AirDroid Introduces AirDroid Remote Support for Personal Users

Time to share a great piece of news with our personal users. We have introduced the ‘AirDroid Remote Support’ to help you build quick connections with your friends’ devices, with several fantastic features like Real-time Voice Call, Screen sharing, Tutorial Gesture to help them locate and resolve the phone issues, whether they are using Android or iOS device.

Main features of AirDroid Remote Support

1. Build the connection with a 9-digit connection code without an account.


2. Sharing the devices’ screen in real-time without root the devices.


3. Text & Voice message, even the real-time voice call is available too.


4. Tutorial Gesture, show the operation where should they to swipe or tap on their devices, as though you were operating in person on the devices.


5. Privacy protection. Your partner can pause screen sharing when they are going to enter some sensitive information like passwords.


Compare with other remote support solutions, AirDroid Remote Support provides more convenient features and better experience on mobile devices.

How to use

  1. Download AirMirror on your devices (Remote Support has been integrated into AirMirror, the iOS version will be released soon!)
  2. Download AirDroid Remote Support on your partner’s devices (iOS and Android are both available) You can also share the download link to your partner
  3. Open AirMirror, tap Remote Support, then enter the 9-digit connection code which shows on AirDroid Remote Support to start the session!


AirDroid Remote Support provides a free trial for one day, starting from the first connection was build. After the trial, you should purchase it to keep using.

Special discount of 50% off to celebrate the new product launched, the price for a monthly subscription will be $1.99, and only $1/month for an annual subscription.

For more interesting and practical features, check the full details here in our help center.

Visit the website of AirDroid Remote Support:

6 responses to “AirDroid Introduces AirDroid Remote Support for Personal Users”

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    Excellent remote support! I would like to try for free then subscribe if contented.

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  4. Ken Kyalo says:

    Why dont you introduce a remote mic recording with airdroid . to me its the only important feature remaining to be added.

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