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AirDroid World Cup Winners on June 18

What a shocking news for Spain fans and supporters! Chile knocked Spain out for the round of 16 with a 2-0 win. Spain has to say goodbye to Brazil World Cup early this time. Good news for Netherlands after a 3-2 win against Australia, they secured their place in Group B. Enjoy World Cup matches,… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Winners on June 17

Mexican goal keeper sure did an amazing job to secure the tie with Brazil, which surprised most Brazil fans and supporters. The dark horse Belgium saved the game within the last 10 minutes. And the 1-1 draw with South Korea was not satisfactory for Russia. Now the winners list of AirDroid World Cup is freshly… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Winners on June 16

Germany celebrated its 100th World Cup game with a comprehensive victory 4-0 against Portugal, yay! Thomas Muller’s hat-trick in the first half secured the victory, while Cristiano Ronaldo played a quite disappointing game without enough support from his teammates. USA soccer team led by Jürgen Klinsmann, who was the coach of German national team in… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Winners on June 15

No more surprises in today’s matches, Argentina beat Bosina and Herzegovina 2-1, France beat Honduras 3-0 and Switzerland beat Ecuador 2-1. Messi hasn’t scored in world cup for eight years, this amazing goal helped Argentina secure the victory. It is merely the fourth day of Brazil World Cup, let’s check out what AirDroid has to… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Winners On June 14

The battle between England and Italy is definitely the focus of the day. Pirlo set up the first goal of Italy without evening touching the ball. Though England scored two minutes after losing the first, and equalized with Italy. Five minutes into the second half, Italy successfully scored the second goal, and dominated the game. Colombia… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Winners on June 13

Can you believe Netherlands beat Spain 5-1? Robin Van Persie scored the very first goal for Netherlands and changed 0-1 to 1-1. Then nobody could stop Netherlands from winning. Four years later, Netherlands successfully revenged. AirDroid World Cup Predictor Winner of Day goes to Dawid, Jonro Butler, dynaamylee, congratulations to these three lucky guys for winning our… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Winners on June 12

Hi all! After waiting for 4 years, World Cup is finally coming! Brazil beat Croatia 3-1 in the opening game in Sao Paulo. The beginning was a little bit dramatic but it came out good at last. World Cup carnival begins! To make this day even more beautiful, AirDroid is announcing the lucky winners of… Read More>>

Celebrate Brazil World Cup with AirDroid

Hey AirDroid lovers all over the world! For the coming month, the world is gonna swirl around Brazil World Cup, “All IN ONE RHYTHM”! AirDroid will join the samba rhythm (Ole Ole Ole Ola~~) with our football fans, bring the warmth of World Cup to all users by special offer! “Put your hands up in… Read More>>