Celebrate Brazil World Cup with AirDroid

Hey AirDroid lovers all over the world! For the coming month, the world is gonna swirl around Brazil World Cup, “All IN ONE RHYTHM”! AirDroid will join the samba rhythm (Ole Ole Ole Ola~~) with our football fans, bring the warmth of World Cup to all users by special offer!

“Put your hands up in the sky
And wave them side to side

Show the world where you are from
Show the world we are one”

Oh yes, we are one! Connect your devices, connect the world. Sorry about that, got a little bit dragged away by World Cup Song “We Are One”, but…can you feel the World Cup is coming?

If your answer is no, then AirDroid World Cup is coming to you! Join AirDroid World Cup Lucky Draw, or if you are a die-hard football fan, play World Cup Predictor to win our biggest prize – Pele Signed Boots! What else? World Cup official jerseys, official match balls – Brazuca are awaiting! Check out the details of the games in the following rules.

* AirDroid World Cup Special *

AirDroid World Cup Prizes (for Lucky Draw and Predictor): Pele Signed Boots (x2), Official Match Balls (x10), Official Jerseys (x70) and AirDroid Premium (x10000)!

Lucky Draw

Step One: Download AirDroid on your mobile.

Step Two: Click Tools, then Click Lucky Draw Icon to play!



You have one chance to win the lucky draw, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to get another three chances!


1 Pele Signed Boot (380 USD)!
4 World Cup Official Match Balls (Brazuca) (160 USD)!
14 Official Jerseys (90 USD)!
10,000 AirDroid Premium (one month) (1.99 USD)!

World Cup Predictor

Step One: Login to your AirDroid Account on web, and click the icon to play;


Or enter from homepage and click the link on the banner. 


Step Two: Login your AirDroid Account (or Sign up first) before you start the game.

Step Three: Make your World Cup match predictions!


1. Predict the result and pick the winning team or draw (only for group stage) before each match starts.

2. Your predictions can not be changed once submitted.

3. Share World Cup Predictor game on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to double your chances of winning prizes.

4. We will draw lucky ones randomly from correct predictors within one working day after each match ends, check Winners List to see if you are on it!


Group Stage & Round of 16: One winning team official jersey (90 USD) for each match.

Quarter-final & Semi-final: One World Cup Official Match Ball (Brazuca) (160 USD) for each match.

Final and Match for the third place: One Pele Signed Boot (480 USD) for the correct predictor of both matches.


All prizes will be sent within 10 working days after the World Cup.

If your address is out of delivery area, or we’re unable to send you the prize for other unexpected reasons, we’ll give you equivalent cash instead.

AirDroid reserves the right to change the prizes or to offer an alternative of equivalent value at any time.

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