Exclusive sponsorship opportunities

Week-long sponsorships are available for AirDroid Android and Web apps. The sponsorship is exclusive meaning users will only see your ads during the sponsorship period. This is the only way to promote your product or service to millions of AirDroid’s users of Android users, early adopters, technophiles, mobile and web app enthusiasts, geeks and social media enthusiasts.

Traffic stats:

AirDroid Web:

Monthly active users: ≈ 3 million

Monthly sessions: ≈ 10 million

Average session duration: ≈ 15 mins.

AirDroid Android:

Monthly active users: ≈ 6 million

Monthly sessions: ≈ 2 billion

Average session duration: ≈ 15 mins.

Top 10 countries:

United States, India,Indonesia,Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, United Kingdom.

Ad formats and position:

1) A banner at the top right corner of AirDroid Web home page. 


2) An icon ad at the bottom half of AirDroid Android home screen. 


Contact us:

To schedule a sponsorship or for further information, please contact leo.huang@airdroid.com