and hoping the lag when screen mirrroring is reduced, or a way to send a link to the device for it to open. Apart from that, this app is flawless.

    • Betty from AirDroid says:

      Hey @disqus_4Yarq4Qegx:disqus… for the first question… we cannot tell you just yet, but well… I said nothing ;P
      Now, I want to make sure we get your ideas right,
      1. when you said dark mode and icon circular uniformity though, can you specify a bit and why, is it too bright for you on screens?
      2. When you mention a link to open our Airmirror, what do you mean by that?

      Feel free to shoot it to, or simply reply me below!

      • Flow says:

        1.Sometimes at night, when I open the app, the white UI blasts my eyes and causes strain so I lower the brightness. This is probably because I change my phone to a dark theme.
        2.With the link thing, I meant the ability to paste a link (e.g a download link) from your computer and send it/open the link in the phone’s browser.

  34. rui_svensson says:

    my point is clear: I have a Android device, a good goal would get open a document on a PC. Difficult understand ?

  35. The new logo looks cool. But I think the logotype could be better.

  36. Edwin C. Jangao says:

    nice logo update but airdroid doesnt support dual sim card

  37. ianoscar says:

    My experience, transferring files using airdroid is slower compare to Shareit.

    • Betty from AirDroid says:

      Ummm, @disqus_PmOMcl6xqF:disqus, that shouldn’t be, were you using hotspot or wifi? LAN or remote?

  38. Mosesbrother says:

    I, for one, welcome our new AirDroid overlords. AND their new logo. 🙂

    • Betty from AirDroid says:

      lol, thanks! @Mosesbrother:disqus, although we’d rather think ourselves as one of you, I would happily pass down your love to our minions work tirelessly behind! #GoTechie

  39. Ahead? Plane is going back!

  40. Joeffel Faelnar says:

    Is it not feasible to add a function to manually set proxy settings?

  41. Raphael Golin says:

    The “r” really looks bad, but my major concern is that is facing left. In my opinion would be better the “plane” facing right, just like a natural reading flow. But overal is really really beautiful.

  42. Coda says:

    My idea would be a Logo with the Airdroid logo being a hang glidder over the Android Logo head Lol!

  43. Christopher says:

    Why is my logo still the old one? How can I get the latest logo?

  44. Ryan Stephenson says:

    It doesn’t work with Firefox

  45. Benjamin Collazos says:

    So when will you actually implement it into the apps?

  46. Brandy Worley says:

    Beta download

  47. alan mendeezy says:

    Old logo is better. New one is a left facing arrow?? The left facing arrow represents going backwards (think of any cassette, cd, dvd, and any media player). New logo is overly simplified, so I suppose going backwards is fitting. I’m not doubting the new features will probably be great. But the new logo is garbage. I literally am so astonishingly repulsed by this poor design that I have literally gone out of my way; clicked a button and typed a paragraph and registered to this forum JUST to express how extremely dissatisfied I am with this very very poor design work with zero thought put into what it represents. The paper plane with the android logo makes perfect sense and encompasses the title: AirDroid. Why would you replace that? You can make improvements without completely changing it….I’m sorry, I do not recognize AirDroid by the new design at all. It blends in with too many other apps in it’s boring over-simplistic design that offers no innovation. There is zero creativity in this new design. Who thought this was a good idea??

  48. Zeit für mich says:

    Why are ALL the PCs and Laptops in your promotional images Macs?

  49. Rob says:

    You would be better off developing connection via proxy capability so that we can use the web client from work rather than cosmetic logo changes.

  50. Nikaury Acosta says:


  51. Jeanne Lovelace Reed says:

    how to get the pictures from the airdroid app on my Mac to my photos file ?

  52. Remotex Xxx says:

    Do let Someone login my Galaxy 8? That works away from home? pass klara12345 have wifi and Card net 🙂

  53. SK Badil says:

    awesome post.
    get your 9apps now

  54. I am big fan of AirDroid file transfer app. You people are doing very well sir
    Thank you
    My Blog Technical Puruji

  55. Joshua Price says:

    I hate it when the comment’s section is so overwhelmed with spam content that it takes a mighty eyesore before I find the relevant ones.

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  56. Cassandra Everhart says:

    This in just the perfect time. Thanks a bunch!

  57. Cassandra Everhart says:

    I like your new design logo. Cheers Tree Solutions Winter Park

  58. FredLuis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips. It really helped me know more about “AirDroid”. These tips were briefly described. tree service

  59. NatalieSanelyte says:

    happy new year guys! how is business with your device last fiscal year?
    Natalie | Blogger |

  60. Jefferson Ebasan says:

    Is the linux client here yet? the latest one?

  61. Almaden B. Jeff says:

    The newsletter to this blogpost doesn’t have an unsubscribe link…