Vagueness ≠ Beauty, Erase the Mist of AirMirror and Win AirDroid Premium!

Vagueness ≠ Beauty! We read the feedback that AirMirror presents a very bad resolution from some of you.  We heard it and we improved it! AirDroid v3.1.2 significantly improved the connection stability, the smoothness and image quality of AirMirror.


Now we would like to hear the good news from you!

Share the screenshots of the comparison on AirMirror’s Before & After in Twitter or Facebook with #ClearAirMirror, @AirDroidTeam on Twitter or mention AirDroid on Facebook. (Or just post a screenshot to show us the clear AirMirror if you can’t get a previous version. BUT, a screenshot of comparison will have more chances to win!)

We will give out 10 1-Year Premium randomly to users!  The winners will be announced on Jun 2, 2015.

The following is an example of the screenshot:


Update now to enjoy a clear AirMirror and win AirDroid Premium!

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  • Hendry Ardhiansyam

    Very nice improvement. This screenshot has explained everything #ClearAirMirror.

    • Coffeeincafe

      Thanks for the picture 😀

    • Coffeeincafe

      Hi~ Please contact me at and I’ll send you the activation code 🙂

      • Hendry Ardhiansyam

        Thanks, I’ve received the code via Twitter 🙂

  • Jonathan Jaime

    Good job with the latest update. Image resolution was seriously improved and now a lot faster too.

  • Arvin Logan

    The latest update is awesome! Been using airdroid for a while now. Great improvement! #ClearAirMirror

  • Wasim Shaikh

    #AirMirror is not working with OnePlus one.