Thank you all for joining in our Mother’s Day celebration event!


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As our event has ended on 15 May, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your love and support of AirDroid and your kindness to join in our Mother’s Day event.

The 50 lucky winners have been randomly picked out, and they’ll receive our activation code any time soon. Some may be late for this game, but don’t feel sad, our next event is just around the corner πŸ˜€

The following is the name list of 50 lucky winners:

Nathan G-Michael

Jovin Loke

Josh DeVeau

Malte Heckert

Hsien Loong Hwang

Steven C Conway

mohamed nessem

Haris Ledakis

Nick Van Bael

Gilberto Calise

Kris Doucet

Paulo Neves

Mark Balog

Jiun-yoa Lai

Lorenzo Kyuubi Rapetti

Michele Menci

Grace Priya Jacob

Andrei Ganera


Mark McQuillan

Ali Moin

Patrik Hjelm

Daniel Tiberius

Robert Turton

Mati Dodel

Henrique Persechini


Othman Khattabi

Juan Francisco


Saad Salim

Nathanial James Dowton

Mike Eling

Ed North

Jason Malenfant

Bradley Gillap

Daniel Martins Leandro

Cris Jara

David Ferreira

Ahmed Saeed

Hadi Arbabi

Daniel Parra

Claudiu Dragan

Marcos Paulo Pinheiro

Sebastian Pini

Rianna Mitra

Mustafa Ezel


Josh Johnson

Ajesh Mohanan

Congratulations to all of you 50 lucky ones!

And thank you all again for your love and support of AirDroid πŸ˜€

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