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AirDroid App Review: Gravity Screen – On/Off, app that reads your mind

Remember the classic scenes of Professor X reading the mind of others in X-Men? It’s pretty cool. But we know that’s not real. How about apps that can read your mind? That’d be much much cooler! Co & Do’s Channel this week is gonna recommend you such an app that will “read” your mind: Gravity… Read More>>

AirDroid App Review: Framy

Recently, my Facebook has been flooded with some short films when I was browsing casually. In those short films, my friends were dancing, or dining or farting which were so hilarious and I can’t help laughing. Then I found out that all these short humorous films are created using an app called Framy.   Framy… Read More>>

AirDroid App Review: 7 Minute Workout

One day, one of my friends who is a programmer complained that his wife said that he was getting fatter and fatter. And then he kept shouting:” Do we have any spare time to go the Gym regularly? There are lots of bugs need to be fixed. I have to keep typing to make the… Read More>>

AirDroid APP Review: Sleep as Android

Hi guys! Here’s Co & Do’s Channel!  We are all fans of Android and are thrilled about variety of productive, funny and easy-to-use apps, no doubt (this curiosity is our secret of making such a great app like AirDroid, to be honest). During the past years of exploration of the App world. We did dig… Read More>>

Debut of AirDroid’s SoundCloud Channel

(pic from the Internet) Hi, all! You must have known very well about AirDroid app and consider it as a daily necessity. Maybe you think that we only develop apps, but do you know that we also love music? This is the debut of the SoundCloud channel of AirDroid Team: We’ve just created 2… Read More>>