[Announcement] PC 3.5.0 brings file management to your desktop!

We know that there hasn’t been much excitement on our PC client. However, the long wait is over, we are excited to introduce you PC 3.5.0 today, you can download it from here now!!

In this version, we bring one of the most requested features to life: the file manager- Files!

You can now manage your files across screens between devices and computers without interrupting your work flow!Learning how to use PC 3.5.0 under 1 mins below:





Noticed? There are two new icons: the airplane icon for File Transfer and the folder icon for File Management!


Here are some highlights:


Managing files on mobiles remotely and wirelessly from your computer is never a dream now!  With PC 3.5.0, you can access all the files saved in your devices, edit and move them around from your computer. Go play around to find more of its capabilities.


Better yet, it makes file management and file transfer ever so easy by Drag and Drop and File Transfer List functions. With the two functions you can easily move files between computer and devices, moreover, monitor the transferring process if you have OCD like some of our team members do ;P

Within “Files”, you can even export folders as they are without file compression!



For shutterbugs out there, newly released PC 3.5.0 makes sorting pictures become a pleasure.  “Photos” section extracts images from your devices and allows you to better locate the photos in chronological order. For those who like to be spontaneous, there are quite a few functions in the section including download, refresh, and delete photos in your device with only one click!




Tempted? The latest PC 3.5.0 starts to be launched in some regions today (15th of June, 2017) and we expect a full rollout by Monday! PC 3.5.0 is available for Windows and Mac here.

  • vitriol

    It’s nice, thanks. But I can’t see the external SD card on my Samsung A5.

  • Prabhu Peddinti

    How can we advertise on your platform

    • Lon Vetula

      You can go to hell

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  • wh3t

    The Desktop Client doesn’t show File Count when selecting multiple files. No way to find out other than count one by one?

  • Paul Seekins

    How about fixing the stuff that you already have before adding more broken functionality. AirMirror does not work for most folks.

    • stevethompson

      works on win 10 creator for me. occ connection problem but usually a reload of airdroid sorts it. nte files also wrks

  • http://about.me/jiggyboytheone/ jiggyboytheone

    Not working on Windows 10 64-bit. It has stopped working. 🙁

  • 0 1

    yeah…. the version before didnt work… and this “new” version STILL doesnt work. As usual, it always “stops working” once it starts installing. Win10 pro 64-bit

  • Iggy

    Not working on Mac Sierra

  • Tran Nhat Linh

    I cant sms from my computer. What happened?

  • blownawayin5

    suddenly my file upload from my pc to my phone doesn’t work. “file permission or network error”, when neither appears to be the case. Somebody needs to take charge of this app….

  • Pirate Russell

    I’m getting Network Error when try to text with my son. This is a new…. feature…. of AirDroid Don’t make Me go take away stars! LOL

  • Sam

    Network error or Permission denied.
    It’s completely broken now.

  • Web Specialist

    How about working on system notifications? For me, I get a pop up but can’t click or see my list of notifications. Add to this the pop up last a few seconds than disappears. So, should it be something important, I just missed it because this system is so weird.

  • Gaurav Raj Ghimire

    Great update.. loving the new features. thankyou

  • Betty from AirDroid

    Hi all,
    Our team members are looking into issues you have mentioned and might have replied you via emails already.
    For future reference, for more timely reply on your trouble shooting, try following the Feedback feature guide here to contact us on your PC:

    or on your mobile:

  • Carlo Betta

    It’s a pity that it doesn’t work on linux… Everyone forgets that linux exists…

  • Paulo Pacifico

    client desktop for Linux??

  • Andez Amsed10

    im not connect. Server error. What happen?
    in windows 10.
    Help me. andezamsed90@gmail.com

  • Eugene Ionichev

    No Ubuntu. It’s a pity.

  • Thomas Navara

    Yet the file manager still doesn’t display hidden (starting with dot) folder / files 🙁
    All that while phone version already knows that for some time…

  • ilanyaacov10

    Hi i am new here! Why can’t i make a phone call from my pc?

  • Masood Khan

    Not pay mastar card my bank i m one month plan how pay any option

  • Crazysky

    Linux please!

  • oualid m

    Not working on Windows 10 64-bit

  • Tony Morosco

    Another call for a Linux installation

  • mou ghosh

    i cant connet my ph automatically…when i opened airdroid app in my phone then its conneted otherwise its cant find my phone automatically…please fixed this problem…

  • Serpher

    Thank you!!!

  • beatrice

    i am using it on linux mint 18.2 it works great for me

  • Sheshram Jaiswal

    best app 100% working full phone monitorise

  • Saad

    How to connect with the device without the camera?

  • Sidney

    On Linux I am using web.airdroid.com and it is pretty good, even for file tranfer!

  • vicente valencia

    No se pueden usar las aplicaciones como facebook whatsapp etc

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  • Freda Berg

    I hope It well on windows because usually I am playing online games like games.lol on my desktop. Hope it will be compatible.

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  • MrRataj04

    I do not know what happened, but I can not connect with the computer

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